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SrNo. Description Deadline Date
1 Passenger transport with buses according to the PBefG, implementation of integrated public passenger transport services on the road in the line bundle (1) "Verkehrsraum Fellbach - Kernen". 25/09/2018
2 Supply of a chassis and a vehicle body for an auxiliary service vehicle HLF 10. 25/09/2018
3 Sewage sludge treatment Hanau. 22/09/2018
4 Framework agreement Auditing services. 22/09/2018
5 Development of terrestrial radio communication system (PORAKOS). 22/09/2018
6 Design and construction for the modernization of the track development of the Sofia Central Railway Station and railway station. section Central Railway Station Sofia - Voluyak for project 2014-BG-TMC-0133-W - Development of railway junction Sofia. 22/09/2018
7 The subject of the contract is the supply of specialized vehicles-pick-ups in 3 lots for the needs of the Directorate General Fire Safety and Civil Protection-Ministry of the Interior 21/09/2018
8 Pre-market consultation for the service contract of a self-management application for the sale of tickets, fertilizers and other products, for the management of reports and support for Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, SA 21/09/2018
9 Team Leidos would like to make interested suppliers aware that it intends to invite tenders for its Dental xray replacement requirement later this year, with a view to awarding Contracts that will commence early 2018 for 4 years. 21/09/2018
10 Vehicle for intervention and rescue from heights. 21/09/2018
11 Disposal of sewage sludge, sludge and sludge from wastewater treatment plants Wurzen and Bennewitz and disposal of decentralized collection pits and small pond liners. 19/09/2018
12 Managing light signaling devices in the territory of Ústí nad Labem. 19/09/2018
13 Manufacture and supply of Cartridge 5.56 mm Blank Short L27A1. 19/09/2018
14 Snow removal services in Baia Mare in winter 2017 - 2018. 18/09/2018
15 Assignment of the Loss Adjuster Management and Loss Advisory Service to Liguria Region Health Companies / Institutions. 18/09/2018
16 Integrated Waste Data Management System 18/09/2018
17 LKH Villach Restructuring Position 1 - Medical Functional Furniture (Niro). 15/09/2018
18 Framework Agreement for the Supply & Maintenance of X-Ray Detection Technology. 14/09/2018
19 High Volume Document Scanning Devices. 12/09/2018
20 Laboratory information system TN - software including support. 12/09/2018
21 The tracking system shall be used in performing tracking of vehicles in Norway and the international operations theatres if the infrastructure is available 12/09/2018
22 390_18 Document Management Solutions. 12/09/2018
23 Parking services for Vestre Viken HF. 11/09/2018
24 Request for Information Light Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (L-RPAS). 11/09/2018
25 Delivery of 4 mobile X-ray devices to scan the baggage for the needs of the units of the National Tax Administration. 11/09/2018
26 Prior Information Notice (PIN) of Technical Advisory Services procurement for the proposed Hammond Lane PPP Project. 08/09/2018
27 Medical furniture for the specialist health service. 08/09/2018
28 Walloon Region - SOFICO: updating noise mapping along roads and motorways in the Walloon Region, with over 6 million vehicles per year (European Directive 2002/49 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council) . 07/09/2018
29 Purchase of renovation services of Kaunas city noise prevention action plan. 07/09/2018
30 Supplier conference hospital beds. 05/09/2018
31 Sprinkler and fire extinguishing systems BT1 + 2 + AB. 05/09/2018
32 Prior Information Notice — KK — Single Procurement — Fire Tanker Vehicle. 04/09/2018
33 Market consultation Ammunition caliber 9 mm Luger. 01/09/2018
34 Procurement of rescue transport vehicles. 31/08/2018
35 Competition Clothes - Armed Forces. 31/08/2018
36 The ZP Elektrokrajina a.d. Banja Luka ("Elektrokrajina") or "the Company" will use the proceeds of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) to reach its strategy objectives of a) Reduction of losses, through the installation of new protected cables and substations and new smart meters 29/08/2018
37 Universal Road Trailers. 28/08/2018
38 Request for Information ‘Temporary Storage of Personal Baggage — Schiphol’. 25/08/2018
39 Solar power plant. 23/08/2018
40 Provision of Parking Enforcement Services. 22/08/2018
41 (HLF 20) for the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Dummerstorf. 22/08/2018
42 Tactical Hearing Protection System Specialist User+ (THPS SU+). 21/08/2018
43 Parking Enforcement. 21/08/2018
44 Production and distribution of the magazine History and Military in the years 2018-2021. 18/08/2018
45 5.56mm Ballistite / Line Thrower Blank Round. 18/08/2018
46 WA-240 Electrical installations with fire alarm system TG. 18/08/2018
47 WA-240 Heating system with district heating. 18/08/2018
48 Rehabilitation of 110 kV OHTL SS Bitola 1- SS Prilep 1 (procurement yet to be initiated); 18/08/2018
49 Belgrade Public Transport and Traffic Infrastructure 17/08/2018
50 Euro Round. (Coin Blanks) 16/08/2018
51 Disposal of the machine-dewatered sewage sludge as well as the composting and sanding material of the sewage treatment plant of the AZV Parthe. 14/08/2018
52 Delivery of signable chip cards (smartcards) for the e-card system of the Austrian Social Security. 11/08/2018
53 County road 633 Tunnel Kleiva: Electrical installations. 10/08/2018
54 E16 Øye — Eids Bridge: Electrical installations. 10/08/2018
55 Procurement of 30 fully electric buses with fast charging technology and 12 charging stations (in two tranches of 15 buses and 6 charging stations) 10/08/2018
56 Elections - a public market for the development of a digital system for the accounting of paper ballots. 09/08/2018
57 Cleaning services for areas adjacent to the Madrid River Park. 09/08/2018
58 PIN — Powys and Welsh Public Bodies Finance and Purchase to Pay Software System. 09/08/2018
59 Supply and connection of diesel generators for Medipark, Tr. SNP 1, Kosice. 09/08/2018
60 • Supply and installation of Individual Heat Substations 09/08/2018
61 Inquiry: X-ray machine with CR scanner: for delivery to Helse Bergen HF [Bergen Hospital Trust]. 08/08/2018
62 Service of maintenance, repair and new installations of the semaphore network, access control systems and the sensory network of the city of Tarragona. 08/08/2018
63 Improvement of waste management in Havlickuv Brod - collection yard equipment, CZ.05.3.29 / 0.0 / 16_041 / 0003668. 07/08/2018
64 Mobile X-ray machine - C arm for gastroenterological diagnostics (1 pc) and OTK (1 pc). 07/08/2018
65 Prolonging to the south of the current East Jetty in a 500-meter extension involving head removal, deposition and subsequent replacement of antifer block, prefabrication of concrete blocks and laying of rockfill. In situ construction of the Molhe superstructure 04/08/2018
66 Preliminary Market Consultation for the Provision of an IP Telephony Solution. 03/08/2018
67 Supply of Waste Haulage Ejector trailers. 03/08/2018
68 Build warning warning system for flood protection for communities and Silent Kuncice pod Ondrejni. 03/08/2018
69 Request for information: Hyvaristonmaki wastewater treatment plan 03/08/2018
70 A 66, traffic protection with exchange traffic management Salzbachtal Bridge. 02/08/2018
71 Na Bulovce Hospital - Central emergency reception - X-ray equipment. 01/08/2018
72 Fixed and mobile telecommunications services. 31/07/2018
73 Purchase of industrial salt for snow removal (with transport included). 28/07/2018
74 Test system - Basic characterization of waste. 28/07/2018
75 Planning, manufacturing, delivery, erection, commissioning and transfer of substations or substations in substations and substations in high and high voltage. 28/07/2018
76 Procurement of a fire fighting vehicle LF 20. 27/07/2018
77 Prequalification procedures for smart meters. 27/07/2018
78 Expansion of the sewage treatment plant Landsberg. 27/07/2018
79 Provision of telecommunication services. 27/07/2018
80 Purchase of 2 buses (22 seats for passengers, 1 place for driver). 26/07/2018
81 Framework contract for the supply and suppression of multifunctional devices including original toners (BUL 41/17). 26/07/2018
82 Pillow beds for the Satakunta hospital district. 26/07/2018
83 Prequalification procedures for oil distribution transformers up to 1 600 kVA. 26/07/2018
84 Service of digitalization and management of the clinical documentation of the EOXI of Lugo, Cervo and Monforte de Lemos. 25/07/2018
85 Source to Payment System. 25/07/2018
86 Procurement of tools to develop the infrastructure of a single central electronic document and document management system 2. 25/07/2018
87 Provision of Managed Training Services. 21/07/2018
88 Networking and Telephony Infrastructure. 21/07/2018
89 Document creation provision system. 21/07/2018
90 System for production and control of production of instant lottery tickets. 21/07/2018
91 KK — Prior information notice — Framework agreement electrician services and service agreement for fire alarm system, emergency light system and computer rooms. 20/07/2018
92 Deliveries of city line buses 19/07/2018
93 Technical Dialogue: The Selection of a Biological Treatment Process Option for Koukkujärvi Wastewater Treatment Plant. 18/07/2018
94 Four-color offset printing machine at the Head Office of the Social Insurance. 18/07/2018
95 Ballot E-Counting System. 17/07/2018
96 Construction, supply and services in the construction, construction, supply, construction engineering, railway transition technology, platforms, platform platform, cable construction, telecommunication equipment, overhead line, electrical energy systems, signaling systems, fence services, landscape conservation measures, construction supervision in 2016 to 2017. 17/07/2018
97 The Authority has a potential requirement to procure 7 62mm x 35 Ammunition 14/07/2018
98 The Authority has a potential requirement to procure Non service pattern (NSPLW) Ammunition for light weapons 14/07/2018
99 Supply of vehicles and equipment. 14/07/2018
100 Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED). 13/07/2018
101 The Authority has a potential requirement to procure a replacement to the M18A1 Command detonated munition the ammunition 13/07/2018
102 The Authority has a potential requirement to procure 5.56mm reduced range limited penetration (RRLP) ammunition. The ammunition will replace the ammunition currently in service and will undertake safety testing 13/07/2018
103 The Authority has a potential requirement to procure Armor piercing Ammunition for in service light weapons 13/07/2018
104 The Authority has a potential requirement to procure an on-going supply of specialist ammunition for on-going training, familiarisation and operational requirement 13/07/2018
105 Construction of a new indoor shooting range on the site of the riot in Koenigsbrunn. 13/07/2018
106 o Construction of 500kV single-circuit overhead transmission line 12/07/2018
107 Construction of 500kV single-circuit overhead transmission line OHL Jvari – Nenskra (approx 55km); 12/07/2018
108 Enhancements existing time management system, licenses, services. 11/07/2018
109 Council Print, Packaging, Post and Digital Mail Solution PIN Notice. 11/07/2018
110 NEPO418 Provision of Library Books. 11/07/2018
111 High / medium voltage substations and electrical construction technology reconstruction / construction of service area ELMŰ Network Ltd. and ÉMÁSZ Network Ltd -.. II. 06/07/2018
112 Federal Archive Berlin - Conversion Building 903, remodeling Building 906, photovoltaic system. 06/07/2018
113 Services evolution of eGovernment Judicial Administration of Justice in Galicia, 805 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund ERDF Galicia 2014-2020. 05/07/2018
114 Complex technological line for the production of special laminated glass with fire resistance. 05/07/2018
115 Invitation to 1-on-1 meetings for the procurement of a camera system with number recognition for car parks, with the accompanying back system. 04/07/2018
116 The IcSP is supporting activities to mitigate risks from chemical biological radiological nuclear (CBRN) materials through the CBRN centre of excellence initiative 04/07/2018
117 EU support to the implementation of the national solid waste management (NSWM) strategy. 04/07/2018
118 Invitation information session Services of parking and access rights for the city of Antwerp: future procurement. 03/07/2018
119 Provision of Engineering Services and Scheduled Sustainment for the Solid State Phased Array Radar at RAF Fylingdales. 30/06/2018
120 R5220 — Early Payment Provider. 29/06/2018
121 The supply of Hearing Aids and Accessories including DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Hearing Aids that meet requirements of users with varying levels of hearing loss 28/06/2018
122 Small Arms Indoor Training System (SAITS). 27/06/2018
123 Development and implementation of a system for requesting and issuing certificates. 22/06/2018
124 Request for information insigna for uniforms 22/06/2018
125 Cashless parking payment system for on-street pay and display parking with multiple payment options for Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council, South Dublin Council, Fingal Council, Meath County Council and Kildare County Council. 21/06/2018
126 Low-floor 12m trolleybuses (including diagnostic equipment, tools, spare parts and associated services) 20/06/2018
127 Maritime Electronic Warfare Programme (MEWP): Electronic Warfare Countermeasures (EWCM) Request For Information (RFI) PIN # 9. 19/06/2018
128 The contract is for the creation, supply and destruction of Diplomatic Plates for use on vehicles owned by Foreign Diplomats whilst they are resident in UK, and the creation, supply and destruction of Trade Plates for the Motor Trade, Manufacturers and Vehicles Testers throughout the UK. 19/06/2018
129 The Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management (henceforth also referred to as DFØ) hereby invites interested marked providers to respond to this Request for Information (RFI). 16/06/2018
130 Delivery vehicles (batch) to equip Timisoara Local Police Department. 16/06/2018
131 Framework agreement to supply equipment and uniforms for local police and guarzi of the Local Police Department Timisoara. 16/06/2018
132 Winter / Snow removal. 16/06/2018
133 Smart Ticketing — including Account Based Back Office for Travel (ABBOT), Qualified Security Assessor, Merchant Services and other associated services. 13/06/2018
134 Acquisition of 17 "Fire Control System" (40 mm for "Grenade Machine Gun") with associated equipment and a multi-year maintenance contract. 12/06/2018
135 SCADA protection and control system for eight (8) units and two (2) blocks at Kaniv HPP, 1-stage tender procedure 11/06/2018
136 Automatic Numberplate Recognition (ANPR) Servicing, Maintenance and Associated Services Framework. 08/06/2018
137 Prior information multifactor authentication (MFA). 08/06/2018
138 Public inquiry. Lifting equipment for the fire brigade (lift). 08/06/2018
139 Acquisition of 25 vehicles, 6 quads and 6 trailers Mauritania. 08/06/2018
140 Biometric Matching Engine Software (BMES) — Facial Recognition Algorithm and associated Implementation Services. 07/06/2018
141 Air insulated low voltage cable samonosiv cable bundle (SCS) Uo / U 0,6 / 1 kV with self-supporting wire and cable bundle samonosiv 04/06/2018
142 Supply of 20 / 0,4 kV substation Modular Concrete - MBTS according to DIN 42500 (ICC HD 428.6 S1: 2004) 04/06/2018
143 UPE-insulated power cables Rated voltage Uo / U 12/20 kV nominal voltage Uo / U 20/35 kV 04/06/2018
144 Prior information notice, the procurement of credit card services. 01/06/2018
145 Provision of Credit Worthiness Checks for UKSV. 01/06/2018
146 The Defence Equipment & Support, Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Delivery Team (CBRN DT) will be hosting an Industry Day to present recent developments in the UK CBRN Equipment Capability Plan. The Industry Day will take place on 3.7.2017, at the Royal Military College Shrivenham 29/05/2018
147 Market Consultation - replace financial information HHNK (expected date: 30.6.2017). 26/05/2018
148 • Reconstruction and expansion of sewerage system 26/05/2018
149 Market Consultation - uitruk- and rescue gloves (expected date: 07.06.2017). 24/05/2018
150 Design, installation and maintenance of a car parking solution to include an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. 24/05/2018
151 Issuance and distribution of the identifying beneficiaries of the public health system of Asturias health cards. 23/05/2018
152 The Defence Clothing Team, which forms part of Leidos Supply Ltd is considering the potential requirement for the provision to Manufacture, Storage of Stock and Direct Supply/Fit of Royal Air Force (RAF), Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Marines (RM) Paradewear Uniforms on behalf of the UK MOD 23/05/2018
153 The Defence Clothing Team, which forms part of Leidos Supply Ltd is considering the potential requirement for the Supply of Knee Mounted Service (KMS) Boots and Jack Boots 23/05/2018
154 - 1 piece. CNC lathe 3-axis numerical control bar feeder; - 1 piece. CNC milling center with 5 axis vertical head. Estimated cost excluding VAT: 1,035,000 RON 22/05/2018
155 The 400 kV line Quatrana-New Maan and the 132 kV line Quatrana-Queen Alia Airport with relevant extensions of affected substations and the reinforcement of the 132 kV line between Quatrana and New Maan (both refurbishment and new line options), including appropriate Resettlement Plans as and if necessary. 22/05/2018
156 Supply and Delivery of Library Books, Educational Textbooks and Multimedia Supplies. 20/05/2018
157 Purchase of certificates and adhesive labels, tear resistant (polyethylene, cardboard and adhesive labels). 18/05/2018
158 Providing uniform and equipment (batch) for local police and guarzi under framework agreements 18/05/2018
159 Works and Services for Mechanical and Electrical Building Installations: CCTV, Door Entry and Warden call/OAP Alarms. 18/05/2018
160 Design, development and implementation of an integrated system for ticket issuance, passenger information and providing controlled access to trains. 17/05/2018
161 Supply of a specialized vehicle, a surveillance drone and personal protective equipment for forest fire fighting. 17/05/2018
162 Construction of 2 pieces traction substations in the railway section Sofia - Kostenetz. 17/05/2018
163 New council Mellau - windows / glazing. 16/05/2018
164 Supply and maintenance of two tipper trucks 8CH4 kivotamaxa. 11/05/2018
165 Proposed 5 Year Contract for the manufacture and supply of the Operational Travel Bag (NSN 8465-99-421-5710), to include options for Black Army Daysacks (8465-99-131-6017) and 30L RAF Daysacks 11/05/2018
166 Framework agreement electrical planning traffic management. 10/05/2018
167 RFI control Gasmeter. 10/05/2018
168 Tractor / Standard tractor. 10/05/2018
169 Supply of new motor vehicles for the collection of municipal solid waste with compactor. 08/05/2018
170 Queueing systems. 04/05/2018
171 NAS Lann-Bihoue - BAN Lanvéoc Poulmic - replacement sidelights markup: supply (innovation contract). 04/05/2018
172 Alienation of 18 Lots of material from the F-16 Aircraft. 03/05/2018
173 Services for technological evolution and quality of e-government platform -MOAD- Local Government of Andalusia. 03/05/2018
174 RUEG_4_052_2 PV system BA1. 03/05/2018
175 Provision of a Cloud based reporting and planning / budgeting system with project and resource forecasting functionality to Cell and Gene Therapy Ltd as advised in the tender and specification 27/04/2018
176 Delivery of smart cards and services, graphic and electronic personalization. 27/04/2018
177 Metal barrels and pallets. 27/04/2018
178 FN Hradec Králové - Ambulance vehicle. 26/04/2018
179 Pre-Procurement Market Engagement for Parking Services. 25/04/2018
180 Supply of a waste collection vehicle, a multifunctional vehicle for cleaning asphalt surfaces, waste collection containers and composting equipment for municipal green areas 22/04/2018
181 Supply of manufactured goods / apparel materials, equipment and weapons needed for the needs of the State Police. 21/04/2018
182 Snow clearing and gritting of municipal and private roads in Vennesla kommune. 19/04/2018
183 Supply of up to 25 low-floor diesel buses (9 (+/- 0.5m) m length) 13/04/2018
184 Identification of vehicles 12/04/2018
185 Low-floor 12 m trolleybuses 03/04/2018
186 Lviv Automated Fare Collection Project 29/03/2018
187 • Upgrade/interfaces with existing payment collection machines • Provision of ticketing at retail POS kiosks 29/03/2018
188 Installation of meters (individual, bulk water flow meters, telemetry etc 20/03/2018
189 Installation of meters (individual, bulk water flow meters, telemetry, etc.) 20/03/2018
190 Automated Fare Collection System 14/03/2018
191 Automated Fare Collection System 10/03/2018
192 Swedavia Framework PCA unit. 08/03/2018
193 CBRN-protection for ISO-containers. 01/03/2018
194 Delivery of buses within the project: Sustainable urban transport in Ostroda. 01/03/2018
195 Recognition of tickets of the Common Tariff of cooperating in the Verkehrsverbund Berlin- Brandenburg transport undertakings (VBB tariff) for rail passenger transport on the routes Berlin - Elsterwerda, Berlin - Prenzlau and Potsdam - Berlin - Cottbus / Senftenberg 11/02/2018
197 E-HRM systeem en in-service salarisverwerking.
198 This project includes sweeping and washing of streets and sidewalks, parking spaces along streets and by schools, with sweepers 17/01/2018
199 • SCADA 16/01/2018
201 Rehabilitation of Belmeken – Sestrimo - Chaira Hydro Complex and Rehabilitation of Vacha-1 Hydro Power Plant (HPP) 110 kV switchyard and other HPP systems of integrated control. 16/01/2018
202 Build warning and alert systems for flood protection for the city of Nymburk and ORP Nymburk. 30/12/2017
203 Fully electronic single-phase electricity meters for direct connection 28/12/2017
204 Fully electronic single-phase electricity meters for direct connection 28/12/2017
205 The Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) intends to conclude a framework agreement for the purchase of 3 Airborne Systems Maritime Craft Aerial Delivery Systems (MCADS) and spare parts incl. documentation, training and equipment for the training of Heavy Drop.
MCADS is a platform by means of a parachute system allows dropping a 11m Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB) from the air to water globally, primarily from the Danish C-130J Hercules alternatively from foreign transport aircraft operated by the Danish Defense's strategic partners.
MCADS shall be considered as a system that includes:
MCADS platform
Parachute Release System
Cargo parachutes and lashing
Training of technical and operational personnel
206 Battle simulators 11/12/2017
207 Supply of twisted filobus - CIG 7167994FC2. 11/12/2017
208 Pre-announcement: Market Consultation Ammunition caliber 9 mm Luger - Police 04/12/2017
209 Information Request: Finavia Oyj, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport terminal and an award exterior signage. 03/12/2017
210 Framework agreement for the provision of passenger information boards and related services. 01/12/2017
211 The Swedish Armed Forces intends to modify six (6) C-130 aircraft in order to ensure operation of the C-130 fleet beyond 2030. 30/11/2017
212 An optical sight for an assault rifle as specified in Appendix 1 to this call. 30/11/2017
213 procurement procedure for the delivery of blouses 95 of modernized trousers 95, coats 95, blouse 95 summer with beige print - R modernized, 95 summer pants with beige print - R, 95 summer coats with beige print - R, blouse 95 summer with green print - R modernized and 95 summer pants with green print - R. 30/11/2017
214 Purchase of 451 bulletproof floating jackets for military personnel of the Coast Guard Harbor Capitals. 30/11/2017
215 European procurement according to the public procedure for an HRM Information System. 27/11/2017
216 Rough leather gloves for the years 2018 to 2020 (option for 2020 and 2022). 22/11/2017
217 Framework contract ballistic protection vest incl. 22/11/2017
218 Service maintenance and renovation of fire alarm and intrusion alarm systems in municipal offices, sports facilities and public schools in the city of Alicante. 21/11/2017
219 Fire protection clothing for district administration, fire management. 20/11/2017
220 CCTV. 16/11/2017
221 Purchase and supply a tactical JTAC simulator. 15/11/2017
222 On-site guard services. 14/11/2017
223 Delivery of warning clothing (warning vests, summer warning goggles, warning suits) for the Bavarian police. 14/11/2017
224 Framework agreement for the supply of ballistic TBO panels 5 CZ set of 2 pieces for the period 2018-2021. 13/11/2017
225 Provision of medicine normal human immunoglobulin for intravenous administration destined to the service of pharmacy of the University Hospital «12 of October» 13/11/2017
226 Supply and Installation of low voltage overhead and underground lines, cable distribution boxes and LV network poles 11/11/2017
227 Installation of smart meters with supply and installation of meter boxes 11/11/2017
228 Kremenchuk Trolleybus Project 11/11/2017
229 lot 2: supply of face recognition system; lot 7: supply of equipment for forensic fingerprint analysis; 10/11/2017
230 Walk for design and realization of a very high-speed electronic communications network (FTTH) on the public sector network area of the seine maritime department. 10/11/2017
231 Delivery of two fire engines. 10/11/2017
232 Printing and finishing of communication media. 10/11/2017
233 Delivery of a chassis and a vehicle body for an HLF10 emergency service vehicle. 10/11/2017
234 Provision of periodicals (magazines) for the Library Service and for the public libraries of the demarcations of Girona, Lleida, Tarragona and the Ebro Lands during 2018. 10/11/2017
235 Recruitment of print management services for Pablo de Olavide University. 10/11/2017
236 Framework Convention for the supply of an operating lease software first aid for healthcare and Hospitals Region of Tuscany. 09/11/2017
237 Delivery of a midi- low-floor line bus of approx. 8,000 mm length. 09/11/2017
238 Acquisition of a compact asphalt road sweeper 07/11/2017
239 Non-German-language (not subject to the Austrian book price binding) print books for the University of Vienna in 5 lots. 07/11/2017
240 Maintenance and operation Groundwater purification plant Schaedla. 07/11/2017
241 Delivery of print magazines and print magazines for the University of Vienna. 07/11/2017
242 LF 20 Kat for the fire brigade Altenberge. 07/11/2017
243 Construction of a sanitary sewage system and construction and reconstruction of the main water supply network along with the construction of a hydro-power plant in the rural area of Ścinawa agglomeration. 07/11/2017
244 Urban railway Rotteckring. 06/11/2017
245 Thermal disposal of the dewatered sewage sludge from the sewage treatment plant Chiemsee, disposal of the incineration ash. 06/11/2017
246 Supply in operating state of a Mode S radar in the Turrillas Station. 06/11/2017
247 Devices for jamming radio frequency (stationary and portable) 04/11/2017
248 Contracts toner and inks. 04/11/2017
249 Corbu wastewater treatment plant. Works in the sewage treatment plant - Medgidia. 03/11/2017
250 Procurement of an emergency service vehicle HLF 20 with loading for the municipality of Haiming. 03/11/2017
251 Commune de le cateau cambresis (department of the Nord) - reconstruction of the intercommunal wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 22 000 pe. 03/11/2017
252 Corbu wastewater treatment plant. Works in the sewage treatment plant - Medgidia 03/11/2017
253 Replacement services for electro-avionics installed on HH-412C, MCH-109A, OH500 / AB and U-166C aircraft supplied with the Guardia di Finanza. 03/11/2017
254 Procurement of ballistic shields of protection class 4 or VPAM9. 03/11/2017
255 2017-21 National Prints. 03/11/2017
256 Weapon Brackets and Weapon Bags. 03/11/2017
257 Delivery and installation of a multifunctional X-ray device. 03/11/2017
258 Delivery of 11 brand new, eco-friendly low-floor city buses, one brand for public transport in Sanok. 03/11/2017
259 Delivery of 1 piece of combi-van or multitasking car in police tagged version. 03/11/2017
260 Reconstruction of Waryńskiego and Luboszycka streets on the section from Batalionów Chłopskich street to ul. Sienkiewicz Street and the street connecting Waryńskiego Street with Pulaski Street in the field of street lighting. 03/11/2017
261 Purchase of a fire fighting vehicle (fire fighting vehicle LF 10). 02/11/2017
262 Delivery of a fire fighting vehicle LF 10-6 -straight according to EN 1846-2 and DIN 14530, part 5. 02/11/2017
263 Delegated management of the parking service at the "Aarest Lmàach" car park of the City of Marrakech 02/11/2017
264 Street lighting 2017 - 2021. 02/11/2017
265 Hire of machines for cleaning roads in the Municipality of Heraklion. 02/11/2017
266 Award of winter services in Frankfurt am Main (2 lots) and in Bad Homburg (1 lot) Institute for Federal Real Estate, BImA Directorate Koblenz. 01/11/2017
267 Haute Saone East, snow removal 01/11/2017
268 Manufacture, Supply & Support of Residual Vapour Detector (RVD). 01/11/2017
269 Framework agreement for the delivery of holsters, modular, CLAS. 01/11/2017
270 Waste water treatment plants Baneasa, Negru Voda. Waste water treatment plant Jegalia. Waste water treatment plant in Cazanesti. 01/11/2017
271 Mulching of approx. 45.490 ha of ammunition-loaded surface in a depth of 15 - 20 cm on the military training place Lehnin including removal of existing tree stumps. 01/11/2017
272 Auditing services. 01/11/2017
273 Antineoplastic Medicines (Oncology Program) 01/11/2017
274 EA parking equipment and parking management system. 01/11/2017
275 Multiannual framework agreement for the supply of individual bulletproof vests and discrete individual bulletproof vests in the central market. 31/10/2017
276 Commune of Aulnois-sous-Laon (Department of Aisne) - construction of the inter-municipal wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 2600 pe. 31/10/2017
277 Delivery and commissioning of a truck (3-side-tipper) with crane. 31/10/2017
278 Delivery of fire service vehicles "heavy armored vehicle" with the tactical designation "SRF", fire brigade vehicle according to ÖNORM EN 1846 1-3 of type S - 2 - 2 - 1 - 0 - 1 [hydr. Cable winch, hydr. Loading crane, pneum. Light pole]. 31/10/2017
279 Supply of lifejackets for the bay. Water rescue service. 31/10/2017
280 Provision of hardware and software automated gates. 31/10/2017
281 Belt 97 in trousers. 31/10/2017
282 Purchase and delivery of public transport buses: Part 1. Delivery of city bus, electric. Part 2. Delivery of a city bus, category MINI, low profile with engine EURO 6 re. 31/10/2017
283 Delivery of trolleybuses and traction batteries. 31/10/2017
284 Adequacy of traction substations and their high voltage power lines in conventional network for compliance in the field of maintenance management (7 Lots). 31/10/2017
285 Provision of DSD magnetic ticket rolls. 31/10/2017
286 AD01 Water treatment plant at Brudaremossen, DE01 Machine, Building, Plumbing, Mark. 31/10/2017
287 Delivery of a new lightweight rescue vehicle for KP PSP in Kozienice. 31/10/2017
288 Transformers MT - BT with oil 400, 630 and 1000 kVA. 31/10/2017
289 Delivery of 20 pieces of new buses by task. 31/10/2017
290 Modernization of the Prague Public Transport Handling and Information System in Hradec Králové. 31/10/2017
291 Procurement of an electrically driven sweeper with a container volume of 1.8 to 2.0 cbm. 31/10/2017
292 Supply of signs and signaling devices for the department of Charente. 31/10/2017
293 Design, delivery, execution and commissioning of the Linear Traffic Management System 30/10/2017
294 Licensing procedure "Distribution of e-tickets for the BW tariff". 30/10/2017
295 Delivery of 32 brand new articulated city buses and 23 brand new standard city buses. 30/10/2017
296 Telecommunications Service for the period between 2017-2020 new tender. 30/10/2017
297 Acquisition of shoes for ET armored vehicles 30/10/2017
298 Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of explosive tracer detection devices (ETDs) for Bari, Brindisi, Foggia and Grottaglie (TA) airport security checks CIG: 7197034C54; Lot B: Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of radiological systems for safety checks at the airports of Bari, Brindisi, Foggia and Grottaglie (TA) CIG: 71970498B6; Lot C: Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of Metal Detector and Leds systems for Bari, Brindisi, Foggia and Grottaglie (TA) airports safety checks CIG: 7197062372. 30/10/2017
299 PV systems sports facilities Gouda. 30/10/2017
300 24 hour service of the boiler house, spare heat exchangers, networks and heat installations, technological heat. 30/10/2017
301 Design and reconstruction of existing fire detection. 30/10/2017
302 Recruitment of SAP software support and maintenance service. 30/10/2017
303 Ballistic protection helmet. 30/10/2017
304 Supply of three ambulance type C ambulances to the Ambulance Service in Wałbrzych. 30/10/2017
305 Printing of brochures and prints. 30/10/2017
306 Acquisition of two (2) support boats for the UAS of the Civil Guard. 30/10/2017
307 Delivery of 16 pieces of city buses brand new, ecological, low-floor to the Municipal Department of Communications - Pulawy Sp. z oo in Pulawy. 30/10/2017
308 Printing and distribution of periodicals for the National Labor Inspectorate - the second procedure. 30/10/2017
309 Full management of the process of document notification and collection documents at each stage, from document printing to digitization and final disclosure of documents. 30/10/2017
310 Purchase (delivery) with the commissioning of a mobile X-ray machine with C-arm for Branches and Operative Area of General Vascular Surgery. 30/10/2017
311 Supply and installation of photovoltaic systems under the project "Solar Alternative for Podlaskie Radar". 30/10/2017
312 Supply of boots for the Federal Police and the Judiciary. 30/10/2017
313 Supply of five (5) rear-loading trucks with CNG chassis of 26 Tn and with a minimum of 22 m³. 712_CCP_0917. 30/10/2017
314 Delivery of state postage stamps (stamps) 30/10/2017
315 Maintenance contract Fire alarm system Auf m Hennekamp 45. 30/10/2017
316 Purchase of 3D rulers (laser scanners) for the needs of the Police Headquarters of the State Police. 30/10/2017
317 Purchase of fire fighting vehicle GVC-16/25 for the Obrežje Voluntary Firefighter Association. 30/10/2017
318 Design, delivery, installation and maintenance of a video surveillance system for the administrative building of TPD Dobrinishte TPP. 30/10/2017
319 Rehabilitation and extension of water and sewerage networks in Uricani UAT. 27/10/2017
320 Delivery / procurement of an HLF 20 service vehicle according to EN 1846, E DIN 14 502-2 and DIN 14 530-27 consisting of lot 1 chassis and lot 2 design. 27/10/2017
321 Los4 Regulary Transformer 20 MVA. 27/10/2017
322 Supply and delivery of meal vouchers. 27/10/2017
323 Electronic cards. 27/10/2017
324 Intelligent Traffic Management and Control System in Tychy. 27/10/2017
325 Print and Related Services. 27/10/2017
326 Classified document management system (CDMS) and e-registry for EC3IS (EEAS corporate classified communication and information system). 27/10/2017
327 Turnkey supply of a complex diagnostic system consisting of kit and instrumentation in service to carry out the quantitative determination of HIV-1 RNA and HCV RNA (Viremia HIV and Viremia HCV) and the determination of the HCV genotype. 27/10/2017
328 Creation and printing of documents and communication media. 27/10/2017
329 The fire engine. 27/10/2017
330 Flow cytometer for clinical and experimental research. 27/10/2017
331 Marijampole Municipality Street Lighting Equipment Operations. 27/10/2017
332 Sewage sludge treatment of the sewage treatment plant Nienburg / Weser. 27/10/2017
333 Pay Parking Management Service without Vehicle Guarding by Traffic Lines and Auxiliaries, including the provision and installation of land line meters in the Municipality of Bosa. 27/10/2017
334 Framework agreement gloves. 26/10/2017
335 Procurement of a fire fighting vehicle LF 10 for the fire brigade Amselfing. 26/10/2017
336 CKW, delivery of a 110 kV SF6 switchgear for the Rothenburg substation. 26/10/2017
337 Delivery of an all-wheel tractor with underrun protection. 26/10/2017
338 CKW, delivery of a 20 kV SF6 switchgear for the Rothenburg substation. Delivery of a 20 kV SF6 switchgear for the Unterstation Hochdorf. Option for the freehand ordering of another 20 kV SF6 switchgear US 2023. 26/10/2017
339 Delivery of an emergency service vehicle 20 (HLF 20) for the professional fire brigade of the Hansestadt Rostock. 26/10/2017
340 Purchase of modernization of EC120 chamber system helicopters. 26/10/2017
341 Deliveries of vouchers and free time vouchers. 26/10/2017
342 Performance audit and cost accounting for Lot 19, Lot 20, Lot 21, Lot 22 and Lot 23 of the Growth Regions 2014-2020 Operational Program 26/10/2017
343 Copy and Printing Systems HessenForst. 26/10/2017
344 IKZ - supply of copying and printing paper for the city of Gütersloh and the municipalities it represents. 26/10/2017
345 UNKNOWN INVESTIGATION For the provision of ISDN PRA telecommunication services for Gdansk Police Service, consisting of: Providing permanent access to the public telephone network by cable, incl. 26/10/2017
346 Purchase of a CNC Karusel Lathe Machine for BKV Vasúti Járműjavító Kft. 26/10/2017
347 Tray Application Traffic Monitoring (FA VMON) Maintenance and Software Maintenance 2018 - 2022. 26/10/2017
348 Request for pre-qualification for the delivery of process and mechanical technical equipment included in the turnkey contract for a new sewage treatment system for 7 000 — 13 000 pe. 26/10/2017
349 Supply of new and factory-reused server hardware, disk arrays, network devices and uninterruptible power supplies - UPS for KUL. 26/10/2017
350 Purchasing a "Flatbed CNC Lathe Machine" through a sales contract. 26/10/2017
351 Issue of restaurant vouchers for municipal, metropolitan and CCAS agents. 26/10/2017
352 Delivery of 2 pieces of fire fighting vehicles LF 10 4WD. 26/10/2017
353 Deliveries of vouchers and free time vouchers 26/10/2017
354 Framework agreement - chemical fertilizer acquisition. 26/10/2017
355 Time contract Continuous disposal of sewage sludge from the sewage treatment plants Eschdorf and Ottendorf-Okrilla. 26/10/2017
356 X-ray diffraction system delivery to the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis. 26/10/2017
357 Outsourcing of audit services related to the performance of system audits. 26/10/2017
358 Bathing water treatment Hermann-Weber-Bad Eitorf. 26/10/2017
359 Dictation and speech recognition system. 26/10/2017
360 Wilsdruff sewage treatment plant - Dresden-Kaditz sewage treatment plant, BA 2.4 - Unarkersdorf landmark to the A 17 motorway junction. 26/10/2017
361 Security service for the DKFZ. 25/10/2017
362 Northamptonshire County Council Parking Enforcement Services. 25/10/2017
363 13 pieces of rescue vehicles according to DIN EN 1789 - type C; 25/10/2017
364 Delivery of license plates and scrapping of license plates withdrawn from use in the years 2018-2019 for the needs of the City of Bydgoszcz. 25/10/2017
365 KK — Single Procurement — Fire tanker vehicle. 25/10/2017
366 Procurement of a fire fighting vehicle LF 20 for the FF Adldorf and an emergency service vehicle HLF 20 for the FF Eichendorf. 25/10/2017
367 Delivery and commissioning of a new flameproof 12kV switchgear with remote control system for the Polish Group of Mining. z oo, Branch of KWKK ROW Movement Marcel. 25/10/2017
368 Supply and installation of solar systems, biomass furnaces and photovoltaic systems in the Biszcza commune. 25/10/2017
369 Multi-year framework agreement for supplies for the acquisition of 300 BLK / 5.56 x 45 mm rifles and rifle accessories for the benefit of the integrated police, structured at two (2) levels. 25/10/2017
370 Provision of ammunition caliber 9x19. 25/10/2017
371 Purchase of scanners and printers for address labels along with after-sales service during warranty period. 25/10/2017
372 File: TMG7116 / CSV0. Manufacture and supply of non-contact Mifare Ultralight EV1 and Desfire EV1 cards for the travel certificates of Line 1 of the Metropolitan of Granada. 25/10/2017
373 Five aircraft bridge overhauls. 25/10/2017
374 Supply of small fire and rescue equipment. 25/10/2017
375 302/2017 — Supply of Street Lighting Columns. 25/10/2017
376 Purchase of protective equipment. 25/10/2017
377 Snow removal and sludge removal services for winter seasons 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. 25/10/2017
378 External Audit Services. 25/10/2017
379 Public contract for the phased supply of gloves. 25/10/2017
380 Excavator for Hovgardens waste facility. 25/10/2017
381 3 Smart - supply, installation and commissioning of solar power plants and supply, installation and commissioning of CHP in an existing boiler room. 25/10/2017
382 Operation and routine maintenance services for the wastewater treatment plant at the JRC, Ispra (VA) site. 25/10/2017
383 Supply and delivery of restaurant vouchers for the staff of Rodez agglomération. 25/10/2017
384 Procurement of five auxiliary service vehicles. 25/10/2017
385 Emergency service vehicle HLF 20 according to DIN 14530-27. 25/10/2017
386 Garage communal — Acquisition d un bus (min. 50 places). 25/10/2017
387 Sustainment of 2 Dornier 228-212 Netherlands Coastguard aircraft. 24/10/2017
388 Procurement of a Unimog 423 with silo spreader and front boom mower. 24/10/2017
389 Bidding for a bus 42/2017. 24/10/2017
390 Reliance on the supply of n. 16 single-ply diesel-type compactors. 24/10/2017
391 17th auction copy and print paper. 24/10/2017
392 Provision of ambulances. 24/10/2017
393 Procurement of two rescue vehicles. 24/10/2017
394 Delivery of 18 m of partial trolleybuses with traction batteries. 24/10/2017
395 Design and construction of the switchgear ul. Wallacha in Godow from ul. Rural in Jastrzeb-Zdroj. 24/10/2017
396 Delivery of medical furniture and therapy aids to the University Hospital Medical Clinic in Bialystok, divided into seven parts. 24/10/2017
397 1 fire fighting vehicle LF 10 all - wheel according to DIN 14530 part 5. 24/10/2017
398 Supply of static direct 3-phase AMI electricity meters with PLC OSGP communication. 24/10/2017
399 Winter maintenance of pavements and cycle paths on national roads administered by GDDKiA, Bydgoszcz Branch in 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/20202020/2021, divided into 12 parts. 24/10/2017
400 External Audit Service. 24/10/2017
401 Acquisition of services of centralization of financial data, alarm, collection and parking meters in EMEL server. 24/10/2017
402 Delivery of 1 piece of a van in a police tagged version. 24/10/2017
403 Delivery of printers to the courts of the Rzeszów appeal area. 24/10/2017
404 1 fire fighting vehicle LF 10 all - wheel according to DIN 14530 part 5. 24/10/2017
405 Framework for the provision of Telecommunications and Associated Services. 24/10/2017
406 ZP-2380-361-84 / 2017 Purchase and delivery of equipment for the Criminal Police Headquarters in Katowice, Opole and Wroclaw. 24/10/2017
407 Supply by leasing and maintenance of 69 reprographic equipment for copy, printing, scanning, faxing and OCR destined to judicial offices of the Province of Almería. 24/10/2017
408 Framework agreement Telecommunications system components Alcatel. 24/10/2017
409 Upgrade and purchase of new SW and HW and increased cyber security. 24/10/2017
410 Sewage treatment plant in Hannover-Herrenhausen, renewal of sludge treatment, section 1. 24/10/2017
411 Multi-annual framework agreement for the procurement of handguns and handgun accessories for the benefit of special units of the Federal Police. 24/10/2017
412 Excavator with equipment. 24/10/2017
413 Provision of toll collection services at the A21 motorway - Ericeira / Mafra / Malveira / Venda do Pinheiro (A8) E-contracts 5010033863. 24/10/2017
414 Supply of printers, multifunctional devices, scanners of projectors and shredders to courts of general appeal of Katowice. 24/10/2017
415 Supply of waste trucks. 24/10/2017
416 Supply of workgroup generators for aqueduct installations. 24/10/2017
417 Delivery of electrical energy measurement equipment - static meters for micro-installation and special needs. 24/10/2017
418 Supply of n. 1 new industrial excavator / loader with lifting cab complete with waste handling engine including scheduled maintenance service - CIG: 72061227FD - CUP: C39D17000240005. 24/10/2017
419 1 fire fighting vehicle HLF 10 all - wheel according to DIN 14530 part 26. 24/10/2017
420 Disposal of the sewage sludge from the sewage treatment plants of St. Goar and Oberwesel. 24/10/2017
421 Purchase of demi-season jackets, short summer jackets, winter semi-coins, summer boots, LU demise season jackets and winter coats of the U.S. 24/10/2017
422 Acquisition of: "Current and voltage transformers 110 kV" for Electricity Distribution Company Muntenia Nord SA 24/10/2017
423 Successive supply of consumables for printers. 24/10/2017
424 Purchase of agricultural seeds, agricultural fertilizers, phytosanitary and anticryptogamic products. 24/10/2017
425 Operation of the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant. 24/10/2017
426 Printing of tactile books. 24/10/2017
427 Service, repairs and STK vehicles. 24/10/2017
428 Procurement of a high-level tank fire truck 3000 (TLF 3000) - Procurement of a high-grade tank-extinguishing vehicle 3000 (TLF 3000). 24/10/2017
429 Procurement of firefighting clothing. 24/10/2017
430 Aluminum slices for shooting training. 24/10/2017
432 Reagents for the integrated system of biochemical and immunochemical studies (together with the analyzer,s utilization and maintenance). 24/10/2017
433 Purchase of water treatment plant 24/10/2017
435 Manufacture and delivery of 25 EA snow blowers. 23/10/2017
436 Provision of 2 hydro-ambulances for the A.ULSS 3 Serenissima. CIG 7190570613. 23/10/2017
437 Business Analytics & Business Intelligence Resources. 23/10/2017
438 KK — Framework agreement electrician services and service contract for fire alarm systems, emergency light systems and computer rooms. 23/10/2017
439 3 pieces Niederflur buses 12 m 2 pieces Niederflur buses 15 m. 23/10/2017
440 Satcom Modem System-Support 2018. 23/10/2017
441 International ticketing and international rail ticket sales service to financial institutions of the Military Unit No. 2063. 23/10/2017
442 Troubleshooting intercom / access control and TV installations. 23/10/2017
443 Framework agreement Riding trousers and accessories. 23/10/2017
444 240 Heating systems. 23/10/2017
445 Tax advisory services. 23/10/2017
446 Printing and shaping of communication documents - small formats. 23/10/2017
447 AgroSulCa sulfur-calcium fertilizer or equivalent in 48 tons. 23/10/2017
448 Delivery Ambulances Regional Ambulance Facility South Holland South. 23/10/2017
449 Delivery of 6 trucks approx. 3.5 tons. 23/10/2017
450 Recruitment of the Service of emission of food vouchers for the personnel of the TRAGSA Group. 23/10/2017
451 Delivery of sweepers for the Municipal and Municipal Economy Plant in Zielona Góra. 23/10/2017
452 Preparation of a project for the construction of a new 400 kV line from Maritza East substation to Nea Santa (Greece). 23/10/2017
453 Supply and installation of medium voltage power lines for JSW SA KWK "Pniówek". 23/10/2017
454 Maintenance of SAP licenses for the economic, financial and logistic system (SefLogic) of the Public Administration of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands. 23/10/2017
455 Supply & Commissioning of ‘Aircraft Tow Tractor(s) 23/10/2017
456 Staveco parking management service 23/10/2017
457 Maintenance of fire alarm systems. 23/10/2017
458 Acquisition of 3 asphalt sweepers of 5 m 3 for the community of communes Sorgues du Comtat. 23/10/2017
459 Shedding service snowing and snow removal winter season 2017-2018 / 2018-2019 / 2019-2020 - CIG: 715938710E. 23/10/2017
460 Supply of modular helmets, in accordance with the provisions of the Technical specifications and with sustainable public procurement measures. 23/10/2017
461 Telecommunications Services. 23/10/2017
462 Procurement of a fire fighting vehicle LF 20 according to DIN 14530-11 including all modifications, DIN SPEC 14502-1 with fire-fighting load. 23/10/2017
463 Delivery and installation of 2 identical high resolution, multifunctional document scanners for forensic document research for Tax Services / Customs. 23/10/2017
464 Purchase of new signaling 2-axle trailers. 23/10/2017
465 Providing training simulators for the Ceronav Galati subunit. 23/10/2017
466 "Selection of operator for provision of telecommunication services - fixed telephone services for the needs of TP" Jenda ", for a period of 36 months". 23/10/2017
467 Waste management in Lázně Bělohrad. 23/10/2017
468 "Winter maintenance and snow cleaning of the municipal road network for the territory of Elena municipality, sanding, including delivery of sand, admixed with sodium chloride, ex-warehouse in Elena, for winter ec. 23/10/2017
469 Cable works and repairs to the telecommunications network of the Flemish Region. 23/10/2017
470 X-ray tomography facility. 23/10/2017
471 Service of extinguishing drainage networks, collectors, sewerage systems, sewage treatment plants and slurry lifting, managed by Alto Calore Servizi SpA and transport of sewage treatment plants. 23/10/2017
472 Delivery of 1 piece of forest wheeled tractor. 23/10/2017
473 Delivery of 8 crew transport vehicles (MTF) for the fire brigade Bielefeld. 23/10/2017
474 External support DB2 for z / OS performance tuning. 23/10/2017
475 Repair, sealing and extension of civil engineering of sewage treatment plants and sewage treatment stations. 23/10/2017
476 Supply and delivery of restaurant vouchers for Loire Semène agents. 23/10/2017
477 Financial Management and Budgeting Systems for Schools, Academies and other Education Institutes 23/10/2017
478 Vacuum cleaner with high pressure washer and sweeper. 23/10/2017
479 Purchase of signboards, PVC communication supports and other screen-printed tools for the City of Meaux. 23/10/2017
480 Framework contract for the supply of handheld equipment for border surveillance and border checks. 23/10/2017
481 Sequencing service, synthesis service. 23/10/2017
482 Power transformer 16 MVA 23/10/2017
483 Trondheim Parkering invites tenderers to a negotiated procedure for the procurement of a self-service system for electronic parking, as well as operation and maintenance of the system. 23/10/2017
484 Framework agreement regarding supply of SATCOM-on-the-move terminals and related services. 23/10/2017
485 "Modernization of 110 kV cell protection and 6 kV cells, installation of the second neutral treatment group by resistor at 20 kV and integration into SCADA in the 110 / 27,5 / 20/6 kV North Ploiesti transformation station. 23/10/2017
486 Notebooks and other labels. 23/10/2017
487 Development of construction documentation for the construction, rebuilding and rehabilitation of street, road and street lighting. 23/10/2017
488 Purchase of garbage truck. 23/10/2017
489 Firefighting vehicles in Alytus APGV and Marijampolė APGV. 23/10/2017
490 "Modernization of 110 kV cell protection and 6 kV cells, installation of the second neutral treatment group by resistor at 20 kV and integration in SCADA in the 110 / 27,5 / 20/6 kV North Ploiesti transformation station" 23/10/2017
491 2017/1795 Operation of multi-functional printers. 23/10/2017
492 Overall energy performance market for the improvement of the energy and environmental performance of 198 social rental housing units and the construction of 15 overburden housing units in Angers. 23/10/2017
493 YATH Police Regional Underwater Search and Marine Unit — Vessel Replacement. 23/10/2017
494 Delivery and erection of a video surveillance system with the associated routing. 23/10/2017
495 Delivery of five waste collection vehicle rear loaders. 23/10/2017
496 Supply of restaurant vouchers. 23/10/2017
497 Supply of spare parts for Toyota Landcruiser for the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) 23/10/2017
498 Electronic cards 21/10/2017
499 Expansion of the existing IT infrastructure and operation of the IT infrastructure. 21/10/2017
500 The purpose of this competitive process is the implementation, management and maintenance of ten electronic ticketing system for the public transport service of the Liguria Regio 20/10/2017
502 Call for tenders, pursuant to D. Lgs.vo 50 of 18.4.2016, with open procedure (Article 60, paragraph 1), for the provision of technological upgrading and technical management services for a time span of 24 (24) months, with full swap service, for the restoration and maintenance of urban video surveillance systems implemented under the PON 2007-2013 Program in the Region of Sicily. 20/10/2017
503 Rail freight transport service (lignite energy charcoal) in domestic traffic. 20/10/2017
504 Framework Agreement for the contracting of advisory services to agricultural, forestry and SMEs in rural areas, Community of Castilla y León 2014-2020. M2017 / 7114. 20/10/2017
505 Development and delivery of an Air Traffic Complexity Assessment Tool (tCAT) for Traffic Complexity Assessment and Management. 20/10/2017
506 Supply of fuel for the aircraft that form the fleet of the Air Media Service of the General Directorate of Police. 20/10/2017
507 Delivery of a fire fighting vehicle LF 20 KatS according to DIN 14530 part 8. 20/10/2017
508 Tunnel inspection service, pumping wells, faecal, ventilation, emergency exits and electrical substations of Metro de Madrid. 20/10/2017
509 Delivery of MAU-169L / B control interval. 20/10/2017
510 Delivery of stabilizing compartments MXU-650C / B. 20/10/2017
511 Protective helmets 20/10/2017
512 Framework Agreement Transport and logistics services (focus on event areas) within the framework of the ENERGIE2020 project. 20/10/2017
513 "Winter maintenance, snow cleaning and sanding of the road network, streets and sidewalks on the territory of Pamporovo resort, Chepelare municipality - from 2017/2018 to 2019/2020". 20/10/2017
514 Supply and installation of solar systems in the Trzebieszów Municipality. 20/10/2017
515 17-A.O.I-08: support et maintenance de la plate-forme SAP Businessobjects 4.2. 20/10/2017
516 M 2017 FCS 1900: mono-attribute framework agreement for a contract for maintenance and remote monitoring of the intrusion alarm systems of buildings in the town of Béthune. 20/10/2017
517 (NU/1330) Provision of Support and Maintenance for the Universitys SAP System including maintenance and Development of Mandatory Student Reporting. 20/10/2017
518 Acquisition of licenses and subscriptions of non-business software, renewal of licenses, subscriptions, and renewal of non-business software technical support. 20/10/2017
519 Purchase of self-propelled gates. 20/10/2017
520 Purchase of road tractor. 20/10/2017
521 Upgrading and expanding the transformation station by supplying and installing a transformer and an interference generating group and increasing the power delivered to the nuclear reactor building. 20/10/2017
522 Selection of a supplier of a complete block transformer substation for the completion of an object "" Off-site engineering networks and structures to a small-family house in Borisov "- II stage" 20/10/2017
523 Printing services. 20/10/2017
524 Purchase of X-ray machines, operating tables and other medical equipment Nr. 14659. 20/10/2017
525 The Council seeks A Print Management Service, where a single supplier handles all requirements and has access to third party capability and capacity. 20/10/2017
526 Voice Recording Solution Located at Primary Care Reimbursement Service for the HSE. 20/10/2017
527 AOO LVIF 17S0502 - supply and repair of on-board light signaling for the Maintenance and Road Network Service (SM3R) - 2 lots. 20/10/2017
528 17s0143 - DRM - SDUT - acquisition of a used hydraulic excavator. 20/10/2017
529 New Generation Sequencing Sequencer (NGS) including supply of supplies. 20/10/2017
530 Power transformer 500MVA Grönviken. 20/10/2017
531 Design and Print Services. 20/10/2017
532 External Audit Services. 20/10/2017
533 Aoo lvis 17s0444 - provision of suction sweeper with driver for the mobility and road network (DMRR) and the MDADT - 8 lots. 20/10/2017
534 Earphones for hearing aids including accessories and imprint materials. 20/10/2017
535 2017 — 536 Internal Audit Services. 20/10/2017
536 EHB Object planning for structural and landscape-planning conversion according to §§34 and 39 HOAI (2013) incl. Appendix 1 to § 3 paragraph 1 HOAI Performance picture Heat protection LP3 Option Lp4-9. 20/10/2017
537 Agreement for the upgrade of 110 kV Substation Opornaya (replacement of 16 MVA transformers with 40 MVA transformers) of Northern Electric Networks, a branch of OAO Tyumenenergo. 20/10/2017
538 Rendering of telecommunication services 20/10/2017
539 The project underlying this technical assistance (TA) operation consists of at least 2.2 MW of rehabilitated renewable energy (hydropower), 19/10/2017
540 Upgrading Hellenic Satellite Tracking System for Rescue and Rescue Missions - Participation in the MEOSAR system of the international COSPAS-SARSAT Program (MEOSAR). 19/10/2017
541 Delivery of at least three rescue vehicles (RTW type C) in accordance with DIN EN 1789 as well as a special service description. 19/10/2017
542 Supply contract 2 pcs. dumpers 6x4 with bana and crane at DS Sibiu. 19/10/2017
543 Purchase of plotters A0. 19/10/2017
544 Instrument Landing System (ILS). 19/10/2017
545 Maintenance SAP licenses for Messe Berlin GmbH, CP1 / 8817. 19/10/2017
546 Delivery of a medium salvage and firefighting vehicle in the amount of 1 pc. 19/10/2017
547 "Electronic processing, printing, folding, inserting in envelopes and delivery of invoices, notices, information and promotional materials to the customers of Sofiyska Voda AD". 19/10/2017
548 ITT for the provision of Internal audit services. 19/10/2017
549 Audit Services. 19/10/2017
550 UK SBS RE17293 Medium Frequency (MF) Radar. 19/10/2017
551 Performing services related to the winter maintenance of county roads of the Bydgoszcz District in the communes of Białe Błota, Koronowo and Solec Kujawski in the seasons 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020. 19/10/2017
552 Purchase 4 pcs of VYA 8 x 8 rescue cars. 19/10/2017
553 Acquisition and transport of vertical signage required for national roads and highways under administration of CNAIR - SA, lot 1 - 12. 19/10/2017
554 Organic Waste Treatment Services Contract. 19/10/2017
555 Of paper products and pre-printed envelopes. 19/10/2017
556 Reconstruction of I and II sections of the 6-and-0.4 kV auxiliary switchgear. "Correction. 2 turn 19/10/2017
557 The contract concerns the reliance on ice-breaking and snow removal services and preventive, associated and consequent activities. 19/10/2017
558 Buying 8x4 dump, 25 tons - 5 year leasing. 19/10/2017
559 "Delivery of 2 thermal barriers for main circulation pumps CPC-195M". 19/10/2017
560 "Supply of coin blanks for the production of Bulgarian circulation coins in 2 lots". 19/10/2017
561 "Delivery of a used two-axle truck / tipper / snow rake and sandblasting device for the needs of OP" Blagoebuire "- Gabrovo". 19/10/2017
562 Procurement of air traffic controllers. 19/10/2017
563 Editorial, publishing, printing and distribution services of Sector 1 City Hall Newsletter. 19/10/2017
564 Purchase of shoes. 19/10/2017
565 Control of fire-fighting equipment (PEI) and water points (PENA) in the Rouen Normandy metropolitan area. 19/10/2017
566 110 kV three-phase oil power transformer. 19/10/2017
567 Rental of televisions, a reception and digital broadcasting system and a portal of wifi patient access for the Hospitals of the Pays du Mont-Blanc. 19/10/2017
568 Market for the implementation of a new HRIS (Human Resources Information System) within Est Métropole Habitat (Villeurbanne 69100). 19/10/2017
569 Transport of patients by ambulance and transport of goods. 19/10/2017
570 2017-06_pms_korrigo Multiservice platform and card issuing equipment. 19/10/2017
572 Purchase of windows of tinted trade mark ALUX-LUXAR or analogues for a complete set of a mining dump truck BELAZ 19/10/2017
573 SYS_370 / 17 - Factory maintenance of the ESK Mungo W86 system. 19/10/2017
574 SYS_369 / 17 - Maintenance of the system Husky BV 206 D. 19/10/2017
575 SYS_368 / 17 - Factory Maintenance of the System SPz Marder 1A5 W86. 19/10/2017
576 SYS_367 / 17 - Factory maintenance of the system SPz Marder F88. 19/10/2017
577 Procurement of a financial software. 19/10/2017
578 Procurement of an emergency service vehicle HLF 10 for the fire brigade. 19/10/2017
579 Light module for Glock 17 19/10/2017
580 Delivery of a truck 30 t (truck) with 3-three-way tipper, loading crane and winter service hydraulics. 18/10/2017
581 Expansion of the Integrated Border Surveillance System at the Bulgarian-Turkish Border - Building Sensor Lines for Surveillance. 18/10/2017
582 Modernization of the video surveillance system of the Transtejo Groups facilities. 18/10/2017
583 Supply of 6 small volume ambulances 18/10/2017
584 Supply of electricity meters - for direct measurement, modern measuring devices (mME) according to the Measuring Point Operating Law (MsbG). 18/10/2017
585 "Production and printing of printed and advertising materials and certificates". 18/10/2017
586 Purchase and installation of SCADA equipment 18/10/2017
587 Land management (loading, transport and processing) 55,000 Mg of stabilized municipal sewage sludge (waste code 19 08 05) from the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Koziegłow. 18/10/2017
588 Traffic protection - current maintenance, maintenance, repair and modernization of traffic lights and traffic measurement stations in the city of Ruda Slaska. 18/10/2017
589 Supply of 3 open containers and 5 self-compactors for multi-material selective collection. 18/10/2017
590 Procurement of a TLF 4000 tank fire truck according to DIN 14530- Part 21. 18/10/2017
591 Support to the National Public Finance Management Reform in Peru (Phase 2). 18/10/2017
592 Purchase and installation of SCADA equipment - Rest to be executed. 18/10/2017
593 Supply of medical furniture and accessories. 18/10/2017
594 Technological renewal of the network infrastructure for the Data Processing Center. 18/10/2017
595 Support and maintenance of the SAP systems of the Government of Navarre. 18/10/2017
596 Rental maintenance of printing solutions and associated services. 18/10/2017
597 Mobile telecommunication services for the needs of the Riga Technical University. 18/10/2017
598 D 22/2017 Tender for the provision of advance passenger information (API) system as well as installation, operation, training in the use and maintenance of the system. 18/10/2017
599 20118-E7-0019 Universitätsmedizin Rostock New building Central medical functions, medical furniture. 18/10/2017
600 New ICT infrastructure in Troms County. 18/10/2017
601 Toner acquisition and inkjet cartridges agreement. 18/10/2017
602 Printing services. 18/10/2017
603 Framework Agreement SAP. 18/10/2017
604 Procurement of motor vehicles - Delivery of lorry roll-off tipper and combi-spreader with snow plow. 18/10/2017
605 Delivery of 2 passenger minibuses. 18/10/2017
606 Schwimmportkomplex Freiberger Platz - LV 2-51 Telecommunication systems. 18/10/2017
607 Supply of Truck and Trailer 18/10/2017
608 Ambulance Boat in the Sunnhordaland basin. 18/10/2017
609 Regional approaches to control the expansion of renewable energies, particularly wind power on land, and for innovative instruments for the promotion of renewable energies. 18/10/2017
610 X-ray computed tomography system. 18/10/2017
611 Provision of protective insulating helmets (with TAG and without) and accessories. 18/10/2017
612 Engineering services for the planning of a passive broadband network infrastructure in the under-served areas (white patches) of the Friesland county. 18/10/2017
613 IDA are seeking a suitable contractor to provide security services (static and mobile patrols) at IDA Clonshaugh Business and Technology Park, Dublin 17. The contract will be for a 3 year period, subject to annual performance review. 18/10/2017
614 Composition and manufacture of tax stamps and fine stamps. 18/10/2017
615 Providing service and material support for print solutions. 18/10/2017
616 Supply of an emergency service vehicle HLF 20. 18/10/2017
617 Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs - Waste Water Systems. 18/10/2017
618 Wastewater Treatment Plant Luthe - sewage sludge processing. 18/10/2017
619 Open procedure for the supply, commissioning and maintenance of mobile X-ray scanners installed on or integrated in a vehicle and intended to scan luggage and packages. 18/10/2017
620 Initial supply and replacement after each container removal to store the waste and identification labels for the containers. 18/10/2017
621 Print and Design Framework. 18/10/2017
622 Purchase of buses for urban transport in Nevers Agglomération. 18/10/2017
623 Delivery of a ride-on mower and four hand lawn mowers 18/10/2017
624 Provision of standardization support and editing in the areas of information systems security and cyber security 18/10/2017
625 Field footwear. 17/10/2017
626 Conversion of VST Dortmund (VP 14.1 - Public address systems & VP 14.2 - PBX). 17/10/2017
627 Tender for the Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Airport Baggage Screening Equipment. 17/10/2017
628 Alarm systems, fire alarm systems. 17/10/2017
629 Printing and delivery of personalized accompaniment checks for the Laval CCAS. 17/10/2017
630 Hospital beds. 17/10/2017
631 Purchase and printing of promotional items and advertising stands and systems. 17/10/2017
632 Replacement procurement Fire fighting vehicle LF 10 4 wheel drive. 17/10/2017
633 Purchase of notebooks, docking stations, notebook printing bags and external hard disks. 17/10/2017
634 1 fire fighting vehicle LF 20 to DIN 14 530-11. 17/10/2017
635 Airport security services. 17/10/2017
636 Service of maintenance of the systems of video surveillance, access control and anti-intrusion in premises of Metro de Madrid. 17/10/2017
637 New buses for public transport of persons, through operational leasing system. 17/10/2017
638 1 / DLII5 / HV352 - Various excavators and accessories. 17/10/2017
639 Supply of Lightweight Mobile X-Ray Equipment. 17/10/2017
640 Noise barriers in the course of A33.7.1 - 1.BA (Patthorster Str. To L782). 17/10/2017
641 Purchase of all-in-ones and laser printers. 17/10/2017
642 Supply of 12 low-floor and hybrid city buses - TCC02 / 2017 file. 17/10/2017
643 Technical support services, corrective maintenance, project management and evolutionary development of the integrated system of management of primary health care activity (SIGAP). 17/10/2017
644 Beds II. 17/10/2017
645 81216021-e-waste Ghana-Lot 3: Enhancing capacities of informal sector stakeholders-payment system for e-waste recovery. 17/10/2017
646 Term Contract Intelligent Transport Systems Maintenance and Installations. 17/10/2017
647 102 Frame for recording ticket machines in B80 vehicles. 17/10/2017
648 Supply and maintenance of new excavators. 17/10/2017
649 Updating the business intelligence system. 17/10/2017
650 17040th Annual Markets for Traffic Management and Road Safety. 17/10/2017
651 T-shirt short sleeves. 17/10/2017
652 Auditing Services 2017. 17/10/2017
653 Acquisition, implementation and maintenance of toll collecting system at Great Belt Bridge. 17/10/2017
654 Snow removal services will be provided on the county roads from the administration of the Vrancea County Council during the winter 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, in order to diminish the effects caused by the snow falls, fighting the lunecus on the county roads, ensuring the development of the traffic in safe conditions and eliminating cases of isolation due to snowflakes. 17/10/2017
655 Supply and commissioning of pallet control equipment by X-ray. 17/10/2017
656 Audit services Klippans kommun 2017. 17/10/2017
657 Book printing services for the LL publishers publishing. 17/10/2017
658 Photogravure and printing of the newspaper "Le Mans Notre Ville" - "Le Mans Métropole" and its supplements - year 2018 renewable in 2019, 2020 and 2021. 17/10/2017
659 2017-119 Printing services and printed matter. 17/10/2017
660 Purchase of a crawler electric excavator 17/10/2017
661 Provision of services for cutting - sewing of police personnel uniforms. 17/10/2017
662 Obtaining an emergency service vehicle 20 (HLF 20). 17/10/2017
663 A baggage protection inspection system 17/10/2017
664 Front boom - Mower (beater) 17/10/2017
665 Buying weapons and drying cabinets. 16/10/2017
666 An emergency service vehicle (chassis and superstructure, set-up with crew cabin, fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting load) 27 / A2: 2017-06, DIN 14800, DIN EN 1028 and DIN 14000-14999 according to this specification as general contractor. 16/10/2017
667 Spare Parts for the KP2 Leopard Weapon System (BE2BL00000HH493) 16/10/2017
668 Deliveries of brake calipers after overhaul at the same time by the Ordering Party in the context of the delivery of the same type of complete brake calipers damaged for buses. 16/10/2017
669 Acquisition of internal bulletproof vests and high protection bulletproof vests for the Guardia Civil. 16/10/2017
670 Power transformer 31.5 MVA. 132 / 18.3 / 22 kV. Post of St. Croix TR2. 16/10/2017
671 Provision of printing computer supplies, office supplies, photocopier paper, photocopier consumables, which will include repair and maintenance services, and printing material for the various municipal services, through 5 lots. 16/10/2017
672 Printing and inserting services. 16/10/2017
673 Printer. 16/10/2017
674 Special clothing and accessories to protect against the risk of exposure to biological or chemical agents. 16/10/2017
675 Security cameras. 16/10/2017
676 Delivery of a bus for the needs of Maritime Border Guard. 16/10/2017
677 Support and maintenance of Sap Business Suite components and licenses. 16/10/2017
678 The pyrotechnic robot with additional equipment adapted for CBRN (chemical, biological, radioactive) hazards and RTG equipment. Detailed description of the object of the agreement is included in Appendix No. 1 to SIWZ. 16/10/2017
679 Providing services for the winter maintenance of provincial roads in the season: 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020 in the Podkarpackie Voivodship - WAWO Jasło 12 tasks - II task No. 9. 16/10/2017
680 Design and construction of the switchgear ul. Shaft of ul. Reymont in Jastrzebie-Zdroj. 16/10/2017
681 Public invitation to tender for the purchase of bulletproof vests / knives and their accessories as well as "Unimatos" covers. 16/10/2017
682 Procurement of drone services for project E39 Rogfast. 16/10/2017
683 Providing printing, copying and scanning of paper documents, providing all-in-one devices, network printers and servers and software necessary for order fulfillment. 16/10/2017
684 Supply of printers and multifunctional devices to common courts of the Cracow Appellate District. 16/10/2017
685 Export and processing of municipal sludge with code 19 08 05 from Tychy Sewage Treatment Plant - Urbanowice. 16/10/2017
686 Racing gun cartridges 16/10/2017
687 PV plants high consumption. 16/10/2017
688 Open procedure for relying on "Fortinet Equipment for Perimeter Security Infrastructure". 16/10/2017
689 Network infrastructure software support. 16/10/2017
690 RV ERP III – Systementwicklungsprozess. 16/10/2017
691 Framework agreements has purchase orders for printing and screen printing. 16/10/2017
692 RV ERP III - Technical Operational Support. 16/10/2017
693 Printing, printing and distribution of the Official Gazette of the Saarland, Part I and II. 16/10/2017
694 Acquisition and integral maintenance of SAP licenses. 16/10/2017
695 Sale contract for the purchase of tractors and loading machines. 16/10/2017
696 Supply of Thermal Imaging Cameras. 16/10/2017
697 Purchase of multi-purpose buses through a sales contract. 16/10/2017
698 Supply contract for delivery and installation of a Doppler radar in Polarimeter C band. 16/10/2017
699 Medical furniture type medical furniture. 16/10/2017
700 Waste Management Services Hameenlinna Service Unit. 16/10/2017
701 The National Development Finance Agency (NDFA) is seeking tenders for the provision of Technical Advisory Services in four (4) Lots: Civil & Structural, Mechanical & Electrical, Quantity Surveying and PSDP, in respect of the Hammond Lane Courts PPP Project to be procured and delivered by NDFA. 16/10/2017
702 Delivery of waste collecting vehicles in 3 lots. 16/10/2017
703 A public order for the delivery of a fire truck with a swiveling ladder with a flexible ladder. 16/10/2017
704 Installation of the MFE SS Veno Pilon 1 solar power plant at the student home and solar power plant MFE SS Veno Pilon 2 at the school building - Cesta 5. Maja 12, SI-5270 Ajdovščina. 16/10/2017
705 10 000 full flame retardants for firefighters. 16/10/2017
706 Tyristrand Church, new stationary fire extinguishing and warning system — Revised competition. 16/10/2017
707 EHDC — Local External Audit Services. 16/10/2017
708 Provision of Public Address, Staging and Lighting Equipment. 16/10/2017
709 Tactical light bullets for a machine gun. 16/10/2017
710 Toner cartridges. 16/10/2017
711 Telecommunication services BUT 2017. 16/10/2017
712 Purchase of 6 pieces. refuse trucks with compressor crates. 16/10/2017
713 Police uniform clothing. 16/10/2017
714 Lot 1 — Printing and Issuing of Postal Voting Packs and Printing of Ordinary and Tendered Ballot Papers. 16/10/2017
715 The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania for the promotion of innovation and the provision of innovation advisory and innovation support services, procurement of services for the assessment of progress. 16/10/2017
716 Town wages, economic enterprises wages, disposal of the sewage sludge on the sewage treatment plant wages in the period from 1.1.2018 to 31.12.2019. 16/10/2017
717 Printing, shaping and delivery of documents for the needs of the city of Aix-en-Provence. 16/10/2017
718 Supply of paper for specific printing works. 16/10/2017
719 Small toothed machines / delivery order. 16/10/2017
720 Acquisition of personalized accompaniment checks and gift certificates for the Dieppe and Neuville-les-Dieppe CCAS. 16/10/2017
721 Supply of a metallizing furnace. 16/10/2017
722 Supply of service and intervention clothing (Tsi) for firefighters in the North. 16/10/2017
723 Wear gloves VNOG. 16/10/2017
724 Supply of a new or recent haulm tractor 16/10/2017
725 Delivery of buses and services thereof. 16/10/2017
726 Issuance and distribution of pre-financed universal service checks (CESU) and restaurant vouchers. 16/10/2017
727 Reconstruction of luggage sorting in Terminal 1 and 2 and replacement of EDS equipment. 16/10/2017
728 Cuxhaven sewage treatment plant: sewage sludge treatment 16/10/2017
729 Supply and delivery of restaurant vouchers for agents of L Ars AUVERGNE-RHONE-ALPES. 16/10/2017
730 Snow removal, salting and graveling of departmental roads (3 lots). 16/10/2017
731 7200063955 Used Fire engines and boats for Ukraine. 16/10/2017
732 Construction of sanitary sewer system of Podmeja-Cerje-Grimalda - waste water treatment plant 50 + 50 ES). 16/10/2017
733 IC monocular night vision / targeting device 16/10/2017
734 Delivery of 2 fire engines with turntable. 15/10/2017
735 Operation and maintenance of street lighting. 15/10/2017
736 Provision of products, services and services for the perimeter security of the information network for the CHRU of Besançon. 14/10/2017
737 The Defence Clothing Team, which forms part of Leidos Supply Ltd is considering the potential requirement for the provision of Knitted Protective Gloves over a 4 year period. 13/10/2017
738 Minibus 2018. 13/10/2017
739 Printing of examination papers and electronic processing of handwritten examination answers. 13/10/2017
740 50/2017 - Waterless offset printing equipment for polymer films. 13/10/2017
741 N03, 080342, TUBO TUSI, Bozbergtunnel Elevation of tunnel safety / lot 015 Monitoring system: Fire detection system Tunnel. 13/10/2017
742 Supply and delivery of restaurant vouchers for the CCAS agents of Vitrolles 13/10/2017
743 Public contract for the supply of envelopes and printed matter. 13/10/2017
744 Supply of labels, ribbons and identification bands. 13/10/2017
745 Maintenance and supply of emergency fire-fighting equipment for the town of Fos-sur-Mer. 13/10/2017
746 Market for telecommunications services. 13/10/2017
747 Snow removal services. 13/10/2017
748 Print Output Management. 13/10/2017
749 Supply, installation and maintenance of medical beds with options and accessories. 13/10/2017
750 Acquisition, implementation, support and maintenance of human resources management software. 13/10/2017
751 Supply of lamps for street lighting. 13/10/2017
752 Design and assembly of tactile picture books. 13/10/2017
753 IBTS/018/2017 - Development, Hosting, Support and Maintenance of an Occupational Health and Safety 13/10/2017
754 Purchase of pumps, wastewater treatment plants, automation systems 13/10/2017
755 Acquisition 96 VN binoculars for AMP driving. 13/10/2017
756 Equipment and software for monitoring and unification of marine traffic reporting systems and MSW system redundancy, communication and backup. 13/10/2017
757 Services Framework for provision of Financial Management IT Systems 13/10/2017
758 YPO — 000815 Waste Management Solution for YPO (Internal). 13/10/2017
759 Police equipment for rescue. 13/10/2017
760 Buying X-rays. 13/10/2017
761 Special Purpose Vehicle for the Military Law Enforcement Service or equivalent to perform the functions of a mobile checkpoint with increased passage 13/10/2017
762 IT services for SAP Netweaver applications. 13/10/2017
763 Maintenance and control of dynamic equipment for three-color signaling, stations (HT). street lighting and access control. 13/10/2017
764 Framework contract for mobile digital X-ray machines. 13/10/2017
765 Pt / Sm-17m167ao-Acquisition of 2 semi-trailers. 13/10/2017
766 Bag conveyor system Container conveyor technology VE1002. 13/10/2017
767 The subject of the contract is to update the data base data for the geographic information system (ZBGIS) directly on the field, to process the results of the local inquiry in the binding data model and the required quality and to supply the updated ZBGIS data. 13/10/2017
768 Supply and installation of heating equipment in the building of the Croatian Employment Service Slavonski Brod Branch Office 13/10/2017
770 Acquisition of interception devices for four-wheeled motor vehicles for the national gendarmerie and the national police. 12/10/2017
771 Disposal of sewage sludge from the sewage treatment plant Frankfurt (Oder). 12/10/2017
772 AWV Northern Liebochtal, BA 100 -105, digital circuit breaker, surveying and check-up of chess. 12/10/2017
773 Study on the IP implications of the development of industrial 3D printing. 12/10/2017
774 Creation, construction and delivery of a fire engine. 12/10/2017
775 Sewage treatment plant Hannover-Herrenhausen Renewal of sludge treatment Construction phase 1. 12/10/2017
776 Delivery, rental and maintenance of printing and copying systems in the Landratsamt München and the local schools. 12/10/2017
777 Purchase and delivery of two new block transformers for ESP Jewel. 12/10/2017
778 Book Printing Service for WIMIR - KC-zp.272-431 / 17. 12/10/2017
779 Buy low floor buses. 12/10/2017
780 Graphic design, composition, printing of the publication of the Regional Policy Department of the Marshal Office of the Malopolska Region. 12/10/2017
781 Delivery of portable TETRA radiocommunications. 12/10/2017
782 Delivery of 3D printer including accessories and consumables. 12/10/2017
783 Reduction of VOC emission from printing machines by regenerative thermal oxidation. 12/10/2017
784 Procurement of 3 900 laser printers for the 3 700 Bavarian LOTTO acceptance points. 12/10/2017
785 "Offset" and digital printing and forming services for Cerema. 12/10/2017
786 Supply and Upkeep of Traffic Signs 12/10/2017
787 Purchase of spare parts and subassemblies for military vehicles TBT PIRANHA IIIC 8 12/10/2017
788 "Construction of 110/10 kV Substation Ostrovets Vostochnaya with a 110 kV overhead line in connection with the construction of a nuclear power plant in the Republic of Belarus" 12/10/2017
789 Renewable energy ecological consultancy services framework. 12/10/2017
790 Purchase of spare parts and subassemblies for military vehicles TBT Piranha IIIC 8 * 8. 12/10/2017
791 Realization of the printing works of the Agglomeration Community (flyers, posters, brochures and other communication media). 12/10/2017
792 Snow cleaning services in the administrative territory of Riga. 12/10/2017
793 Statutory audit services. 12/10/2017
794 Supply of Stationery and Printer Consumables. 12/10/2017
795 03 Infrastructure — Server, network, storage — National services. 12/10/2017
796 Framework agreement for the supply, delivery and management of restaurant vouchers for agents of the Louvre-Lens Museum. 12/10/2017
797 Framework agreement for works for the installation of public address systems allowing the implementation of the special safety plans (PPMS) of the colleges of Ille et Vilaine. 12/10/2017
798 Framework agreement for the supply of electromagnetic flowmeters and accessories. 12/10/2017
799 On-demand printing services and related services for the INA. 12/10/2017
800 Framework Agreement Business Intelligence (copy). 12/10/2017
801 Printing works. 12/10/2017
802 Reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant, 12/10/2017
803 Heat exchanging equipment (2 lots) 12/10/2017
804 Manufacture, delivery and maintenance of police boats for the Danube. 12/10/2017
805 Purchase of modular ballistic plate holders with accessories for the benefit of units or services supported by PFAF West. 12/10/2017
806 The right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of electricity meters for the needs of PJSC IDGC of Center (Voronezhenergo branch) (893099) 12/10/2017
807 Document Digitalization System. 12/10/2017
808 Semi-trailer - mukovoz, tank 9648 Sespel (or analog) is new. 12/10/2017
809 Purchase of special "emergency medical care" cars 12/10/2017
810 Printing Services. 12/10/2017
811 X-ray items ,parts and accessories 12/10/2017
812 Procurement of a trolley -GW-L1 Environment for the fire brigade in Wegberg-Rath-Anhoven. 11/10/2017
813 Control of tickets in local public transport vehicles organized by the Municipal Transport Board in Gdańsk together with the collection and enforcement of non-valid driving allowances. 11/10/2017
814 Winter maintenance of roads in the town of Kostrzyn nad Odra. 11/10/2017
815 110 kV-GIS interior switchgear for UW Dürrbachau - planning, delivery and assembly. 11/10/2017
816 Implementation of the central printing system with full service. 11/10/2017
817 Delivery of printing equipment for courts of appeal in Warsaw. 11/10/2017
818 Delivery of large printing equipment for the courts of appeal in Warsaw. 11/10/2017
819 Purchase and installation of the Aerial Observation System on Bell-412 helicopter. 11/10/2017
820 Prevention and control of the slum and snow on the county roads - Galati County, for the winter 2017-2020. 11/10/2017
821 European Procurement Decentralized Printing Supplies. 11/10/2017
822 Internet Cash and Pin Payment. 11/10/2017
823 Delivery of an emergency service vehicle HLF 10 for the voluntary fire brigade St. Goar acc. TR / RLP. 11/10/2017
824 Delivery of single-phase and three-phase static electricity meters for direct measurement". 11/10/2017
825 Reliance on printing services, notification and management of minutes and orders for payment orders related to administrative sanctions ascertained by the Local Police, for positions related to residents in the territory of the Municipality of Milan. 11/10/2017
826 Framework agreement on printing and delivery of posters. 11/10/2017
827 New COS pavilion including JIP and standard beds, Regional Health, as - Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem, oz - project work. 11/10/2017
828 Monitoring of the stability and traffic safety of market halls in Munich (Az. VGST1-2 / SD / 226/17). 11/10/2017
829 Order platform, printing and delivery of business cards 11/10/2017
830 Supply and Delivery of EOD Protection Equipment, EOD Tool Sets, Demolition Kits, Metal Detectors, Magnetometers and Multi-Purpose UXO Detectors to the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine within 90 calendar days after receipt of order 11/10/2017
831 Public Space CCTV Cameras and Associated Equipment 2017. 11/10/2017
832 Supply and Delivery of EOD Protection Equipment, EOD Tool Sets, Demolition Kits, Metal Detectors, Magnetometers and Multi-Purpose UXO Detectors 11/10/2017
833 Acquisition of 16 thermal visor Barret. 11/10/2017
834 Local construction supervision and project control substation Bisamberg u.Ternitz Bautechnik. 11/10/2017
835 RFID-equipment (№ 196/17 NAS-CSI) 11/10/2017
836 Auction in electronic form for the right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of a stationary multi-zone metal detector for the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service "MNPTs narcology DZM" 11/10/2017
837 We seek single provider for the formation of a joint venture company to develop and expand the range of print and related services currently provided by the HDC Document Centre. 11/10/2017
838 Services in repair and maintenance of medical instruments, X-ray, electrodiagnostic and electrotherapeutic equipment 11/10/2017
839 device for reading information from the digital tachograph and driver card (card reader and mobile reader) 11/10/2017
840 Purchase of ambulance car 11/10/2017
841 Purchase of agricultural tractors 11/10/2017
842 Procurement of an emergency service vehicle HLF 20 with loading in 4 lots, with loose chassis and superstructure to be offered together. 10/10/2017
843 Supply framework agreement "Printer toner cartridges and fax machines equipped with DGRFP Brasov and its subordinate structures". 10/10/2017
844 Framework agreement for the supply of ballistic carrier media for the period 2017-2020. 10/10/2017
845 Multi-year framework agreement (7 years) for the procurement of explosives and explosion initiators for the Special Unit Directorate (DSU) and the Ministry of Defense. 10/10/2017
846 Provisions backpack. 10/10/2017
847 Submission: Supply, programming, commissioning and maintenance of 32 (thirty-two) parking ticket distribution, commissioning, maintenance and collection machines. 10/10/2017
848 Supply and installation of solar collectors and biomass boilers in the commune of Nowodwor. 10/10/2017
849 Construction of the 400 kV Baczyna-Plewiska line. 10/10/2017
850 Service of delivery of goods certificates - ZP / PN - 14/17. 10/10/2017
851 Advisory Services by Facilitators to prospective Producer Organisations. 10/10/2017
852 Supply of Pre-paid debit payment cards. 10/10/2017
853 Services for towing, transporting and parking vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of 3.5 t and over 3.5 t secured by the Police for investigative purposes. 10/10/2017
854 Delivery of gift cards for employees of the National Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled. 10/10/2017
855 Copying and Printing Systems LLH. 10/10/2017
856 Framework agreement on the supply and expansion of approx. 14 pieces of team transport vehicles for the volunteer fire brigades and the road masters of the Ostalbkreis. 10/10/2017
857 Purchase of 6 CAS 20 fire trucks with accessories and 10 CAS 30 fire trucks with accessories. 10/10/2017
858 Track bands for tank T-72M4CZ and chassis for infantry vehicles BVP-1 and BVP-2. 10/10/2017
859 Printing of practical guides for the general public. 10/10/2017
860 Delivery of snow plows. 10/10/2017
861 Rental of industrial vehicles with driver for snow removal services. 10/10/2017
862 Advisory Activity for Feasibility Study, CBA and SUMP Evaluation, and Major Project Support Demands. 10/10/2017
863 Provision of telecommunications services through a public telecommunications cellular network to a GSM and UMTS / LTE licensed GSM operator or equivalent national coverage for the needs of the NSSI. 10/10/2017
864 Purchase of ballistic protection equipment. 10/10/2017
865 Compactor vehicles. 10/10/2017
866 Acquisition of services related to the public procurement contract "Evaluation of progress in meeting performance indicators" - Theme E, financed from the Operational Technical Assistance Program 2014-2020, within the project "Implementation of the evaluation agreement of the partnership agreement 10/10/2017
867 Delivery of wheel loaders. 10/10/2017
868 Delivery of printing equipment to courts of appeal to Białystok. 10/10/2017
869 Procurement of snow raising of country roads and in urban areas, 2017. 10/10/2017
870 Provision of telecommunications services. 10/10/2017
871 Supply and delivery of restaurant vouchers for the staff of the Reunion island tourism. 10/10/2017
872 17serv19 - framework agreement for purchase orders creation of printing and delivery of art catalogs and communication materials on behalf of the Villa Tamaris TPM Art Center - relaunch. 10/10/2017
873 Performance-based training service for the trade sector. 10/10/2017
874 Procurement of four airfield extinguishing vehicles with fire extinguishing arm (6x6). 10/10/2017
875 An open multi-year market (2018-2021) for the rental of a civil aircraft equipped with a rear ramp for Para Drop High Altitude with the possibility of jumps using an automatic opening. 10/10/2017
876 Provision of Waste Management and Minimisation Services. 10/10/2017
877 Provision of rescue equipment for SDIS 05. 10/10/2017
878 Construction of an anaerobic sewage treatment plant at Warburg wastewater treatment plant. 10/10/2017
879 Fire fighting clothing. 10/10/2017
880 Delivery, installation and commissioning of an automated parking information system (parking lots) on a paid basis located on public roads of local importance at the intersection of Varvarskaya Street and Kovalikhinskaya Street in Nizhny Novgorod 10/10/2017
881 "Supply of dry transformers with a capacity of 1000, 1600 kVA for the construction of the power unit No. 1 of the Belarusian NPP" 10/10/2017
882 Provision of services for the creation and distribution (broadcasting) on the television channel of the Moscow Region, as well as in the Internet information videos for the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region 10/10/2017
883 Acquisition of a stationary metal detector of the frame type 10/10/2017
884 Supply of transformer substation equipment. 10/10/2017
885 Obtaining up to 4 low-floor articulated buses in execution SWM / MVG and up to 4 Buszüge in execution SWM / MVG. 09/10/2017
886 Delivery of a fire engine vehicle rescue vehicle DLA (K) 23-12 nB 09/10/2017
887 Reconstruction and extension of wastewater treatment plant in Rawicz. 09/10/2017
888 Powerlifting works of the Gramsci electric substation. 09/10/2017
889 Construction of a new 400 kV power line between Maritza East and Burgas. 09/10/2017
890 PON Metro Metropolitan Cities 2014-2016. Supply n. 42 urban class I buses powered by methane from 11.80 mt to 12.50 mt. 09/10/2017
891 Establishment of telecommunication infrastructure and control center. 09/10/2017
892 Maintenance of the recovery truck M-47 ER3, truck of miners M-60 and vehicle launcher on barge M60 / M47. 09/10/2017
893 Acquisition of 5 heavy vehicles for waste collection - selective collection. 09/10/2017
894 Purchase with delivery of 4 units of new cars with hook devices and winter accessories and 3 pcs of automatic sprinklers and 3 snow plows for MPO Sp. z oo in Cracow. 09/10/2017
895 Digital printing, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of the urbanization and construction of the Epadesa. 09/10/2017
896 "Restoring the functionality and upgrade of three NEXUS stationary thermal imaging systems and building stationary technical surveillance posts with them". 09/10/2017
897 Supplies of printing equipment supplies for the Tax Administration Chamber in Olsztyn and subordinate units of Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodship. 09/10/2017
898 Supply by means of renting, of an Automatic Stairlift Vehicle for the Fire Prevention and Stenciling Service of the City of Fuengirola. 09/10/2017
899 Gift card management services. 09/10/2017
900 Recovering tickets. 09/10/2017
901 Maintenance contract Fire alarm system. 09/10/2017
902 Toner cartridges, ink and miscellaneous supplies (waste toner, drum / drum unit / imaging unit, etc.). 09/10/2017
903 "Choice of operator for printing and delivery of food vouchers for the employees of" Public transport "EAD Varna". 09/10/2017
904 FE 21.0059 / 2017 - Development of a current, real-time-available Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system for the German motorway network. 09/10/2017
905 Telecommunications services of the county council of Yonne 3 lots. 09/10/2017
906 N3G tipper trucks. 09/10/2017
907 Supply of clothing lots and protection materials for the Local Police of Gijon, 2017-2019, with criteria of environmental sustainability and lots subject to reservation of participation (DA 5ª TRLCSP). 09/10/2017
908 Snow clearing on municipal roads and spaces. 09/10/2017
909 "Electricity supply of MAV Zrt. And the traction substations of MAV-HEV Zrt. Under free market January 1, 2018. and 31.12.2018. ". 09/10/2017
910 AOO. Management of the plant waste treatment facility on the Saint-Étienne River. 09/10/2017
911 Printing of the documents of the commune. 09/10/2017
912 Provision of protective vests for Danish police. 09/10/2017
913 Supply of the compactors of the transfer center of Le Havre. 09/10/2017
914 Contract for delivery of pallet scanner. 09/10/2017
915 Supplies and services of horizontal and vertical road signs. 09/10/2017
916 The purpose of the contract is to provide multiservice services for the logistics of buildings managed by the central administration of the economic and financial ministries. 09/10/2017
917 Provision of dematerialized restaurant vouchers for agents of the Department of Haute-Loire. 09/10/2017
918 Maintenance of the Habitat 08 wastewater treatment plants. 09/10/2017
919 Provision of director of performance services. 09/10/2017
920 Client, Printers and Mobiles. 09/10/2017
921 Framework agreement to purchase orders for printing works for the project bubbles. 09/10/2017
922 Delivery of 1 pcs. Service fire fighting vehicle 20 (HLF20) with a fire brigade loading for the municipality Dummerstorf. 09/10/2017
923 Supply and delivery of personalized gift vouchers and vouchers for the Center Communal dAction of Chatenay-Malabry 09/10/2017
924 Operation and maintenance of road lighting installations 2018-2022. 09/10/2017
925 Delivery of low-floor buses and low-floor buses. 09/10/2017
926 Supply, installation, rental, maintenance, recording and management of heat distributors and heat meters, and supply and installation of thermostatic valves. 09/10/2017
927 Service for issuing electronic certificates for SPL-Xdemat. 09/10/2017
928 Certificate and Key Management System (ZKMS). 09/10/2017
929 Production, printing, storage and delivery of budget documents for the Budget Directorate (DB) and the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFiP). 09/10/2017
930 Intruder Alarm Replacement, CCTV Upgrade, Condition Reporting and the associated Maintenance Contracts (including Access Control). 09/10/2017
931 Operation, maintenance and evolution of the Alcatel IP telephony infrastructure. 09/10/2017
932 Special police passenger cars specially for the transport of protected persons. 09/10/2017
933 Purchase of fire-fighting accessories (OMS) 09/10/2017
934 Compilation of a socioeconomic impact assessment of ecosystem recovery + tests for 5 case studies. 09/10/2017
935 Bedford Borough Council (the Council) is undertaking a procurement exercise to appoint a suitably experienced and qualified organisation to provide a specialist enforcement service to Environmental Services 09/10/2017
936 Purchase of dump trucks 09/10/2017
937 Purchase of caterpillar hydraulic excavator in quantity of 1 pc. 09/10/2017
938 Purchase of used special utility vehicle for collection and disposal of municipal waste capacity up to 5m3, 1 pcs. 09/10/2017
939 Procurement of metal detectors for the purpose of performing Mine Action activities of the Croatian Mine Action Center 09/10/2017
940 Equipment and supplies for JOR (x-ray detector) 09/10/2017
941 Medical furniture 09/10/2017
942 Installation of access control and management system 09/10/2017
943 Call for applications for the maintenance of luggage handling facilities at Bastia-Poretta and Calvi-Sainte-Catherine airports. 09/10/2017
944 "Construction of a protective dam with a shore protection site on the Kondoma River in the Kaltan City District of the Kemerovo Region." Adjustment. " 09/10/2017
945 Acquisition of two (2) automatic capillary sequencing systems validated for forensic use, targeting DNA Biology Laboratories of the Genral Police Station of the Scientific Police. 09/10/2017
946 Expansion of the automated process control system for the boiler department of BGPP 09/10/2017
947 Supply of 1kV compact transformer substations 09/10/2017
948 Purchase of automatic gas fire extinguishing system 09/10/2017
949 Supply of 6 low-flow castings. 09/10/2017
950 Power transformers 09/10/2017
951 Relocation in the concession of the service parked parking areas. 08/10/2017
952 Inspection, Test and Maintenance of HV & LV Substation Electrical Distribution Equipment and Feeder Pillars for the Humber Ports. 08/10/2017
953 Procurement of a range of port equipment including Reachstackers, Terminal Tractors, Container Skeleton trailers and Bathtub Trailers. 08/10/2017
954 Purchase of ultrasonic heat meters, heat energy control systems, circulation pumps. 08/10/2017
955 Print and Print, Mail, Convert and Scan Services for Northern Tax Office. 07/10/2017
956 PA Sound System - Supply, install and commission new PA sound system to the Hawk’s Well theatre, Sligo, Ireland 07/10/2017
957 Equipment for automated workplaces to perform functions for taking biometric data processing and issuance of documents-AWS 07/10/2017
958 Machine pistols supply caliber 9 x 19 mm and their peripherals in favor of the National Gendarmerie and the National Police. 06/10/2017
959 Procurement of an HLF 20 for the volunteer fire brigade Wedel. 06/10/2017
960 Delivery of a fire fighting vehicle LF 10 for the Freiwillige Feuerwehr Schuby. 06/10/2017
961 Delivery of 1 piece of electric forklifts and 1 piece of dredging dredge. 06/10/2017
962 Supply of a) stationery and other office materials and b) photocopying and xerographic paper, multiprint paper, plotter and paper machine for the years 2017 and 2018, to meet the needs of the Municipality of Thessaloniki 06/10/2017
963 Delivery of 10 new factory electric, low floor, city buses with traction charging system (Charger) for Urban Transport Ltd. 06/10/2017
964 Winter maintenance of the lane along with the short-term cleaning of the provincial road No. 482 on the section of the border of the city of Lodz-Dobron, km 62 + 290 to km 66 + 313 and km 68 + 721 to km 74 + 553, ie 9,855 km. 06/10/2017
965 Supply of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with integrated X-ray Spectrometer with Energy Dispersion (EDS). 06/10/2017
966 Delivery of X-ray diffractometer with micro-fraction analysis attachment. 06/10/2017
967 Delivery of a stationary and portable XRF scanner. 06/10/2017
968 Delivery of a hyper-visual imaging system and a portable thermal imager with a microbola detector. 06/10/2017
969 Procurement of a fire fighting vehicle HLF 20 for the fire brigade Bad Nenndorf. 06/10/2017
970 Services of printing of communication media. 06/10/2017
971 2017 / 700-03 Framework contract printer (2 lots). 06/10/2017
972 Framework agreement for the production of models, printing and processing of administrative prints intended for the services of the departmental council of Bouches du Rhône. 06/10/2017
973 Acquisition of parts of lateral ballistic plates. 06/10/2017
974 Supply of photocopying paper, stationery and office consumables, toners, inks and other consumables for printers, multifunction machines, fax machines etc. for the needs of the personnel services of PATM, Rodopi, the Education Departments of N. Rodopi and the KEDDY of N. Rodopi for 24 months. 06/10/2017
975 "Winter maintenance and snow recuperation of 321.4 km. fourth-class municipal roads for the winter season 2017/2018 " 06/10/2017
976 Planning and project engineering of switchgear Design and maintenance of fire alarm and gas warning systems by qualified personne Set-up and maintenance of intruder alarm systems by qualified personnel 06/10/2017
977 Operation of Chabottes water treatment plant and transfer network. 06/10/2017
978 Replacing a snow groomer at the runway service. 06/10/2017
979 Maintenance, Upgrading and Integration of Business Information Systems of the County of Istria. 06/10/2017
980 Issue and delivery of personalized escort check. 06/10/2017
981 Multifunctional devices as copying and printing systems in the rent and maintenance ratio including full service. 06/10/2017
982 Car Park Management Services. 06/10/2017
983 ZFH-printing services. 06/10/2017
984 Digital & Technology Solutions Professional Level 6 Apprenticeship – Cyber Security Specialism 06/10/2017
985 Purchase of fixed assets equipped with special equipment for cleaning snow and other construction machinery 06/10/2017
986 2 wheel loaders Torsby municipality. 06/10/2017
987 Supply of BTA counting boxes, PME-PMI cabinets and circuit breakers. 06/10/2017
988 Supply of public distribution transformers, the characteristics of which are in conformity with the European regulation n ° 548/2014. 06/10/2017
991 Performance of works on installation of electricity meters of single-phase multi-tariff 06/10/2017
992 Services for the audit of the annual individual and consolidated accounts of RUE "Production Association Belorusneft" for 2017 06/10/2017
993 Procurement of a new GIS system, Nova GIS. 06/10/2017
994 Identity management system for handling service cards / passport management 06/10/2017
995 Printing of forms, indexes and student identification cards for the needs of the University "St. Cyril and Methodius "in Skopje - Rectorate 06/10/2017
996 Renovation and transformation of Árpád Bridge AVR station cabinet. 06/10/2017
997 manual metal detector 06/10/2017
998 purchase of a metal detector 06/10/2017
999 Purchase and Installation of Two (02) Metal Detectors 06/10/2017
1000 Cleaning service and management of trolleys in the airport of A Coruña. 06/10/2017
1001 Supply of mobile X-ray apparatus of the C-arc type 06/10/2017
1002 Purchase of a truck 06/10/2017
1003 Works for the rehabilitation of the Tirana Durres railway line and construction of a new rail link to Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa 05/10/2017
1004 Supply of ballistic plate chasubles (CPPB) for the internal security forces. 05/10/2017
1005 Supply and installation of a system of non-intrusive inspection of vehicles and containers of the Port of Barcelona. 05/10/2017
1006 Logistics services on behalf of CEA Cadarache in 2 lots: LOT 1: Parcel management, store operation, small handling LOT 2: Mail management. 05/10/2017
1007 Supply of 5 buses with 55 seats; 2 buses between 30-35 seats and 2 minibuses between 18-20 seats. 05/10/2017
1008 Copying and printing systems OFD center. Printing shop. 05/10/2017
1009 Supply of a maximum of 10 new, non-articulated buses with a minimum length of 9400 mm and a maximum of 10800 mm. 05/10/2017
1010 Supply of 2 sweepers. 05/10/2017
1011 Steel pipes D159 and D219 mm. with double-layer polyethylene external coating; 05/10/2017
1012 Open procedure for the conclusion of a Framework Convention for the provision of printing, post-processing, packaging and paper-based printing services for the needs of the Regional Health Service. 05/10/2017
1013 Expansion of the sludge processing node along with the necessary technical infrastructure in the Pomorzany Sewage Treatment Plant. 05/10/2017
1014 Acquisition of vehicles, trucks and gear - Lots o 1 to 20. 05/10/2017
1015 GE 11-17 - Maintenance and Technical Assistance Services on Telecommunication Equipment for 36 Months - CIG: 7183869C3A. 05/10/2017
1016 Logistics coordination for mobile flood protection Cologne. 05/10/2017
1017 Delivery of 12 pieces of medical ambulances of type C with medical equipment for the needs of the Provincial Emergency Service Station in Szczecin. 05/10/2017
1018 Delivery of white A4 paper for printing and copying to the common courts. 05/10/2017
1019 RV Privileged-Identity- & Access-Management-Lösung (PIAM). 05/10/2017
1020 Printing and distribution of calendars for the National Labor Inspectorate. 05/10/2017
1021 Long-term rental of 2 sweepers. 05/10/2017
1022 There will be 2 pcs of 16mc garbage trucks, in financial leasing system for 60 months according to specifications in the specifications. 05/10/2017
1023 The police authority requests in this procurement duel stand for shooting lanes including delivery and assembly. Service and repair of duel sites are also included in the procurement. 05/10/2017
1024 Mechanized sweeping of communal roads and collection of canine faeces (2 lots). 05/10/2017
1025 Supply and installation of a HV / BTB substation for the power supply of the air-conditioning plant at Martinique Aimé Césaire Airport. 05/10/2017
1026 "Winter maintenance, snow removal and sanding of the municipal road network in the municipality of Kirkovo during the winter seasons 2017/2018 and 2018/2019". 05/10/2017
1027 Supply of pistons and bodies for tank T-72M4CZ. 05/10/2017
1028 SYS_364_EU / 17 - Factory maintenance of the system GTK Boxer F88. 05/10/2017
1029 17-00282 Wheeled loader. 05/10/2017
1030 The framework agreement covers the repair work of 2018 on the TPz Fuchs 1A8 system in maintenance 05/10/2017
1031 The framework agreement covers the repair work from 2018 to 2021 on the Fennek Scouting Car in the maintenance 05/10/2017
1032 IU_0571 / 17 Industrial support in the field of HIL workshops, KPz Leopard 2. 05/10/2017
1033 The framework agreement covers the repair work of the ESK Mungo system in the maintenance 05/10/2017
1034 The framework agreement covers the repair work of the ESK Mungo system in the maintenance 05/10/2017
1035 The framework agreement covers the repair service of 2018 on the KPz Leopard 2 A7 system in maintenance 05/10/2017
1036 Purchase of translucent polymer chargers for FAMAS G2 and HK 416 F assault rifles for the benefit of FORFUSCO and the other units or services supported by the PFAF Ouest 05/10/2017
1037 Printing, shaping and routing of the magazine of the Deux-Sevres department. 05/10/2017
1038 Printing of documents and communication tools of the city of Calais. 05/10/2017
1039 Provision of a hosted software solution for ticketing, access control, online sales, and associated services. 05/10/2017
1040 Protection system Special forces, framework agreement. 05/10/2017
1041 Graphic design and printing of all the communication media of the Community of communes of the Island of Ré and the local public company destination Île de Ré. 05/10/2017
1042 "Reconstruction of 110 kV substation" Bilevo "with replacement of 110 kV transformers". 05/10/2017
1043 Request for Tenders for the supply of extension to existing Storage Area Network (SAN) hardware and associated services to the National Treasury Management Agency 05/10/2017
1044 Construction and modernization of the MV and LV power network enabling the connection of electricity generating units from RES in the district of Tarnowskiego, stage 1. Modernization of nN power supply from transformer substation S-525 Buchcice 8 within RPO WM for 2014-2020. 05/10/2017
1045 MogMT №114 / 17-EA "Dental X-ray devices" 05/10/2017
1046 The Provision of Car Park Operation and Management Services. 05/10/2017
1048 Consumables for the Milliport water treatment system 05/10/2017
1049 Provision of microwave RFID (long range) RFID type 1020 and 1090 badges and mounting brackets. 05/10/2017
1050 Legal advisory service for the optimization of the Value Added Tax on Enterprises in the department of Haute-Savoie. 05/10/2017
1051 X-ray Generator for HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is Detection System 05/10/2017
1052 purchase of heat metering devices for hot water and heat regulation systems in residential ITPs 05/10/2017
1054 Delivery of state postal payment stamps (postage stamps) and marked envelopes 05/10/2017
1055 Diesel generator 05/10/2017
1056 Medical furniture 05/10/2017
1057 Medical information registration systems and testing equipment (indicator strips) 05/10/2017
1058 Purchase of vacuum cleaners of type 370P16 ISP.04 and machines of type TSh 05/10/2017
1061 A heavy-duty fire truck with a tank capacity of at least 6.0 cubic meters. 05/10/2017
1062 Multiannual Supply Arrangement for the purchase of two-colored parka and softshell equipment for the benefit of the structured, 2-level integrated police force. 04/10/2017
1063 Waste treatment (1). 04/10/2017
1064 Supply and Maintenance of handheld thermal imagers for the purpose of basic police tasks. 04/10/2017
1065 Buy an EMO X-ray machine. 04/10/2017
1066 Supply of lead-acid batteries to combat vehicles, armored vehicles and wheeled vehicles and traction batteries for handling equipment and military traffic protection. 04/10/2017
1067 Delivery of cartridges 300 AAC Blackout. 04/10/2017
1068 Provision of operator service of the WAN telecommunication network for Polskie Spolka Gazownictwa Sp. Z oo 04/10/2017
1069 Outsourcing of audit services related to the performance of operations audits. 04/10/2017
1070 his public procurement competition is for the supply of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers to be combined with existing tough-books for integration 04/10/2017
1071 Criminal Data Market and Anti-Money Laundering Information Office (PEII) publishing interface software license acquisition, introduction (KOFOP-1.0.0 - VEKOP-15 - 2016 - 00035 / sales contract). 04/10/2017
1072 Printing services. 04/10/2017
1073 Delivery of X-ray equipment. 04/10/2017
1074 1 truck chassis (4x4) for fire-fighting installation / removal 04/10/2017
1075 Printing of books, promotional products and communication. 04/10/2017
1076 Procurement of credit card services. 04/10/2017
1077 Tender for the provision of satellite broadband for NLV Pharos & NLV pole star. 04/10/2017
1078 Assistance fire fighting vehicle HLF 10. 04/10/2017
1079 Printer / copier rental click-price model 2017. 04/10/2017
1080 Development and maintenance of software system and associated support for the administrative and financial follow-up of parking and access rights. 04/10/2017
1081 Framework agreement for delivery, placement and maintenance of cashless parking lots with license plate. 04/10/2017
1082 Extension of the P + R car park of the Neustrie to Bouguenais scheduling, steering and coordination mission. 04/10/2017
1083 Construction of a passive broadband network in parts of the municipalities of Rügen. 04/10/2017
1084 GU-performance car park for approx. 9000 parking spaces. 04/10/2017
1085 100,000 water meter purchasers 04/10/2017
1086 Combined helmet (PP). 04/10/2017
1087 Supply of LV voltage transformers for SAPHIR meter. 04/10/2017
1088 Electricity meters 04/10/2017
1089 Request to Participate: HSI, Overhauls, Repairs and Modifications for PW127G engine and its LRUs, RFQ 4000000901. 04/10/2017
1090 Training market for training of personnel of the SIMU to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. 04/10/2017
1091 Design, installation and commissioning of the fire alarm and warning system 04/10/2017
1092 Injectors for snow blowing machines LENKO ST 5. 04/10/2017
1093 Explosive materials 04/10/2017
1094 Provision of a Counter Unmanned Air System (C-UAS) Capability. 04/10/2017
1095 Supply of a mobile X-ray system with a C-shaped bracket for the state budget public health institution "Samara Regional Clinical Hospital. VD Seredavina 04/10/2017
1096 Transformer 04/10/2017
1097 X-ray diagnostic apparatus for mass screening of the chest 04/10/2017
1098 Delivery of 8 pieces of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) under the basic order and up to 2 unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) as part of the optional order. 04/10/2017
1099 Procurement of materials and equipment for fire alarm systems 04/10/2017
1100 Buying check vouchers for leisure activities 04/10/2017
1101 Supply of complete transformer substations 2KTP in the amount of 13 units. 04/10/2017
1102 Emergency and rescue hydraulic combined equipment type MDC 300 T30 or analogue 04/10/2017
1103 Public contract for telecommunications: mobile telephony, VoIP, Internet including packs, analog lines and secure access to the National Register and the Crossroads Bank for Social Security, as well as the maintenance of the fiber optic network (6 lots) . 03/10/2017
1104 Collection and processing of glass from glass column voluntary drop points. 03/10/2017
1105 Telecommunications services. 03/10/2017
1106 Framework agreement for the purchase, purchase of ITS bus systems for use by the Local Public Transport of the Campania Region. 03/10/2017
1107 Acquisition of new textbooks all support for the nursery and elementary schools of the city of Strasbourg. 03/10/2017
1108 Service maintenance of generators and uninterrupted power supply systems Sai of the Autonomous City of Ceuta. 03/10/2017
1109 Reconstruction of traction substations. 03/10/2017
1110 Supply of Three lorries for the Ministry of Defense. 03/10/2017
1111 Forestry snow removal in central Estonia 2017-2021. 03/10/2017
1112 Purchase of 15 new MAXI buses for public transport and the provision of buses with passenger information and video monitoring systems for both new buses and 2. 03/10/2017
1113 Open procedure, with award criteria for the lowest price for supplying logistic support services and maintenance services to the A109N helicopters supplied to the Guardia di Finanza. 03/10/2017
1114 Development of comprehensive, multi-dimensional design documentation with security analysis for the development and reconstruction of airport infrastructure. 03/10/2017
1115 Reconstruction of the secondary sludge node in the Sewage Treatment Plant in Chrzanów Duży. 03/10/2017
1116 Winter maintenance services for provincial roads administered by the Wloclawek WFD in the winter season 2017/2018, divided into 2 parts. 03/10/2017
1117 Costumes and rocks. 03/10/2017
1118 Printing and providing food vouchers. 03/10/2017
1119 Delivery contract for the delivery of 400 and 145 kV circuit breakers 03/10/2017
1120 Supply of UPS. 03/10/2017
1121 KFP-504/2016 - Criminal Data Market and Anti-Money Laundering Information Office (PEII) Publication Area. 03/10/2017
1122 Tickets services and gift vouchers. 03/10/2017
1123 Open procedure for the environmental printing of programs relating to opera productions. 03/10/2017
1124 Fire fighting vehicle LF 20 KatS. 03/10/2017
1125 Publishing, printing and distribution of a municipal news magazine and an information brochure. 03/10/2017
1126 "Delivery of food vouchers for the implementation of preventive meals and milk for employees of SRK SA, KWK" Krupinski "branch in Suszc." 03/10/2017
1127 Issuance, supply and delivery of catering vouchers for the departmental fire and rescue department of Haut-Rhin. 03/10/2017
1128 Motorway toll payment in France using electronic toll payment badges. 03/10/2017
1129 Modernization and electrification of the railway line Zaprešić - Zabok 03/10/2017
1130 Irish rail requires the supply of safety glass for its fleets of passenger vehicles. 03/10/2017
1131 Digital protection devices for substations and switchgear. 03/10/2017
1132 Audit Services. 03/10/2017
1133 Framework Agreement for Purchase Orders for the provision of studies and project management for the wastewater and stormwater treatment works of the CABT. 03/10/2017
1134 DC7014GE - preventive and corrective maintenance of fire alarm and smoke extraction systems on the heritage of the city, the Notre-Dame and the eurométropole in Strasbourg. 03/10/2017
1135 Supply and delivery to the departmental park of wear parts made of rubber, nylon or the like for snow removal equipment and for vehicles and public works vehicles. 03/10/2017
1136 Self-propelled compact vacuum sweeper 03/10/2017
1137 Construction of a warning flood warning system for the municipalities of Tichá and Kuncice pod Ondřejníkem. 03/10/2017
1138 Complete switchgears of the internal installation - 2 sets. 03/10/2017
1139 Vacuum Road Sweeper Vehicle 03/10/2017
1140 Maintenance and repair taking into account replacement of spare parts and consumables of diesel generator set (DGS) - AD-125S-T400 03/10/2017
1141 Repair Services for X-ray Vision 03/10/2017
1142 Toners, ribbons, cartridges and ID cards 03/10/2017
1143 Review/Documentation for Business Process and Internal Control 03/10/2017
1144 Supply of consumables for the 43 Military Sector in Świętoszów and supply units. 03/10/2017
1145 Purchase of a set of medical furniture 03/10/2017
1146 Supply of medical equipment and medical furniture for Central Sterilizer. 03/10/2017
1147 Maintenance, repair and new installations of the semaphore network, the access control systems and the sensor network of the city of Tarragona. 03/10/2017
1148 Garbage truck 03/10/2017
1149 Installation, assembly and commissioning of a new medical device: a high-energy linear accelerator in the number of 1, for the Center of Oncology im 03/10/2017
1150 The printer checks the direct thermal printing according to the attached purchase order 03/10/2017
1151 The right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of flow meters 03/10/2017
1152 Supply of frequency converters 03/10/2017
1153 Stabilizer and uninterruptible power supplies 03/10/2017
1154 Webbing belts. 02/10/2017
1155 Mobile Helicopter Refuelling Equipment. 02/10/2017
1156 Open procedure for the concession of the service of management and supervision of the Versilia Hospital parking areas. 02/10/2017
1157 Maintenance and management of tri-colored light-signaling installations and electrical access control terminals in Viry-Châtillon. 02/10/2017
1158 Waste Management Market East Sector. 02/10/2017
1160 Statutory audit and certification of the annual accounts of CSTB EPIC and the consolidated accounts of the CSTB group. 02/10/2017
1161 Rental and maintenance of digital printing systems. 02/10/2017
1162 Tramway T1 from Bobigny to Val-De-Fontenay - works to improve the public spaces of the tramway line T1 02/10/2017
1163 Public regional market for guarding services, surveillance, filtering and access control of the courts of the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal. 02/10/2017
1164 Natural gas installation for Pomorzany Waste Water Treatment Plant. 02/10/2017
1165 Mobile Helicopter Refuelling Equipment. 02/10/2017
1166 Direct physical security service provided by Specialized Defense Forces (SUFO) in units and institutions on the supply of 15 Military Economic Branches in Szczecin. 02/10/2017
1167 Snow removal on RMK forest roads. 02/10/2017
1168 It concerns the supply and installation of traffic control system of the pedestrian zones of the city center of Larissa. 02/10/2017
1169 Delivery of uniformed and outfitted items in 2017 (tankers tunic, winter clothing, tankers workshop with napkin). 02/10/2017
1170 Supply of MV / LV oil distribution transformers. 02/10/2017
1171 Joint procurement of two emergency service vehicles (HLF20) for FF Marktredwitz and FF Weißenstadt according to DIN 14530 part 27 (version Nov. 2011). 02/10/2017
1172 Telecommunications service - voice and data - both fixed and mobile of the City of Cerdanyola del Vallès. 02/10/2017
1173 Framework agreement for the execution of mechanical revision work on the flue gas, flue gas after- and waste water purification plants in the generating plants of Wien Energie GmbH. 02/10/2017
1174 Cleaning the city in terms of: "Winter cleaning of road surfaces in the streets of Opole". 02/10/2017
1175 Winter maintenance of provincial roads in the Lower Silesian Road and Railways Service in Wroclaw in the years 2017-2020 with a division into tasks. 02/10/2017
1176 Acquisition of books for the needs of the Media Library and neighborhood libraries. 02/10/2017
1177 Purchase agreement "Acquisition of 2020 gun technology materials - LLM-01 Laser Light Module". 02/10/2017
1178 "Construction of an Automated Surveillance System (ACH) at the Bulgarian-Serbian Border". 02/10/2017
1179 Purchase 3 emergency ambulances. 02/10/2017
1180 Measured Term Contract for installation and repairs of Fire & Intruder Alarms at various BCC sites. 02/10/2017
1181 Purchase of medical equipment - ultrasound, x-ray, videobronchoscope with intra-bronchial ultrasound. 02/10/2017
1182 Supply of Handheld gun guns. 02/10/2017
1183 Modernization and integration into SCADA in 110/20 kV Patarlagele, Buzau county 02/10/2017
1184 Market for the supply and delivery of gift certificates for agents of the departmental council of Haute-Vienne. 02/10/2017
1185 Provision of meals in the form of meal vouchers for the UMB and its components. 02/10/2017
1186 Delivery of a 16 to waste collection vehicle in 2 lots. 02/10/2017
1187 Composition, printing, shaping, assembly and delivery of various works for the services of the Prime Minister and supplies necessary for these works (envelopes, pouches, papers). 02/10/2017
1188 The purpose of this contract is the delivery of ammunition to hand firearms - shells of shotguns (caliber cartridges 12/70 single lead shot 32 g - 40,000 pieces 02/10/2017
1189 Catering for meals in the form of meal vouchers for the UMB and its components 02/10/2017
1190 Execution of design and survey works on the project: "Overhaul with the modernization of the elements of the automatic fire alarm and fire alarm system 02/10/2017
1191 - autonomous power supply for aircraft 90-100 kVA-9 pieces; - autonomous power source for 120 kVA-9 aircraft; - electric generator with illumination tower -10 pcs; - Aircraft and aviation engine-1 cpl engine washing equipment; - mobile trailer heater - 4 cpl. 02/10/2017
1192 Maintenance and maintenance Fire alarm systems BMA. 02/10/2017
1193 CBC-0777-T-TS Cashless Parking. 02/10/2017
1194 Transformer and Associated Switchgear. 02/10/2017
1195 Supply and delivery of personal vehicles for Croat war veterans from the Homeland War with damage to the 100% I group organism 02/10/2017
1196 Military Messaging Handling System (MMHS). 02/10/2017
1197 Procurement of framework agreements for delivery and testing of cold water meters. 02/10/2017
1198 Acquisition of a software solution embedded in SAP for invoice processing with SAP external workflow component. 02/10/2017
1199 Digital technology for night surveillance in regular accommodation. 02/10/2017
1200 Procurement, introduction, maintenance and maintenance of an ERP system. 02/10/2017
1201 Screen and safety glasses. 02/10/2017
1202 Application for Participation - HN Vehicle Self-Tracking Cartridges, 4000000888. 02/10/2017
1203 Delivery of a set-up truck for the fire brigade Schneverdingen. 02/10/2017
1204 Accumulators for use in fire alarm control panels 02/10/2017
1205 Purchase of warning and loud-speaker systems 02/10/2017
1206 thermal imaging device (monocular) 02/10/2017
1207 Catering for meals in the form of meal vouchers for the UMB and its components 02/10/2017
1208 Delivery of arched metal detectors 02/10/2017
1209 Provision of industrial communications IP links for production sites. 02/10/2017
1210 Supply and delivery of Solar Panel with battery back up and 12V battery 02/10/2017
1211 Framework Agreement has order forms for the supply of meters and equipment for the radioreleve for the drinking water service of the Board. 02/10/2017
1212 Implementation of works on the development of a subsystem for maintaining normative reference information of the state integrated public finance management information system "Electronic Budget" 02/10/2017
1213 Upgrade and modify of existing components of the Security System at the Regional Headquarter (RHQ) in Mitrovica 1. Perimeter Intrusion Detection System 2. Vehicle Access Control System 4. CCTV Surveillance System 5. Fire Detection System 6. Building Intrusion Detection System 8. Public announcement system PA 2. Construction of bi-folding gate and bulletproof door and windows in reception building 02/10/2017
1214 Implementation of works on the development of a subsystem for maintaining normative reference information of the state integrated public finance management information system "Electronic Budget" 02/10/2017
1215 Garbage truck with back loading 02/10/2017
1216 Supply with IP Telephones and Related Equipment 02/10/2017
1217 Supply with fire extinguishers 02/10/2017
1218 Purchase of ambulance car 02/10/2017
1219 Manufacture and supply of 10 special-purpose vehicles (PersTrsp variant) as well as a further 30 specially protected commercial vehicles as options (variants: PersTrsp (26 pieces), SanKfz (4 pieces)). 02/10/2017
1220 Supply of power transformers 02/10/2017
1221 HV Transformer Control & Regulator System 02/10/2017
1222 Construction of 6 / 0.4 kV transformer substation, 6 kV cable line from Distribution Substation-3 to Novaya TP, KL 0 , 4 kV from the TP ... 02/10/2017
1223 Video surveillance system 02/10/2017
1224 The overload of trucks manufactured by JSC "MAZ" on the route of Minsk - Olsha village (RF) 02/10/2017
1225 Power transformers with installation work for HOPS needs 02/10/2017
1226 Supply of heat stabilizers 02/10/2017
1227 Medical (laboratory) furniture 02/10/2017
1228 Delivery of postage stamps and stamped envelopes 02/10/2017
1229 Universal water meter SGV-15 MZ 02/10/2017
1230 №65385-2017-EA Supply and installation of an arched (stationary) metal detector and delivery of a manual metal detector for the Administration of the city of Chelyabinsk 02/10/2017
1231 For the provision of services for the production of identity cards and badges of peoples volunteers 02/10/2017
1232 Supply of fire fighting clothing in the kit and fire protective footwear 02/10/2017
1233 Supply of fire fighting clothing and helmet-helmet firefighter 02/10/2017
1234 Supply of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for the telephone exchange and its accessories 02/10/2017
1235 Holographic stickers VeV-VA 02/10/2017
1236 Feasibility Study - Challenge # 10 Cyber Security 02/10/2017
1237 Dump truck 01/10/2017
1238 Supply, installation and maintenance of the surveillance camera system at CRC - Lotus II 01/10/2017
1239 Refueling domestic airports. 30/09/2017
1240 Framework agreement — 120 mm practice ammunition. 30/09/2017
1241 Replacement procurement in the Vehicle Inventory Office 37, delivery of 2 units of emergency service vehicles (HLF 20). 30/09/2017
1242 Preventive and adaptive maintenance of the document management system 30/09/2017
1243 Coal alarm - Monitoring. 30/09/2017
1244 Aircraft Wrap-Around Maintenance Staging (WAMS). 30/09/2017
1245 Toners and other printing materials 30/09/2017
1246 Garbage truck with rear loading on the basis of MAZ 5904С-010 or equivalent. 30/09/2017
1247 Supply of garbage and vehicle maintenance materials 30/09/2017
1248 Supply B52 Njoft.NEN.KON.ID KARTELAVE.doc printer ID 30/09/2017
1249 CCTV system with mounting on a composite antenna mast 30/09/2017
1250 Securing and Managing the Book Fund and Transnational Services by Using RFID Technology 30/09/2017
1251 Prior information notice for Crown Commercial Service (CCS), as the Contracting Authority, intends to invite tenders for the supply of Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AM&T) Services and Energy Management Software for all utilities (including but not limited to gas, electricity, water, liquid fuels). 29/09/2017
1252 Framework agreement for the supply of patrol duty shoes for the police forces of the states of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. 29/09/2017
1253 Supply and replacement of water meters. 29/09/2017
1254 Hybrid large format UV LED printer. 29/09/2017
1255 Supply, installation, commissioning of briquetting equipment, off-line ticket destruction equipment and additional maintenance services at the Trust Center. 29/09/2017
1256 Purchase of medium-voltage gas and air-insulated corded compact switchgear. 29/09/2017
1257 Writing, design and layout, printing and delivery of the municipal magazine and agenda. 29/09/2017
1258 Supply of HF Pombal Antennas. 29/09/2017
1259 Supply and delivery of Print Books and Standing Orders. 29/09/2017
1260 Gilets_Pare_Balles_Masculins (Bullet-proof vests) 29/09/2017
1261 Fire fighting vehicle LF 10 according to DIN 14530-5. 29/09/2017
1262 Supply of a damped sinusoid generator. 29/09/2017
1263 Purchase of industrial vacuum cleaner 29/09/2017
1264 Acquisition and maintenance of 2 vehicles for the collection of household waste - 2 lots. 29/09/2017
1265 Acquisition and maintenance of light medical vehicles for the SMUR of the hospital group South Île-de-France. 29/09/2017
1266 Supply of framework agreement on electricity and forging works, exchange centers District heating plan Horsens. 29/09/2017
1267 Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) and lt 200 gr. 29/09/2017
1268 Supply and maintenance of ticketing software. 29/09/2017
1269 Acquisition of tractors and equipment with a power greater than 50 HP for roads and green spaces. 29/09/2017
1270 LV current transformers. 29/09/2017
1271 Transport and treatment of waste from waste disposal facilities. 29/09/2017
1272 Delivery of a large tanker vehicle GTLF 8000/1000 and a fire truck LF for the OF Altach. 29/09/2017
1273 Delivery of thermovision overlays for night vision for the needs of military policemen. 29/09/2017
1274 Consumables of the Mod-NLD AS532U2-MKII Cougar transport helicopter. 29/09/2017
1275 Mobile App Generator. 29/09/2017
1276 Assistance hoist group vehicle HLF 20. 29/09/2017
1277 Purchase of spare parts for F / A-18 Hornet fighter flight control system servos, 4000000872. 29/09/2017
1278 Aire-la-Ville - Military and civilian logistics center. 29/09/2017
1279 Security Services. 29/09/2017
1280 Fire fighting vehicle LF 10 4WD. 29/09/2017
1281 Supply of winter clothing sets for crew members of the Air Ambulance Service - 2 tasks. 29/09/2017
1282 Foliar fertilizer EPSOMicrotop or equivalent In quantity: 3000 kg. 29/09/2017
1283 Framework contract design and print production. 29/09/2017
1284 Integrated interchange knot in kostrzynie in Warsaw and Ogrodowa Streets with road layout and bicycle path and public transport in Kostrzyn Commune - Purchase of low-emission buses. 29/09/2017
1285 Supply, installation and maintenance of outdoor washing systems and vacuum cleaner terminals for the cleaning of light and light vehicles operated by Nantes métropole. 29/09/2017
1286 Purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner 29/09/2017
1287 ubscription Maintenance of Buildings, Electric Installations and Equipment, Heating Systems, Water Supply and Sewerage Installations of the Military Medical Academy" 29/09/2017
1288 AMO for strategic coordination and the OPC Inter-Chantiers of railway projects and urban development interfaces on the Boulevard de La Défense / Groues in Nanterre. 29/09/2017
1289 Modernization of the sediment economy on sewage treatment plant in Cielcza near Jarocin - design, construction and maintenance. 29/09/2017
1290 Realization of printing, personalization of checkbooks leisure and management of the device to help leisure. 29/09/2017
1291 Printing, Supply and Distribution of Personalised prescriptions/claim forms, Non-personalised claim forms and Itemised Listings for the HSE. 29/09/2017
1292 P2 Maintenance for Puma Mk2 Helicopter. 29/09/2017
1293 Acquisition of prepaid cards for the clothing of agents of the protocol service of the Regional Council Provence-Alpes-Cote d Azur. 29/09/2017
1294 Fuel Supply Framework Agreement Jet A1 airports Arad and Craiova. 29/09/2017
1295 Provision of a leased single engine piston high wing aircraft. 29/09/2017
1296 Market printing routing. 29/09/2017
1297 Exchange of photovoltaic thin-film modules in the photovoltaic free-field system IRT Föhren. 29/09/2017
1298 Framework contract for the purchase of patrol cars and emergency vehicles for the state police in Schleswig-Holstein. 29/09/2017
1299 Weather protection fire brigade. 29/09/2017
1300 Card Personalization System Partial Maintenance, Repair and Technical Support Services 29/09/2017
1301 Signalization Systems Material Purchase Job 29/09/2017
1302 The procurement relates to framework agreements for consultancy support for information and cyber security exercises. 29/09/2017
1303 Delivery of high-temperature muffle furnace NT 40/18 / P470 NABERTHERM or equivalent. 29/09/2017
1305 Supply of standard low floor buses and fuel cell electric motorization. 29/09/2017
1306 Refurbishment of the existing heating system and mechanical plant room 29/09/2017
1307 Request for Tenders for the provision of Consultancy Services to Assess Options and Develop a Business Case for the Feasibility of a new Business Innovation Hub in Swords, Fingal 29/09/2017
1308 Performance of works on automation of operation of deaerators DS-100 29/09/2017
1309 A choice of the contractor for performance of installation and commissioning works on object "the Fire alarm system of a building of the central factory laboratory" 29/09/2017
1310 Delivery of metal detectors 29/09/2017
1311 Infrastructure Upgrade Works - Road Network and Infrastructure Upgrade Works at Castletownbere FHC 29/09/2017
1312 Equipment for the automated system of biometric identification of persons 29/09/2017
1313 Purchase of traffic signs 29/09/2017
1314 Request for Tenders for the Provision of Environmental Consultancy Services in Cork and the Provision of a Framework Agreement for Environmental Consultancy Services. 29/09/2017
1315 Provision of telecommunication services in buildings and premises intended for exercising the powers of the Head of the Chechen Republic 29/09/2017
1316 Right to enter into an Agreement for the overhaul of 110 kV power transformers of the branch of PJSC "MRSK Yuga- Rostovenergo" in 2018 29/09/2017
1317 Delivery of sweeper-sweeper 29/09/2017
1318 High-voltage voltage converter 29/09/2017
1319 Supply of a tractor complete with attachments for the needs of SMUP "Gorvodokanal" 29/09/2017
1320 Purchase of Funke heat exchangers of the type BCF 8 "4-weg, used in the composition of the hydro unit PR350 29/09/2017
1321 BelMT №659 / 17-PEA "Automatic injector of X-ray contrast substance" 29/09/2017
1322 Delivery of camouflage bulletproof vests - basic order in the number of 1500, optional order in the number of up to 200 pieces. 29/09/2017
1323 Delivery of universal water meters DN 15 without overdrive 29/09/2017
1324 Members of the electoral boards and electoral material for the local elections 29/09/2017
1325 Supply of heat meter 29/09/2017
1326 Replacement of electric meters and electric current transformers 29/09/2017
1327 purchase of a transformer 29/09/2017
1328 Boat trailer 29/09/2017
1329 Delivery of the gas meter BK-G10 with the corrector TS220 for the needs of the Sarpinsky District Court of the Republic of Kalmykia. 29/09/2017
1330 Acquisition and installation of metal detectors, turnstiles for district (city) vessels of the Lipetsk region. 29/09/2017
1331 Acquisition of postage stamps and postal envelopes with the letter "A" for the needs of the Administration of the Neklinovsky District 29/09/2017
1332 Reagent for flushing of plate heat exchangers 29/09/2017
1333 Supply of a metal detector. 29/09/2017
1334 LOT NO. 1: body armor flexible type, up to 850 000 EUR (including VAT); LOT NO. 2: bulletproof vests sottocamicia type, up to 320 000 EUR (including VAT). 28/09/2017
1335 Procurement of a small-sized retreading vehicle. 28/09/2017
1336 Delivery of 9 new low-emission, low-emission ecological low-emission buses destined for public transport in MPK Spółka z oo in Tarnów. 28/09/2017
1337 Delivery of a fire fighting vehicle LF 10 4WD. 28/09/2017
1338 Delivery of a fire fighting vehicle LF10 according to DIN 14 530-5: 2011-11 and DIN EN 1846. 28/09/2017
1339 The main contract for renovating and extending the Haponniemi sewage treatment plant in Vakka-Suomen Vesi. 28/09/2017
1340 Procurement of a fire fighting vehicle LF 10. 28/09/2017
1341 External Audit Services. 28/09/2017
1342 Forestry snow cover in Virumaa 2017-2021. 28/09/2017
1343 Wastewater Treatment Plant Herbertingen - Mobile Sewage Sludge Treatment and Thermal Recovery. 28/09/2017
1344 Oral health care information system. 28/09/2017
1345 Uniforms Army for self- and part-bodied coats, RV. 28/09/2017
1346 Supply of ink cartridges and toner for the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald. 28/09/2017
1347 Supply and installation of photovoltaic systems and biomass boilers in the Trawniki Commune. 28/09/2017
1348 Delivery of digital X-ray for bone pictures together with the necessary equipment and room adaptation. 28/09/2017
1349 Different paper special printing (DCE download free on https://profilacheteur.meuse.fr ) 28/09/2017
1350 Winter maintenance of roads in the Limanowa Municipality during the 2017/2018 season. 28/09/2017
1351 Hospital beds. 28/09/2017
1352 Supply of LED lights 2017-2019. 28/09/2017
1353 "Delivery of miniature circuit breakers". 28/09/2017
1354 Audits of information systems. 28/09/2017
1355 Nîmes (30) 4 th RMAT, Camp of the Garrigues. Project management contract for the reception of multi-role armored vehicles. 28/09/2017
1356 Renovation of street lighting infrastructure in Viljandi. Design works. 28/09/2017
1357 Supply of electricity from renewable energies (green electricity) for the years 2018-2019. 28/09/2017
1358 Concluding a framework agreement on video surveillance systems for police service buildings in NRW. 28/09/2017
1360 Supply and delivery of restaurant vouchers to the agents of the commune of the tremblade 28/09/2017
1361 Sewage treatment plant Gut Großlappen, Freisinger Landstraße, 1st stage of biological development, renewal; Electrical installation work, measuring and control technology; Order No .: E23292017. 28/09/2017
1362 he contracting authority will order 37 repair and repair workshops for the CV90 (without tower) within the framework of the procurement. 28/09/2017
1363 Ballistic Unterziehschutzwesten. (Bullet Proof Vest) 28/09/2017
1364 Production of printing works for the universitys publications department (APU). 28/09/2017
1365 Printing services for billing. 28/09/2017
1366 RTÉ invites expressions of interest from suitably qualified Tenderers for the supply of Purchase Cards Services. 28/09/2017
1367 Construction of Traffic Safety Materials and Delivery to the Depot Determined by Decision 28/09/2017
1368 Purchase of spare parts for BOV Patria CRO 28/09/2017
1369 Purchase of a garbage truck with back loading 28/09/2017
1370 Purchase of efficient plate heat exchangers 28/09/2017
1371 Supply and Delivery of 1x 4500 GVW Mini Road Sweeper 28/09/2017
1372 Open request for proposals for the right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of 3-phase meters for the needs of PJSC IDGC of Center (Bryanskenergo branch). 0179-BR-17. 28/09/2017
1374 "Construction of 110/10 kV Substation Ostrovets Vostochnaya with a 110 kV overhead line in connection with the construction of a nuclear power plant in the Republic of Belarus" 28/09/2017
1375 Supply of panel for Generator (17-0414 & 17-0457) 28/09/2017
1376 Cassettes X-ray systems KODAK DIRECT VIEW CR 500 for U« Gomel regional clinical polyclinic 28/09/2017
1377 GoIMRT Vehicle Supply - 4WD Crew Cab mountain rescue first response vehicle 28/09/2017
1378 Parts of military vehicles (spare parts for GAZ-66, ZIL 131, URAL 4320, MAZ 500) 28/09/2017
1379 Data Processing Department System Support Services for 2018-2020, Web Services and Geographic Information Systems Personnel Service Acquisition 28/09/2017
1380 Means of fire and burglar alarm 28/09/2017
1381 ATVs with a trailer (Lafet) 28/09/2017
1382 Purchase is a commodity - a machine for printing barcode labels 28/09/2017
1383 Plastic card with built-in contactless chip-module 28/09/2017
1384 Delivery of postage stamped envelopes, postage stamps 28/09/2017
1385 Delivery of postal envelopes and postage stamps for the needs of FGUU "UBO VNG of Russia in Sverdlovsk region" 28/09/2017
1386 Supply of gas meter 28/09/2017
1387 Delivery of contactless identification cards (smart cards) 28/09/2017
1388 Purchase in 2017 of arched metal detectors for the needs of the administration of the rural settlement Uspenskoe 28/09/2017
1389 For the supply of metal detectors stationary and manual 28/09/2017
1390 Supply of step-up frequency converters C range (BUC) 50W P1dB (PPS) 28/09/2017
1391 Delivery of laboratory consumables, reagents and materials under the project" Creation of a field detector for the detection of genotoxic activity emitted by military explosives Consumables for molecular biology 28/09/2017
1392 Purchase of AVM-2 circuit breakers 28/09/2017
1393 Purchase of a sweeping and harvesting machine based on a tractor 28/09/2017
1394 Supply of electricity meters 28/09/2017
1395 Dismantling and installation of gas meters 28/09/2017
1396 Procurement of fire fighting vehicles 10. 28/09/2017
1397 "Modernization of the fire alarm and fire alarm system in the hostel number 2 on the street. Ulyanovsk, 33, in the city of Minsk " 28/09/2017
1398 Protective clothing, fireproof (fire fighting clothes) 28/09/2017
1399 MCHS 120 liters backpack, fire fighting clothes baulk 28/09/2017
1400 Integrated Waste Management Service in accordance with art. 15 of the Regional Law 9/2010 and subsequent amendments in 13 municipalities of the Province of Palermo SRR East territory. 27/09/2017
1401 Supply of ambulances to aid in purchasing union between ASL BT (lead) - ASL BR - ASL FG - TA ASL. 27/09/2017
1402 PA 8/2017. Transportation logistics services, distribution and automation management RFID non-storable material operating rooms and laboratories at the University Hospital La Paz, Cantoblanco Hospital. 27/09/2017
1403 Service operation and maintenance of the sewage system and wastewater treatment of Denia, Ondara and Pedreguer (Alicante). 27/09/2017
1404 Standardised unmanned ground vehicle with open architecture (SUGV). 27/09/2017
1405 380/154/33 kV Manavgat 380 Air Insulated Substation (AIS). 27/09/2017
1406 Explosives for Type E blasting. 27/09/2017
1407 Acquisition of 2 systems of video surveillance with vehicles. 27/09/2017
1408 Services of integral maintenance of the signaling systems and railway safety installations of the SFM network. 27/09/2017
1409 Modernization of tram tracks - Dúbravsko-Karloveská radiála. 27/09/2017
1410 Contract for the supply of 20 vehicles under the National Motor Vehicle Stimulation Program 2017, for military nuisance within the Navy, as follows: 10 field cars, 5 city-berth cars, 5 lightweight 5-seater vehicles. 27/09/2017
1411 Support for the maintenance of the leopard family 2E, leopard 2a4 and leopard 2ER. 27/09/2017
1412 Winter road maintenance in the town of Konin. 27/09/2017
1413 Support for the maintenance of the leopard family 2E, leopard 2a4 and leopard 2ER 27/09/2017
1414 Supply and installation of equipment for the location of fires and the provision of the Alarm-Discharge Point of the Forest District. 27/09/2017
1415 Forestry snow removal in southwest Estonia 2017-2021. 27/09/2017
1416 Agency ticket sales. 27/09/2017
1417 Cambridgeshire County Council Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) Service and Maintenance Agreement. 27/09/2017
1418 Framework contract for glazing works for lots 1, 2 and 7 in the objects of the City of Vienna- Wiener Wohnen. 27/09/2017
1419 Deliver and maintain traffic control devices. 27/09/2017
1420 Frequency coordination SATCOMBw. 27/09/2017
1421 Payment by bank payment cards services. 27/09/2017
1422 Bundesstadt Bonn, 37-254723, replacement of six rescue vehicles for the rescue service of the Federal State of Bonn. 27/09/2017
1423 Supply of low-floor buses for Bors Břeclav as 27/09/2017
1424 Comprehensive winter maintenance of county roads in the Bochenski District for the winter season 2017/2018. 27/09/2017
1425 Successive delivery of toners and consumables for printers, fax machines and photocopiers for the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotow in Warsaw. 27/09/2017
1426 Road signs. 27/09/2017
1427 Printers - Purchases. 27/09/2017
1428 Delivery of municipal vehicles. 27/09/2017
1429 Supply, service and inspection of fire fighting equipment and emergency evacuation chairs. 27/09/2017
1430 Aid service vehicle HLF 20 according to DIN 14530-27 for the volunteer fire brigade of the large circle town Aue. 27/09/2017
1431 AK - Purchase of medical furniture. 27/09/2017
1432 AK - Purchase of medical furniture. 27/09/2017
1433 Construction of the object "Modernization of the video surveillance system of the automobile checkpoint (APP)" Warsaw Bridge " 27/09/2017
1434 Performance of design and survey works on the project: "Modernization of the existing transformer substation with increasing capacity of KTP No. 340 of the military town" Volma " 27/09/2017
1435 Provision of Text books purchased through the use of e-cards. 27/09/2017
1438 Provision and provision of gift certificates for CINOR 27/09/2017
1439 Purchase of ambulance car 27/09/2017
1440 Supply of an installation for verification of electric energy meters "ЦУ6804МНС" for the needs of FBU "Sakhalin ЦСМ" 27/09/2017
1441 Klaipeda City Agglomeration Strategic Noise Mapping Services. 27/09/2017
1443 Block complete transformer substation 27/09/2017
1444 Modernization of the regulation of the gravity canals of the Saint-Julien canal ASA Tranches 3 (phase 2) and 4 (New Procedure) 27/09/2017
1445 Construction of a reinforced concrete overslab to strengthen the existing reinforced concrete pier slab 27/09/2017
1446 Installation of autonomous fire detectors 27/09/2017
1447 Electric energy meters 27/09/2017
1448 Supply of 3 firefighting tankers 27/09/2017
1449 Design and integration of two luggage handling systems on departure and a luggage delivery system on arrival. 27/09/2017
1450 Traffic safety system 27/09/2017
1451 contract for the supply of electric meters 27/09/2017
1452 Special emergency rescue car 27/09/2017
1453 Purchase of self-adhesive labels 27/09/2017
1454 Dredging laying Sandau Nord - Planning performance and local construction supervision for the investigation and recovery of weapons. 27/09/2017
1455 Acquisition of postal payment signs (postage stamps, marked envelopes) 27/09/2017
1456 Delivery of cold water meters in accordance with the Terms of Reference 27/09/2017
1457 Repair of X-ray system for lung screening (Q-RAD X-RAD system, model Q-RAD-SQ) with replacement of direct digital radiography detector 27/09/2017
1458 Metal detector arched three-zone 27/09/2017
1459 Heat exchanging devices for compressors ЦК-135/8 27/09/2017
1460 Acquisition of heat exchangers for the needs of the municipality "Asinovskoe urban settlement" 27/09/2017
1461 Supply of heat exchangers 27/09/2017
1462 Replacement of current transformers and electric power meter 27/09/2017
1463 Purchase of telecommunication equipment 27/09/2017
1464 Buying a signal generator 27/09/2017
1465 Purchase of rem. parts for the cattle stun gun - EFA VB215 27/09/2017
1466 Framework Contract for the Supply of Dental X-Rays Accessories 27/09/2017
1467 Purchase of trailer CAT 143 or equivalent 27/09/2017
1468 Gas meter for the branch in Sau 27/09/2017
1469 Supply of a network intrusion detection system to ensure the security of information of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science 27/09/2017
1470 Supply and installation of security video surveillance and security alarm systems in the building of the Zheleznogorsk city court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory 27/09/2017
1471 Supply of floating cane mowers with a productivity of 0.2-0.7 ha / h 27/09/2017
1472 Purchase of a sweeper 26/09/2017
1473 Purchase meal vouchers for Bondy Habitat agents. 26/09/2017
1474 Renewal and extension of SkyTrains Passenger Information System at Dusseldorf Airport. 26/09/2017
1475 Supply of various spare parts for NASAMS Launcher 26/09/2017
1476 Election Printing 2018-2021. 26/09/2017
1477 Realization of documents printing for all the sites of the University Aix-Marseille. 26/09/2017
1478 Warehousing logistics service, transport and distribution of promotional materials, and others of the Catalan Tourism Agency. 26/09/2017
1479 Construction of sewerage networks in the DK Vineyard of the Municipality of Tirnavos (2nd phase). 26/09/2017
1480 University Hospital Tubingen, CRONA, Foundation, 5. BA, sanitary engineering, renewal of the water treatment plant. 26/09/2017
1481 Printing and delivery of the "Metropole" magazine of Clermont-Auvergne Metropole. 26/09/2017
1482 Connection of SAS laptop and SCADA analyzer in subcomputers. 26/09/2017
1483 File No 60 / VC-33/18. Services of preparation and printing of documents. 26/09/2017
1484 Renovation of 27 Cristalis Euro3 and Euro4 trolleybuses. 26/09/2017
1485 Procurement of LED street lighting for Vorarlberg municipalities, the state of Vorarlberg, as well as other contracting authorities and sectoral contractors based in Vorarlberg. 26/09/2017
1486 Extension and modernization of video surveillance in the city and municipality of Sroda Slaska - stage I". 26/09/2017
1487 Providing telecommunications services in the field of mobile and convergence for a period of 30 months. 26/09/2017
1488 Obtaining an emergency service vehicle (HLF) 20. 26/09/2017
1489 Delivery of a rescue vehicle for fire brigade. 26/09/2017
1490 Deliver and maintain traffic control devices 26/09/2017
1491 Barmherzige Brüder - Hospital St. Barbara Schwandorf / SAD_4200 - Heat supply systems (heating). 26/09/2017
1492 Expert advisory and consulting services. 26/09/2017
1493 "Supply, installation and implementation of CCTV and Situation Center in Haskovo on certain points". 26/09/2017
1494 6. Expansion of the Cloppenburg sewage treatment plant / 2nd phase, lot 4: Electrical engineering equipment. 26/09/2017
1495 Issuance and delivery of restaurant vouchers for agents of the Greater Senonais Urban Community, the Town of Sens and the municipal social action center of the town of Sens. 26/09/2017
1496 Acquisition of handguns category B - type semi-automatic pistols caliber 9x19 (9mm luger) cases and door loaders. 26/09/2017
1497 "Supply and installation of fifteen movable fire protection systems for the equipment of fifteen trucks, owned by the South-Central State Enterprise Smolyan". 26/09/2017
1498 Buy CBRNE container trailer with special equipment. 26/09/2017
1499 Delivery of 330 kV electrical equipment to the substation Krustpils. 26/09/2017
1501 Preventive and corrective maintenance of fire extinguishers, fire plans and smoke evacuation systems. 26/09/2017
1502 Purchase ammunition 9 mm Makarov and 9 mm Luger for CS CR. 26/09/2017
1503 Supply of Waste Haulage Ejector trailers. 26/09/2017
1504 Supply of a new wheel loader. 26/09/2017
1505 Delivery of a wheel loader. 26/09/2017
1506 Delivery of two all-wheel drive trucks and two snow plows. 26/09/2017
1507 Modernization of district heating network by tasks 1 to 6. 26/09/2017
1508 University of Mannheim, Schloss Ostflügel, reconstruction hall, catacombs and artificial tower, heating systems. 26/09/2017
1509 Framework agreement for the provision of automatic data extractors for analogue radar. 26/09/2017
1510 Summer official uniforms, sweaters, woven gloves, woven scarves, woven hats, long and short-sleeve shirts and polo shirts, winter and summer shoes, belt, tactical belt, emblem, rank designation, ID card coating. 26/09/2017
1511 Purchase of a block complete transformer substation 26/09/2017
1512 Tourned turnstile, Anti-theft frame 26/09/2017
1513 Consultancy on Valuation Methods for environmental damage/impact: biodiversity and water-soil pollution/contamination. 26/09/2017
1514 Delivery of four standard low-floor buses and a low-floor articulated bus. 26/09/2017
1515 Renovation of TR4 energy transformer in Bilice 26/09/2017
1517 SPC of fire alarm system ASPS "Turquoise" 26/09/2017
1518 High-voltage cable КГЭ 3 * 50 + 1 * 16 26/09/2017
1519 Procurement of audit and other professional services 26/09/2017
1520 Acquisition of RFID equipment, software and a contactless smart card with an RFID chip for identification of the reader 26/09/2017
1521 Arched metal detectors 26/09/2017
1522 Purchase of software and services for the implementation of the electronic technical document management system 26/09/2017
1523 Purchase of Mineral Fertilizer Spreader 26/09/2017
1524 An ambulance car (reanimobile) of class C 26/09/2017
1525 Procurement of generators of the GIP-1 damage seeker or analog 26/09/2017
1526 Purchase of installation and maintenance of traffic signalization 26/09/2017
1527 Purchase of gas consumption meters 26/09/2017
1528 Meters of electricity and water consumption for the needs of MBZM KGC SSBP 26/09/2017
1529 10/10 kV package transformer substation 26/09/2017
1530 Traffic sign purchase 26/09/2017
1531 Purchase of fertilizers based on growth stimulators for seed treatment Aquarin 5 26/09/2017
1532 Purchase of low load trailer (trawl) 26/09/2017
1533 Ultrasonic flowmeter for the needs of LLC "PKS" 26/09/2017
1534 Joint supply, placement and operation of photovoltaic installations for the municipality and the CPAS de Courcelles 25/09/2017
1535 The contract involves carrying out a flight mission of LIDAR data acquisition, preprocessing and processing of data. 25/09/2017
1536 Delivery, installation and maintenance of camera surveillance. 25/09/2017
1537 Frame Delivery Agreement Printers of various types - 7 batches. 25/09/2017
1538 Development, supply and maintenance of multi-objective mobile radars for acquisition, trajectography and proximity services and the provision of associated services. 25/09/2017
1539 Printing and shaping for the needs of the Departemental Council of Cher 2018-2022. 25/09/2017
1540 Framework contract for safety shoes S2 and S3 and professional shoes O2. 25/09/2017
1541 Delivery of 2 rescue vehicles (RTW) for the fire brigade of the city of Gelsenkirchen. 25/09/2017
1542 Delivery of an automatic turntable - DLA (K) - according to EN 1846 and DIN 14043 with fire-fighting equipment. 25/09/2017
1543 Rental of a brand new small electric machine with electric drive (approx. 2 qbm container capacity), full service and purchase option, Az.45-02-000-04 / 068/2017. 25/09/2017
1544 Renewal of IT infrastructure in hosted mode. 25/09/2017
1545 Reception and treatment of urban waste and bulky waste. 25/09/2017
1546 Telecommunications services. 25/09/2017
1547 19/2017 For the procurement of Automatic Number Plate Recognition ANPR systems for five (5) fixed points as well as the installation, configuration, programming, system training and maintenance services. 25/09/2017
1548 Traffic Monitoring and Control System - TMS. 25/09/2017
1549 Acquisition of ballistic protection vests. 25/09/2017
1550 The Contracting Authority intends to identify an Economic Operator(s) to contract with for the provision of the Biometric Matcher Engine Software (Face) & associated services as part of the Home Office Biometrics (HOB) programme 25/09/2017
1551 Bus supply - CIG 7180188E91 - CUP F50D17000000005. 25/09/2017
1552 Factory delivery of new low-floor city buses meeting EURO 6 emission standards in two types. 25/09/2017
1553 DBC (BH) The Provision of Parking Enforcement Services in the Borough of Dacorum. 25/09/2017
1554 Providing security services to the TP building of the NSSI - Plovdiv, located at: 5, "Skyler" Str. 25/09/2017
1555 Walk of services of guarding the premises of the Urssaf PACA. 25/09/2017
1556 Provision of security and security services in the district of Freudenstadt. 25/09/2017
1557 44 low-floor, full-service rental buses. 25/09/2017
1558 Winter maintenance and snow cleaning of municipal and local roads. 25/09/2017
1559 Delivery of beds and accessories. 25/09/2017
1560 Design, Supply and Installation of Photovoltaic (PV) Panels — Multiple Contractor Framework Agreement — Sussex Area. 25/09/2017
1561 ASC0223 — Direct Payments Support Service. 25/09/2017
1562 Procurement of printing services in the framework of the EFOP-3.1.2-16-2016-00001 project. 25/09/2017
1563 FN Motol - Hospital beds for standard and intensive care. 25/09/2017
1564 Equipment for police seekers. 25/09/2017
1565 Supply of 2 vans with hydro-cleaning equipment, 2 sweeping machines and 2 combi vans. 25/09/2017
1566 Network infrastructure and systems equipment and services (NISES 2017). 25/09/2017
1567 ICT Infrastructure Solution. 25/09/2017
1568 Purchase of cabinets, medical furniture and mattresses. 25/09/2017
1569 Armed physical security of sites of "Metropolitan" EAD, located on the territory of Obelya depot, 11 Obelsko Shose Str. 25/09/2017
1570 Telesecurity - security guarding - fire safety and assistance to persons - close protection of persons. 25/09/2017
1571 Provision of winter maintenance of local roads - sidewalks in the territory of the Brno-North district. 25/09/2017
1572 Winter maintenance, snow cleaning and sanding of common. Road network and streets in us. Places of ter. Of common Seasonal bundles 2017/2018 25/09/2017
1573 Rental of refrigerated trucks for the city of Grenoble. 25/09/2017
1574 Conclusion of a contract for the delivery of a total of 180 hospital beds and 180 night tables and accessories. 25/09/2017
1575 Purchase of 277x IRIDIUM SatFuTel. 25/09/2017
1576 Open tender contest for procurement of guard services at Oslo Chief Municipal Treasurers office. 25/09/2017
1577 Transport services with small buses. 25/09/2017
1578 Framework agreement on the operation and development of Budapest traffic signaling traffic lights. 25/09/2017
1579 Guarding services for the sites of the central administration located in Paris (75) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. 25/09/2017
1580 Horizontal road signaling - ground marking. 25/09/2017
1581 Project management for the construction of a pesticide treatment plant on the commune of CHAGNY 25/09/2017
1582 Retail management solutions and access control for facilities of Reykjavik Citys department of Sports and Leisure. 25/09/2017
1583 Acquisition of related printers and toners, computing, storage and software systems, IT peripherals and UPSs. 25/09/2017
1584 Winter Road Maintenance - Little Edet. 25/09/2017
1585 Safety Cabinets. 25/09/2017
1586 Procurement of fire fighting vehicle HLF 10. 25/09/2017
1587 Procurement of tanker truck TLF 3000. 25/09/2017
1588 Delivery of two fire trucks, type MLF. 25/09/2017
1589 Additional delivery of single-phase, three-phase direct current meters, three-phase direct current meters and PLC routers with S-FSK modulation. 25/09/2017
1590 Procurement of printers / copiers as a service. 25/09/2017
1591 17D0455-PAST Mendig - Extension of police station and new construction of a shooting range - Technical planning, equipment groups 1-3 & 8 (supply technology) acc. Section 4 Section 2. 25/09/2017
1592 Managed Print Services (MPS). 25/09/2017
1593 Framework agreement for printing, packaging and labeling the member magazine LSV kompakt. 25/09/2017
1594 Overhaul of AN-2 aircraft 25/09/2017
1595 No. 25-2017 choice of supplier of arch metal detector with 2D function Metor 6E 25/09/2017
1596 Implementation of a set of works on installation, commissioning and commissioning of the fire alarm system 25/09/2017
1597 CNC milling machine. 25/09/2017
1598 Carrier satellites - 500 pcs., devices in contact - 205 pcs. (for chips in the case of KT-94-1) 25/09/2017
1599 Three-phase power transformers with a capacity of 1250 kVA and 1000 kVA - 4 pcs. 25/09/2017
1600 Supply and installation of a replacement solution for the provision of the ATM/CNS Voice Communication Control System (VCCS) at Birmingham Airport. 25/09/2017
1601 Delivery of armored van of 2017 of release 25/09/2017
1602 Supply of police uniforms - special clothing and footwear for police squadrons (winter and summer). 25/09/2017
1604 Three-phase power transformers with the capacity of 1250 kVA and 1000 kVA 4 pcs. 25/09/2017
1605 SAP Crystal Reports 2016 incl 12 months maintanance 25/09/2017
1606 Trenchless canal refurbishment by means of hose lining "collection package 2018". 25/09/2017
1607 Performing construction works: machine cleaning and excavation of canals, machine cleaning of landfills and machine wide excavation on the territory of the Municipality of Bitola 25/09/2017
1608 purchase of weapons 25/09/2017
1609 Acquisition of stationary metal detectors of arch type 25/09/2017
1610 Purchase of thermal imaging sight 25/09/2017
1611 Delivery of 30 and 110 kV SF6 switchgear including auxiliary equipment and related services. 25/09/2017
1612 Equipment for the construction of the EYPT, connecting to the network and protecting the information network 25/09/2017
1613 Spare parts for special purpose military equipment 25/09/2017
1614 Uninterruptible power supply (Iom.vov = 250A) 25/09/2017
1615 One (1) piece of new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 armored 25/09/2017
1616 RFP for the Provision of Improvised Explosive Device - Threat Mitigation (IED - TM) Course 25/09/2017
1617 Plate heat exchanger 25/09/2017
1618 Provision of Document Digitization Services 25/09/2017
1620 Code DK 021: 2015 - 30210000-4 Data processing machines (hardware part) (equipment for automated workplaces for the functions of taking biometric data, registration and issuance of documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine, certify the person or its special status) 25/09/2017
1621 Supply and Installation of 100KVA Transformer at Kastriot Pump Station 25/09/2017
1622 Supply of tractors 25/09/2017
1624 Delivery of metal detectors to the object: "Physical culture and sports complex with a universal gaming hall in the city of Yugorsk" 25/09/2017
1625 Purchase of medical furniture 25/09/2017
1626 Vehicle Monitoring and Vehicle Management System through GPS 25/09/2017
1627 Training 25 pilots on a full flight simulator for the helicopter A109E, training 7 pilots on a full flight simulator for helicopter AW139, (continued in section II.2.14). 25/09/2017
1628 Purchase is a commodity - a machine for printing barcode labels 25/09/2017
1629 Road signaling system 25/09/2017
1630 Purchase of devices for fire and security alarm systems 25/09/2017
1631 Maintenance of the fire alarm and warning system 25/09/2017
1632 Implementation of the full complex of turnkey works on the installation of CCTV in the territory of OZAA OJSC 25/09/2017
1633 Purchase of equipment Mini PBX 25/09/2017
1634 Generator AAN 5930 (28V / 120A) 25/09/2017
1635 Procurement of international freight services 25/09/2017
1636 Voltage transformer ORLSP-1,25 / 6 25/09/2017
1637 MZF 3 for the fire brigade Selters. 24/09/2017
1638 Phase Shifting Transformer 220/220kV 600MVA. 24/09/2017
1639 RFI Waste Management. 24/09/2017
1640 Purchase of printers for personalization of machine readable documents 24/09/2017
1641 Personal protective equipment: Costumes protective lot # 1, gas masks lot # 2 24/09/2017
1642 "Services for verification of electricity meter and current transformers" 24/09/2017
1643 Consultancy to improve the reconciliation process between UNOPS ERP system and Stop TBs OMS system 24/09/2017
1644 Dumper truck 23/09/2017
1645 Telecommunication services for mobile telephony for a period of two years from the date of conclusion of the contract for the needs of the Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus" in Skopje 23/09/2017
1646 Parts of military vehicles (spare parts for GAZ-66) 23/09/2017
1647 Telecommunication services for mobile telephony 23/09/2017
1648 Combat Helmets. 22/09/2017
1649 132 kV transmission line Muttenz-Delémont detailed design phase 41-53. 22/09/2017
1650 Providing intensive care ambulances for the ambulance. 22/09/2017
1651 Supply of discreet intervention jackets and caps for the General Directorate of Police. 22/09/2017
1652 Leather Belt (one / two thorn) for the police forces of the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. 22/09/2017
1653 Waste treatment. 22/09/2017
1654 Wastewater facility for the Scandica and Baltica working vessels. 22/09/2017
1655 C-ambulance 22/09/2017
1656 Framework agreement with mono-attribute order forms: operation and maintenance of anti-intrusion alarms systems for caesm 22/09/2017
1657 RFID system provision, installation, training and maintenance for the libraries of the University of Bordeaux. 22/09/2017
1658 Delivery of a tank fire truck TLF 3000. 22/09/2017
1659 Acquisition of a minimum of 19 city buses of 12 meters propelled by CNG. 22/09/2017
1660 Renewable energy in the Municipality of Drelów. 22/09/2017
1661 Supply and installation of firefighting equipment together with additional equipment for Dobrzany Forest Inspectorate. 22/09/2017
1662 Fire fighting vehicle LF 10 4WD 22/09/2017
1663 Removal, transport and treatment of sludge from the energy recovery and waste treatment unit (UVETD) of Savoie wastes. 22/09/2017
1664 Supply of a high-temperature furnace of large dimensions for heat treatment under controlled atmosphere. 22/09/2017
1665 Provision of equipment from the police uniform. 22/09/2017
1666 Provision of drivers services of the orderer and sale of tickets. 22/09/2017
1667 Delivery of 4 500 t of iron (III) salt solution for sewage treatment plants 1 and 2 Nuremberg. 22/09/2017
1668 Static closures including Lane, Road Closure and Diversions and General Traffic Management. 22/09/2017
1669 Realization of the main infrastructure works for the Tram 13 express project under STIF contract management (Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Sp1) perimeter and Virgule Saint-Cyr (Sp2) perimeter. 22/09/2017
1670 Supply of uniformed and outfitted items (sportswear and sports footwear) for Military Unit No. 6021. 22/09/2017
1671 Armasuisse Real Estate, Auenfeld, DNA-A / 1788: BKP 235.71 Burglar and Surge Alarm System - Frauenfeld, TG. 22/09/2017
1672 Armasuisse Real Estate, Auenfeld, DNA-A / 1788: BKP 242/243/346 Heating and Cooling Systems, Building Site 2 / SÜD - Frauenfeld, TG. 22/09/2017
1673 Armasuisse Real Estate, Auenfeld, DNA-A / 1788: BKP 242/243 Heating systems, Building site 3 / NORD + WEST - Frauenfeld, TG. 22/09/2017
1674 Armasuisse Real Estate, Auenfeld, DNA-A / 1788: BKP 231 Switchgear Combinations - Frauenfeld, TG. 22/09/2017
1675 Armasuisse Real Estate, Auenfeld, DNA-A / 1788: BKP 235.8 Fire alarm system - Frauenfeld, TG. 22/09/2017
1676 X-ray with direct digitization. 22/09/2017
1677 Acquisition and development of emergency, protection and fire fighting vehicles for the SDIS de l Herault - 2nd installment 2017-. 22/09/2017
1678 Acquisition of 2 garbage collection trucks. 22/09/2017
1679 Kreishaussanierung - photovoltaic installation. 22/09/2017
1680 EA SAP (Hana) Technical Management 2017 Province of North Brabant. 22/09/2017
1681 Establishment of regional stocks and purchase of logistics services. 22/09/2017
1682 The acquisition of an armored vehicle. 22/09/2017
1683 The object of the contract is "Acquisition and installation of flowmeters". 22/09/2017
1684 Control, maintenance and renewal of the poles and fire hydrants of the City of Romainville. 22/09/2017
1685 Supply of a new or used snow tractor to the sports and recreation center "Smeceres Sils". 22/09/2017
1686 Data and voice telecommunication services at a fixed location. 22/09/2017
1687 NB 5/15: Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Light Signaling Installations in Attica. 22/09/2017
1688 NB 5/15: Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Light Signaling Installations in Attica. 22/09/2017
1689 Lot of medical furniture - Lot 1 and 2. 22/09/2017
1690 Firefighting vehicles in Utena APGV and Mazeikiai OPGV. 22/09/2017
1691 Purchase of a set of video surveillance equipment at the facility 22/09/2017
1693 ANSK-2858-17 Service Contract for waste management. 22/09/2017
1694 Acquisition of breacherdoors for training. 22/09/2017
1695 Snow removal. 22/09/2017
1696 Supply of personalized checkbooks of accompanying checks for the CCAS of Nantes. 22/09/2017
1697 New building BMZ II - Heating systems. 22/09/2017
1698 Supply and Delivery of 2 x 26 000 kg Refuse Vehicles. 22/09/2017
1699 Purchase 1 piece of bus for CS CR. 22/09/2017
1700 EU-P 0917-17EK2 Supply of hybrid tractors. 22/09/2017
1701 Protective Ballistic Vests for Fighting Vests, Level IV Protected, Profileed and Customized for Soldiers Body 22/09/2017
1702 Auxiliary materials for tactical wheeled vehicles 22/09/2017
1703 Purchase of a garbage truck KO 427B-32 or an analogue. 22/09/2017
1704 No. 24-2017 selection of the supplier of the Rapiscan 620 DV X-ray inspection system (or equivalent) 22/09/2017
1705 Development of the Construction Design and Authors Supervision for the Installation of the Apron Taxiway Centreline Lights and Integration into the Existing Aerodrome Lighting Control System 22/09/2017
1706 The Supply and Testing of Water Meters. 22/09/2017
1707 Call for applications for the project management mission for the works to create a parking lot for the aircraft of the business aviation of Bastia-Poretta airport. 22/09/2017
1708 IU_0593 / 17 Retrofit SPz Marder 1A5 on weapon system MELLS 22/09/2017
1709 Kits for the building up of biometric systems of personality recognition for the retooling of the collection and investigation departments of the protected objects of the penal system 22/09/2017
1710 Construction of a 110 / 20kV substation in Pyburg. 22/09/2017
1711 Aeroports de Paris - Charles de Gaulle - Redesign and provision of the SSI of satellites 4, 5, 6 of terminal 1. 22/09/2017
1712 Purchase of shooting equipment 22/09/2017
1713 Purchase of semitrailers 22/09/2017
1714 Dry power transformers 22/09/2017
1715 Buy Cyber Security Events, Information Security and Risk Management Services 22/09/2017
1716 Purchase of services for maintenance of automatic fire alarms (APS) and (or) fire alarm systems (CO) in the educational institutions of Borisov and Borisov district for 2017. 22/09/2017
1717 Purchase of sweeping machine 22/09/2017
1718 Installation and commissioning of fire alarms and fire alarms 22/09/2017
1719 BALL092017 - Development of Car Park Facility at Ballaghaderreen GAA 22/09/2017
1720 Purchase of information self-adhesive labels 22/09/2017
1721 Telecommunication services for fixed telephony and Internet for the needs of the University "St. Cyril and Methodius "in Skopje - Rectorate, Confucius Institute, Russian Center and Congress Center in Ohrid 22/09/2017
1722 Services for the repair of FM broadcast broadcasting system and television equipment installed at the filling stations of the enterprise 22/09/2017
1723 Acquisition of state postage stamps (postage stamps) 22/09/2017
1724 Delivery of postage stamps and stamped envelopes 22/09/2017
1725 Acquisition of heat exchangers for the needs of the municipality "Asinovskoe urban settlement" 22/09/2017
1726 Construction and installation works at the facilities of ZAO Gazpromneft-Aero Novosibirsk under the project: "Technical re-equipment of the NFS and PAZ system of the centralized system for refueling aircraft 23584736.42 5220.1275" 22/09/2017
1727 Purchase of roadside signs 22/09/2017
1728 Used Truck tractor and semitrailer 22/09/2017
1729 Maintenance of medical software 22/09/2017
1730 Supply of anti-hail missiles Alazan-6 22/09/2017
1731 Purchase labels and certificates 22/09/2017
1732 Supply of server, network equipment and uninterruptible power supplies 22/09/2017
1733 Installation of a heat meter in the customers building according to the estimate 22/09/2017
1734 Purchase of services for installing a heat meter in the laundry room of the Borisov Infectious Diseases Hospital 22/09/2017
1735 Procurement of telecommunication services 22/09/2017
1736 Uninterruptible Power Supply APC by Schneider Electric Smart-UPS SRT 3000VA RM 230V with Network Card 22/09/2017
1737 Agreement for construction, installation and commissioning works: re-construction of power transmission lines 22/09/2017
1738 purchase of roadside signs 22/09/2017
1739 Purchase of telecommunication equipment 22/09/2017
1740 Printing, personalization and distribution of supporting professionals overcoming non-university regulated education level and language certificates and diplomas. 21/09/2017
1741 Acquisition of a means of multi-threat stimulation of laser alert detectors and associated accessories. 21/09/2017
1742 Open procedure, pursuant to art. 60 of Legislative Decree no. 50/16 smi, for the supply of no. 9 ambulances complete with emergency and emergency equipment to be allocated to SEUS 118 of ASL LE- PO PUglia FESR 2014-2020. Total reported sum: 1 170 000 EUR excluding VAT. CIG: 7149214606. 21/09/2017
1743 Delivery of crane-hook truck. 21/09/2017
1744 Supply, installation and commissioning of ballistic equipment for the benefit of the National Institute of Criminalistics and Criminology under the Algerian National Gendarmerie 21/09/2017
1745 Carry out the audit before presenting the supporting accounts for certain subsidies to R & D projects in force in the 2017 annuity. 21/09/2017
1746 Open procedure for cold storage for a period of 36 months from the date of delivery, including full service maintenance of no. 2 wheel loaders - CIG: 7129934FA7. 21/09/2017
1748 Delivery of 21 new low-emission, low-emission ecological low-emission buses, powered by CNG compressed natural gas, intended for municipal transport at MPK Spolka z oo in Tarnów. 21/09/2017
1749 Purchase of treatment products for drinking and waste water. 21/09/2017
1750 Delivery of a library bus. 21/09/2017
1751 Construction work for heating network construction from M-bus to Rocket 25A boiler house. Stage I Phase I (Part 3), excluding the section on the school grounds at ul. Children of Warsaw 42. 21/09/2017
1752 Acquisition of vehicle of fire, tonne-pumps 2000 VELP. 21/09/2017
1753 Ambulance patient transport services. 21/09/2017
1754 Unlimited supply of military clothing. Lot 1 CIG 7154206D8B. Lot 2 CIG 71542154FB. 21/09/2017
1755 Air Force Maintenance and Aircraft Maintenance Service for Air Force Aircraft ICH47F Helicopter Turbochargers 21/09/2017
1756 Delivery of 12/76 Mossberg Flex 500 Tactical Cruiser rifles or equivalent. 21/09/2017
1757 Comprehensive maintenance of printing equipment for the needs of the Tax Administration Chamber in Poznan. 21/09/2017
1758 Delivery of new vehicles, trailers and construction equipment to Polskiej Spolka Gazownictwa Sp. Z oo 21/09/2017
1759 Framework agreement for the provision of rental of equipped rooms, printing and digitization of examination subjects. 21/09/2017
1760 Purchase and Maintenance Geographic Information System (GIS). 21/09/2017
1761 Winter maintenance of county roads in the winter season 2017/2018 - district of Thessalonica. 21/09/2017
1762 Issuance and delivery of restaurant vouchers to agents of the Côte d,Or département council. 21/09/2017
1763 Procurement of a medium fire truck with loading. 21/09/2017
1764 Purchase of truck dump truck with winter equipment for "Ludzas apsaimniekotājs" Ltd. 21/09/2017
1765 Provision of fixed / mobile security services and patrolling with motor vehicles. 21/09/2017
1766 Delivery of a rescue vehicle DLAK 23/12 with gel part according to DIN EN 14043. 21/09/2017
1767 Power transformers with installation work for HOPS needs. 21/09/2017
1768 Three-side tipper truck with hydraulic crane, front-end plow and grapple. 21/09/2017
1769 Emergency service vehicle HLF 20. 21/09/2017
1770 The IcSP is supporting activities to mitigate risks from chemical biological radiological nuclear (CBRN) materials through the CBRN centre of excellence initiative 21/09/2017
1771 Power transformers with installation work for HOPS needs 21/09/2017
1772 Flowmeters 21/09/2017
1773 Acquisition of 400 urban buses. 21/09/2017
1774 Snow removal and snow removal services. 21/09/2017
1775 17c0014 - Framework Agreement for the supply and transmission of electric power. 21/09/2017
1776 Framework agreement on Mini Card Mifare Ultralight. 21/09/2017
1777 SAP standardization and automation. 21/09/2017
1779 Supply and delivery of personalized escort checks 21/09/2017
1780 Service management and maintenance of trolleys at Tenerife South Airport. 21/09/2017
1781 Maintenance service of catwalks and associated equipment and maintenance and operation of the facilities of the baggage inspection system in the hold of Menorca Airport. 21/09/2017
1782 Creation and implementation of information systems for enterprise resource management 21/09/2017
1783 Complete transformer substation 21/09/2017
1784 Purchase of solar panels 21/09/2017
1785 Purchase of a garbage truck with back loading MAZ 4901R2 or (KO-456-10 or analog) 21/09/2017
1786 Thermopapier labels. 21/09/2017
1787 Electricity meter 21/09/2017
1788 Delivery of 2 185 units of household and industrial water meters and delivery of 3 710 radio modules for remote reading water meters for a period of 12 months. 21/09/2017
1789 Electricity Meter 21/09/2017
1790 Auditing services for mandatory audit of the reliability of the annual individual financial statements of the OJSC 21/09/2017
1791 "Installation of technical security systems (video surveillance system and remote access control system) of a specialized air transport building with an accession number 500 / S-49, located at: Minsk, ter. National Airport Minsk, 9. 21/09/2017
1792 Intrinsic safety barriers 21/09/2017
1793 Purchase of installation services for video surveillance systems at university facilities 21/09/2017
1794 Supply of electric meters 21/09/2017
1795 Dump truck 21/09/2017
1796 Supply of RFID tags 21/09/2017
1797 Purchase of satellite equipment 21/09/2017
1798 Semitrailer tractor dump truck PST-9 or analog 21/09/2017
1799 Purchase of a circuit breaker 21/09/2017
1800 Realization of vouchers / coupons in kind for clients in MOPS Myslowice POSTING FOR DELIVERY - Deliveries 21/09/2017
1801 Purchase of a complex switchgear 21/09/2017
1802 Construction of Transformer Substation 21/09/2017
1803 Paid parking operations 20/09/2017
1804 Dredging maintenance of Norman ports. 20/09/2017
1805 Supply of 2 M3-Class I hybrid buses with provision of parts and training for installation. 20/09/2017
1806 Acquisition of 4 vehicles to combat forest fires for the Municipality of Funchal. 20/09/2017
1807 Acquisition of 4 vehicles to combat forest fires for the Municipality of Funchal. 20/09/2017
1808 Provision of hospital beds for the Ernest Lluch Hospital in Calatayud. 20/09/2017
1809 Supply of polyelectrolyte for sludge dewatering for Group Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lodz Urban Agglomeration. 20/09/2017
1810 Framework agreement for the procurement of monocular thermal imaging devices for pocket and thermal spectacles for the benefit of the structured 2-level integrated police. 20/09/2017
1811 Supply of reagents for water treatment in the Gaditana Zone Water Consortium, as well as for the installation, maintenance and rental of carbon dioxide storage and metering equipment. 20/09/2017
1812 Purchase and delivery of water meters together with radio modules and water meters 20/09/2017
1813 Supply of electrical energy (green electricity and conventionally generated electricity) at the collection points of the BImA in various network areas of the Federal Republic of Germany from 2018 to 2020 (VOEK-142-17). 20/09/2017
1814 Clean energy in the municipality of Piaski - assembly of solar systems and biomass boilers I. 20/09/2017
1815 Supply of printing equipment to the Courts of Szczecin general appeals. 20/09/2017
1816 Long-term lease of full-service luxury cars of the new (previously unrecorded and unused) passenger cars, to provide NAF Military Police functions. 20/09/2017
1817 "Provision of telecommunication services relating to fixed telephony, mobile, VPN and Internet access on behalf of all Habitat 70 sites". 20/09/2017
1818 Purchase and installation of modern watchmaking equipment equipped with train approach signaling (SWI) at the highest level of risk category passage guards. 20/09/2017
1819 Winter maintenance of road ways of municipal roads in the city of Skarzysko - Kamienna in the winter season 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 - Zone II. 20/09/2017
1820 Computer composition, breaking and printing of the AGH-UST "Vivat Akademia" - edition - KC-zp.272-451 / 17. 20/09/2017
1821 Supply of heavy rescue and firefighting cars. 20/09/2017
1822 Provision of Debit Cards for Gluten Free Food Purchases for Hywel Dda University Health Board. The requirement is for the provision of a pre-paid subsidy debit card in 9 GP practices in primary care for a 6 month period. 20/09/2017
1823 Information and Telecommunication Service - ICT for Austro Control GmbH. 20/09/2017
1824 Licensing service of the SAP software for the economic accounting service and the human resources system of the Government of Aragon for 2018 and 2019. 20/09/2017
1825 Gas-proof 123kV indoor switchgear 20/09/2017
1826 Supply of a large-format UV printer with accessories. 20/09/2017
1827 Purchase of a total reflectance X-ray fluorescence elemental analysis instrument. 20/09/2017
1828 Service for the preparation of project and tender documentation for the project "Construction of Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Treatment and Water Supply Aggregation Imotski". 20/09/2017
1829 "Expansion / reconstruction of sewerage and water supply networks in Jelgava city (stages 7 to 33) (design, construction works, authors supervision)". 20/09/2017
1830 "Winter maintenance and snow cleaning of the municipal road network on the territory of the Municipality of Hitrino". 20/09/2017
1831 Purchase of buses for the urban transport of the agglomeration Montargoise and Rives of the Loing. 20/09/2017
1832 Service maintenance of licenses of the software SAP for the economic accounting service and the system of human resources of the Government of Aragon for the year 2018 and 2019. 20/09/2017
1833 Acquisition of Maintenance and Technical Assistance Services for SAP Licensing, Sinas SMAS 20/09/2017
1834 Waste collection for the city of Chropyne. 20/09/2017
1835 Construction of two reinforced concrete pillars for the rolling of mobile passenger gangways on a Cap Janet terminal 20/09/2017
1836 Specialist 7.5 Tonne Excavator. 20/09/2017
1837 Design and execution of construction works including the execution of the task. "Extension and reconstruction of sewage treatment plant in Kaliska". 20/09/2017
1838 FIDIC engineer and maintenance services (for the reconstruction of the waste water treatment plant of the Vilnius City wastewater treatment plant). 20/09/2017
1839 Establishment and operation of a virtual ticketing system for surface pay parking. 20/09/2017
1840 RV of transport truck double cabin with flatbed. 20/09/2017
1841 Delivery of an unmanned flying, remote-controlled image transmission system for the police stations in the context of the EU project Interreg VA. 20/09/2017
1842 Call for applications for rural electrification, street lighting and various reservations (Articles 74 and 78 to 80 of the Decree n o2016-360 of 25/03/2016 on public procurement). 20/09/2017
1843 Snow removal services on the departmental roads of Haute-Saône for winter 2017/2018. 20/09/2017
1844 Print as a service. 20/09/2017
1845 PURCH1496 Provision of Internal Audit Services. 20/09/2017
1846 Acquisition of cartridges of 7.62 x 51 mm tracers. 20/09/2017
1847 Delivery of trucks with Blow Patcher assembly. 20/09/2017
1848 Market for the supply of aviation fuels. 20/09/2017
1849 Purchase of a garbage truck 20/09/2017
1850 Purchase of a complete block transformer substation KTPB 2х100 kVA 20/09/2017
1851 Installation of a video surveillance system in the hostel building at: Minsk, Kedyshko Str., 10, building 1 20/09/2017
1852 Supply of bullet-proof armored glass and a transfer device for the needs of the Moscow Interregional Dispatching Center No. 1 of Atom-Okhrana Federal State Unitary Enterprise 20/09/2017
1853 Medical furniture REPEATED Lots 21-23 20/09/2017
1854 Delivery of state postage stamps - postage stamps 20/09/2017
1855 Electric motors, generators and transformers 20/09/2017
1856 Performing repairs of weapons, military and special equipment and military-technical equipment 20/09/2017
1857 Supply of electricity meters for MBU "SOSH No. 3" NNR RT 20/09/2017
1858 Supply of hot water meters 20/09/2017
1859 Purchase of advisory services - analysis and expertise. 20/09/2017
1860 Machine for the introduction of solid mineral fertilizers MTT-4u 20/09/2017
1861 Purchase of heat exchangers 20/09/2017
1862 Design, installation and commissioning of the fire alarm and fire alarm systems 20/09/2017
1863 Development of a project for the automatic installation of a fire alarm system 20/09/2017
1864 Components for the production of electronic electricity meters 20/09/2017
1865 TEO 85 tractors to Turkmenistan 20/09/2017
1866 Supply of electricity metering devices (electricity meters) and current transformers 20/09/2017
1867 Gas consumption meters 20/09/2017
1868 Republication - SAP Business Process Consulting. 20/09/2017
1869 Implementation of major repairs of the building of the transformer substation №222 located on the territory of the Smolny building complex to meet the needs of St. Petersburg 20/09/2017
1870 The contracting authority envisages updating Pagėgiai frontier Plaškiai firewall integrated detection and optoelectronic equipment system for acquiring and installing new equipment, which, depending on local circumstances, but what the Republic of Lithuania resulting weather conditions constantly detects and captures border crossing or far off objects, moving earth surface allows visually track objects and all information transmitted to a stationary control center in the firewall. 19/09/2017
1871 Delivery of high-voltage transformers. 19/09/2017
1872 he contract involves the following services: Census Service and topographic survey of the data network of consortium channels; Computerization of data (population); Computerization of data existing in archives consortium; customization of GIS software for viewing and managing spatial data banks; service software development procedures; supply of hardware. 19/09/2017
1873 Service contract for the provision of a study on Critical components for military lasers and advantages and use of wide area sensor technologies on UAV. 19/09/2017
1874 footwear belt, belt 19/09/2017
1875 Implementation of pattern fire protection concept IV. BA - Installation of smoke alarms (purchase, rental) including maintenance. 19/09/2017
1876 Fire detection and extinguishing systems. 19/09/2017
1877 Act GE n. 11413 of 13.7.2017 - National Freight Forwarding Service - CIG 7152383D28. 19/09/2017
1878 Wastewater treatment plant Weinstadt - sewage sludge disposal. 19/09/2017
1879 Delivery of a tank-extinguishing vehicle. 19/09/2017
1880 Procurement of 2 Ryustwagen RW for the fire brigades in WeiBenburg i. Bay. And Gunzenhausen. 19/09/2017
1881 Delivery of a fire fighting vehicle LF 20 KatS. 19/09/2017
1882 Delivery of a rescue vehicle - chassis and body. 19/09/2017
1883 Open procedure for the award of framework agreements for the provision of new urban and interurban buses to be used for public service. 19/09/2017
1884 TP Foam Truck (MFV) with after-care service. 19/09/2017
1885 Electricity supply for 4 departments of Czestochowa City Office, 136 organizational units and companies of the municipality Czestochowa, Wastewater Treatment Plant Warta SA and Municipal Road Administration. 19/09/2017
1886 Acquisition of one to two general supervision boats. 19/09/2017
1887 Modernization and extension of the Municipal Alarm and Warning System in Łódź 19/09/2017
1888 Supply of IT infrastructure, development and implementation of EZD system, domain system and development, delivery and implementation of spatial information system. 19/09/2017
1889 Delivery of lighting masts with generator set on the trailer. 19/09/2017
1890 Broadband and handheld radio antennas. 19/09/2017
1891 Commune of Leffrinckoucke - creation of a trading center and a roundabout - road works and street lighting. 19/09/2017
1892 Supply and installation of solar systems, biomass boilers and photovoltaic panels in the municipality of Michow. 19/09/2017
1893 Supply of scanners and software for digitization. 19/09/2017
1894 Purchase of network equipment and service support for network devices. 19/09/2017
1895 Snow removal, removal and anti-slip material. 19/09/2017
1896 Railway laying work (Mt2). 19/09/2017
1897 Printing and finishing of a new health magazine (magazine). 19/09/2017
1898 Modernization and extension of the Municipal Alarm and Warning System in Lodz. 19/09/2017
1899 Maintenance and repair of signaling devices, active signs and road lighting in the area administered by GDDKiA O / Poznan. 19/09/2017
1900 Complex waste management. 19/09/2017
1901 Assistance and technical maintenance of the access control system and undocumented lift of the Port Authority of Tarragona. 19/09/2017
1902 Supply of Long Wave Infrared Camera Systems. 19/09/2017
1903 Supply of logistics. 19/09/2017
1904 Supply of multifunction printers: purchases, maintenance and related services. 19/09/2017
1905 "Logistics in organizing, preparing and conducting workshops of the Certifying Authority financed by the EEA FM and NFC 2009 - 2014". 19/09/2017
1906 Supply and purchase of electricity from renewable energies. 19/09/2017
1907 Purchasing personal protective gloves 19/09/2017
1908 Mobile Satellite Services. 19/09/2017
1909 Delivery of a wheel loader. 19/09/2017
1910 Replacement procurement in the vehicle inventory Office 37 / Delivery of a fire fighting vehicle (LF 10). 19/09/2017
1911 Offer of citizens payment solution to the City of Copenhagen. 19/09/2017
1912 Maintenance of sewage systems. 19/09/2017
1913 CT2086/2017 Tender for the Provision of a Secure Remote Access and Mobile Solution. 19/09/2017
1914 Completion of a passenger information system. 19/09/2017
1915 De-icing agents for runways and taxiways. 19/09/2017
1916 The IcSP is supporting the chemical biological radiological nuclear (CBRN) centre of excellence (CoE) initiative which addresses the mitigation of and preparedness against risks related to CBRN material and agents through the implementation of concrete actions in the areas of export control of dual-use goods, illicit trafficking of CBRN materials, biosafety and biosecurity, chemical waste, etc. 19/09/2017
1917 The IcSP is supporting the chemical biological radiological nuclear (CBRN) centre of excellence (CoE) initiative which addresses the mitigation of and preparedness against risks related to CBRN material and agents through the implementation of concrete actions in the areas of export control of dual-use goods 19/09/2017
1918 Stationary speed measuring systems 19/09/2017
1920 Supply and delivery of various printed matter for the activities of the La Poste Group. 19/09/2017
1921 CTCN Technical assistance for saline water purification technology at household level and low-cost durable housing technology for coastal areas of Bangladesh 19/09/2017
1922 Framework Agreement SAP 2017. 19/09/2017
1924 Remodeling Picasso terminal building at Malaga-Costa del Sol airport. 19/09/2017
1925 The right to enter into Agreements for the supply of electricity meters for the needs of PJSC IDGC of Center (branches Voronezhenergo and Kostromaenergo). (881395) 19/09/2017
1927 Software product for automation of document management and records management processes 19/09/2017
1928 "A set of training simulators for assessing the security of computing equipment" 19/09/2017
1929 Boat Trailer 19/09/2017
1930 Supply of Mobile Passenger Boarding Bridge for Aircraft 19/09/2017
1931 Multiannual Supply Arrangement Agreement for the acquisition of tactical maritime jackets for a period of four (4) years for the benefit of the federal police. 19/09/2017
1932 Switchgear equipment for vacuum circuit breakers 19/09/2017
1933 15mm signal cartridges 19/09/2017
1934 Service of repair of night vision optical and aiming devices. 19/09/2017
1936 Frequency Converters 2018g 19/09/2017
1937 Supply of gas meters for replacement of equipment in boiler houses (OZP No. 92/2017) 19/09/2017
1938 Supply of heat exchangers 19/09/2017
1939 Construction and installation work on the object "Automatic fire alarm and fire alarm system 19/09/2017
1940 Purchase of tractor MAZ-544008-060-030 19/09/2017
1941 The right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of a portable explosive detector 19/09/2017
1942 Acquisition of state postal payment signs: marked postal envelopes and postage stamps 19/09/2017
1943 Data processing machines (hardware part) The workstation for the registration and issuance of documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine, certify the identity or its special status, with a set of equipment for removing biometric data (parameters) of a person, registration / removal from registration of places of residence / Stay of citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons (PC1), Workstation for the issuance of documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine, certify the person or his special status (RS4) 19/09/2017
1944 Printing for Schools - printers and MFPs Zaan Primary. 18/09/2017
1945 Document verification trains firmware upgrade (new equipment purchases). 18/09/2017
1946 Supply of restaurant vouchers 18/09/2017
1947 Pyrotechnic clearance, LCA Millers to Thelus. 18/09/2017
1948 Supply of electrically operated hospital beds. 18/09/2017
1949 Supply, installation, integration and maintenance of EDS equipment of standard 3 for the HBS system 18/09/2017
1950 Construction of seven photovoltaic installations - modification of the monitoring system of an eighth installation (Phase 3 - 2017). 18/09/2017
1951 2 pcs Dangerous Substances Vehicles (GSF) for the Burgenland Burglar Burglar Association. 18/09/2017
1952 Supply of telecommunications equipment in 2 lots. 18/09/2017
1953 The purpose of this framework agreement is to undertake project management tasks for the study and design of photovoltaic solar installations projects, whether or not linked to roof repairs. 18/09/2017
1954 Supply and installation of signage on the road network, sites and equipment of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique. 18/09/2017
1955 Contest of MOE - restricted competition on sketch in order to award a contract for project management for the construction of 20 social housing units rue du Buisson 69250, Fleurieu-sur-Saône. 18/09/2017
1956 Agreement on the delivery of gloves for BPH. 18/09/2017
1957 Supply and maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment. 18/09/2017
1958 Telecommunications services. 18/09/2017
1959 Delivery of medium distance weapons (MDW) in caliber 5,56mm x 45 incl. Accessories for the state police Schleswig-Holstein. 18/09/2017
1960 Case 17s0019: Layout, illustration, writing, printing and distribution of municipal magazines and their supplements for the City of Lille and its associated municipalities. 18/09/2017
1961 Installation of a video-protection system. 18/09/2017
1962 Snow removal services with antifreeze in the municipalities of Bardonecchia and Cesana Torinese for the winter season 2017 / 2018-2018 / 2019. 18/09/2017
1963 Emptying of parking ticket machines (48 months). 18/09/2017
1964 Maintenance of Renk gearboxes of the CC Leopard 2 A4, leopard 2E and VCI and VCPC Pizarro and its peripherals. 18/09/2017
1965 Road cleaning and other public spaces. 18/09/2017
1966 Armored Backhoe Acquisition of Engineers. 18/09/2017
1967 Acquisition of new tramway trains of large capacity - resumption of the consultation. 18/09/2017
1968 Acquisition of new tramway trains of large capacity - resumption of the consultation. 18/09/2017
1969 Frequency converter Rupperswil - total renewal 18/09/2017
1970 Maintenance and operation of public lighting installations, tricolor and light signaling. 18/09/2017
1971 Internal Audit Services. 18/09/2017
1972 Supply of water meters and accessories. 18/09/2017
1973 Service of printing and personalization of official titles and European supplements to the title, authentic electronic copies with change of format of official titles and European supplements to the title 18/09/2017
1974 Service of home exchange of bellows gas meters in PSG Sp. Z oo, Branch of Gas Plant in Wroclaw. 18/09/2017
1975 Delivery of tank extinguishing vehicles with built-in powder extinguishing system PTLF 4000. 18/09/2017
1976 Construction of a sanitary sewage system in Stary Las and Nowy Las - stage II. 18/09/2017
1977 Construction of a collective network of sanitary sewage systems in Brzezinka. 18/09/2017
1978 Delivery of a reconstruction vehicle (RW2) for the fire brigade Berneck-Au-Heerbrugg. 18/09/2017
1979 Acquisition of direct and indirect polyphase type IV electronic meters destined to the Spanish market, produced and assembled according to the technical / functional specifications of Endesa and integrated with the communications protocol Meters & More. 18/09/2017
1980 Contract for the supply of land vehicles through the Program for stimulating the renewal of the national car park. 18/09/2017
1981 Delivery of 14 units of unmarked cars to field units of the Police Headquarters plus 3 units in option. 18/09/2017
1982 Service of management and maintenance of the systems of protection against fires and surveillance and supply of equipment of detection and fire alarm of the Parliament of Galicia. 18/09/2017
1983 First Level Audits (including CFS) and quality controls within the 8th EU Framework Program (Horizon 2020). 18/09/2017
1984 Exploitation service of the exterior of the fleet of Urban Buses of Valladolid, SA 18/09/2017
1985 Supply of motor vehicles with compactor for municipal waste collection services. 18/09/2017
1986 Exploitation, conservation and maintenance of the sewage treatment plant. 18/09/2017
1987 Maintenance services of the Economic-Financial Management System of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands. 18/09/2017
1988 Purchase of backpacks. 18/09/2017
1989 Provision of Valuation and Advisory Services of United Nations Property in Geneva 18/09/2017
1990 Acquisition of class IX spare parts 155/52. 18/09/2017
1991 Holster, open carrying. 18/09/2017
1992 PSBA Audit Services. 18/09/2017
1993 Snow clearing and snow removal. 18/09/2017
1994 Contract for the purchase of n. 12 used 12 mt buses. Class II two-door intercity diesel fuel Euro 5 divided into 2 lots from n. 8 and n. 4 buses each. 18/09/2017
1995 Acquisition of class IX parts of the howitzer 155/52 18/09/2017
1996 Former Berlin Tempelhof Airport - firefighters and vehicles. 18/09/2017
1997 Acquisition of UAVs for supporting scientific measuring instruments for the CRREAT project. 18/09/2017
1998 GOS extension_Los 19 steel-glass-frame doors. 18/09/2017
1999 Security services to RAR-RA representatives 18/09/2017
2000 Supply of Administrative / Management Services for a trust-based Private Healthcare Scheme. 18/09/2017
2001 The daa wishes to purchase a Class B Fire Appliance as per the specification outlined in the documents attached to this notice. 18/09/2017
2002 Delivery of 110 kV transformers to substations Dobele, Karsava, Latgale, Priekule and Tukums. 18/09/2017
2003 Establishment of a new 20 MW photovoltaic power plant at Mátrai Erőmű Zrt. At Bukkabranyi site. 18/09/2017
2004 Acquisition of projectiles and charges for Obus of 105/37 mm Ligth Gun. 18/09/2017
2005 Procurement of low-floor, overland buses 12 m in LE construction (tender according to SektVO). 18/09/2017
2006 GCS UniHA: Acquisition of refrigeration generators and refrigerant helmets with associated maintenance services. 18/09/2017
2007 Acquisition of maintenance services and technical assistance to SAP licensing, Sintras SMAS. 18/09/2017
2008 FOGAZ Zrt. For printing, enveloping and delivering documents (Direct mailing). 18/09/2017
2009 Printing of folders incl. Folding sheets for the BZgA. 18/09/2017
2010 Consulting services in the field of auditing. 18/09/2017
2011 Medical furniture for the emergency room and reception department. 18/09/2017
2012 The choice of a general contractor organization for the construction of an object "CCTV system around the perimeter of OJSC" MTW "within the boundaries of the land plot: Minsk, Dolgobrodskaya, 29" 18/09/2017
2013 Weapons, ammunition and associated parts. The project covers the procurement of a shotgun with options to increase the shotgun capability and purchase further ammunition in the future, if needed 18/09/2017
2014 External support and maintenance services for the meGovernment system "meGov" in the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection. 18/09/2017
2015 Printer / copier 18/09/2017
2016 Maintenance of the wastewater and rainwater systems of the municipal buildings of the city of Fréjus. 18/09/2017
2017 Provision of mobile telecommunication services for the resort of the Ministry of Culture. 18/09/2017
2018 Collection of glass, sorting of selective collection, recovery and treatment of waste collected in waste disposal facilities and purchase of materials. 18/09/2017
2019 Delivery / installation of 72 parking ticket machines, delivery / installation / maintenance / collection of 125 parking ticket machines. 18/09/2017
2020 Supply Installation Commission and Maintenance of Load Bank and Switch Gear for Diesel Generator at HMS Sultan. 18/09/2017
2021 Purchase and delivery of four roll-off containers for the professional fire brigade of the city of Wuppertal. 18/09/2017
2022 Purchase of a video surveillance system (SVNS) for the construction site "Reconstruction of the complex of objects of the Dynamo stadium in Minsk" 18/09/2017
2023 Praqualifikation Smart Grid fahiges Smart Metering System. 18/09/2017
2024 Snow clearing for municipal roads and purpose-built buildings in Nannestad municipality. 18/09/2017
2025 Framework agreement for the procurement of communication services. 18/09/2017
2026 Framework agreement for external advisory and support services in the SBC environment. 18/09/2017
2027 Services relating to the security and supervision of buildings and communal areas in the town of Sanary-sur-Mer. 18/09/2017
2029 Combat equipment - cases, ammunition cartridge holders and knee and elbow protectors 18/09/2017
2030 Purchase of gasoline generators 18/09/2017
2031 Purchase of tractors 18/09/2017
2032 Open auction in electronic form for the supply of an automatic three-phase portable NEVA-Test 3303P for testing electricity meters. 18/09/2017
2033 Work on the installation of solar panels residence "Les Caupiannes" in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles. 18/09/2017
2034 Annual Travel Passes 18/09/2017
2035 Implementation of modernization of the centralized information and technical platform for automation of storage processes, data processing and obtaining of operational information on the execution of the regional budget and budgets of municipalities on the basis of the automated public finance management system "ACC-Finance" 18/09/2017
2036 Production and delivery of new model training uniforms within 2 tasks. 18/09/2017
2037 View CfT Workspace 18/09/2017
2038 Garbage truck -KrASZ-C0DM2S (based on GAZ-33098 side loading for containers of 1.1 m 3 (or equivalent). 18/09/2017
2039 Printing service 18/09/2017
2040 NCASOM/01/2017 Supply of general office stationery and printing materials 18/09/2017
2041 Auction in electronic form for the right to conclude a contract for the supply of mobile gangways with a platform for the needs of the PGM GBU "Highways" among small businesses and socially-oriented non-profit organizations 18/09/2017
2042 Equipment of ARM for registration and issuance of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine - 2 lots 18/09/2017
2043 Supply of distribution transformers for posts on posts and cabins. 18/09/2017
2044 35 neutral service wagons (NEWA) with special police equipment and radio equipment. 18/09/2017
2045 Supply of metal detectors for the needs of the State Budgetary Cultural Institution of Moscow "Moscow Theater of the Young Spectator" 18/09/2017
2046 No. 17-2017 Selection of the supplier of the ILS landing instrument system with DME 18/09/2017
2047 Supply of electricity meters and equipment for ASKUE OOO "Bashkirenergo" 18-000003 (886322) 18/09/2017
2048 Delivery of shaft materials "- for the CZOK Branch Part I - XI. 18/09/2017
2049 ABS 48 - Assessment of passive noise protection. 18/09/2017
2050 Delivery of traffic lights 18/09/2017
2051 A set of sewage treatment plants for storm sewage 18/09/2017
2052 Supply of currency detectors and banknote counters 18/09/2017
2053 Purchase of electricity meters 18/09/2017
2054 Portal for moving the electric furnace in the set 18/09/2017
2055 Provision of services for the creation and broadcasting of television programs in the sphere of housing and communal services 18/09/2017
2056 Purchase of fiberglass 18/09/2017
2057 Request for price proposals for the supply of water meters with universal fittings for the needs of OOO RVK-Voronezh 18/09/2017
2058 Mass flowmeters 18/09/2017
2059 Supply of a remote control X-ray diagnostic complex for the state budgetary healthcare institution "Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after. VD Seredavina 18/09/2017
2060 Supply of an X-ray mobile device for the state budget public health institution "Samara Regional Clinical Hospital. VD Seredavina 18/09/2017
2061 "Ambulances" (Emergency Medical Cars Type B) 18/09/2017
2062 Operation of the sewage treatment plant and water reservoir of the Messel mine. 17/09/2017
2063 Purchase of self-adhesive labels 17/09/2017
2064 Supply of Light Over Snow Vehicles Toboggans 17/09/2017
2065 Medical furniture 16/09/2017
2066 Increased cyber security by purchasing and upgrading the CSI Police network infrastructure and extending the server, disk and virtualisation security infrastructure. 16/09/2017
2067 Supply of toners for laser printers and copier 16/09/2017
2068 Procurement of fire fighting equipment for the needs of TPPP Probistip, as follows: procurement of fire hoses F-52 mm and purchase of back pump 16/09/2017
2069 Multiannual Framework Agreement provision on making fleece vests for the benefit of the integrated police structured on two levels. 15/09/2017
2070 Acquisition of IP cameras and video recorder. 15/09/2017
2071 Supply of waste collection trucks. 15/09/2017
2072 Framework agreement for Maintenance of SwAF C-130. 15/09/2017
2073 Supply, delivery and installation of a CCTV system for the pet primates Neurocampus building of the University of Bordeaux. 15/09/2017
2074 Supply and rescue vehicles and equipment to assist victims (VSAV). 15/09/2017
2075 Heavy armor for special unit 15/09/2017
2076 Acquisition of low medical beds and medical mattresses. 15/09/2017
2077 Supply and installation of a video security system to GPMLM. 15/09/2017
2078 Procurement Tanklöschfahrzeug 4000 for the volunteer fire department Regau. 15/09/2017
2079 Revision of the master plan for collective wastewater treatment in the town of vitrolles 15/09/2017
2080 European tender Water Board Hollands Noorderkwartier Integrated Telecommunication Services. 15/09/2017
2081 Provision of telecommunications services. 15/09/2017
2082 Supply and delivery of restaurant vouchers for agencies of the control group. 15/09/2017
2083 Reception, sorting, conditioning, recovery, and treatment (excluding incineration) of household and similar waste. 15/09/2017
2084 Multiannual framework agreement for the supply of fleece vests to the benefit of the integrated structured police at 2 levels. 15/09/2017
2085 Framework Agreement for the supply of military equipment items. 15/09/2017
2086 Service of video surveillance, security and management of the Center of Security of People and Goods located in the Center of Integrated Control. 15/09/2017
2087 Procurement of of printing labels. 15/09/2017
2088 "Providing multiple jet and jet jet drinking water meters". 15/09/2017
2089 Replacement road sweeper. The purchase is subject to the necessary credit allocation of the responsible organ of the civil engineering office of the canton of Berne. 15/09/2017
2090 Vehicle procurement of the articulated bus 2018-2020. 15/09/2017
2091 Execution of the service related to the Operation of exchange of bellows gas meters in the area of operation of the Gas Plant Department in Zabrze together with the supplementary documents "Monterski Protocol" and the introduction of registration data into the .xlsx file. 15/09/2017
2092 Rental of 2 sweepers without driver with maintenance. 15/09/2017
2093 Market for telecommunications services. 15/09/2017
2094 Construction of a water supply system with connections in the Iwkowa Commune - stage V with water intake, treatment plant and equalization tank in Wojakowa. 15/09/2017
2095 Maintenance service of public lighting installations and traffic lights and improvement work of different sectors of public lighting and semaphore installations in the municipality of Manresa. 15/09/2017
2096 Framework agreement for the selection of a single company for the supply of materials, for the preparation of the library card for the libraries of the Municipal Library Network (XBM). 15/09/2017
2097 Announcement of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona on tender for supply contract of a radio-surgical mobile equipment of C-RX with table. 15/09/2017
2098 Delivery of 3 rescue vehicle box form, 1 sick transport car. 15/09/2017
2099 Snow clearing contracts 2017-2021 — Harstad. 15/09/2017
2100 Procurement of 12 m standard low floor Urban Buses equipped with EURO 6 Stage C Diesel engine 15/09/2017
2101 Snow clearing contracts 2017-2021 — Kvaefjord municipality. 15/09/2017
2102 Framewok agreement on spar part for hot air generators of the Dantherm make. 15/09/2017
2103 Framework agreement for spare parts for electricity generators, type PE. 15/09/2017
2104 Operation of network pumping stations and sanitary sewage system. 15/09/2017
2105 Delivery of specialized beds for patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit. 15/09/2017
2106 Purchase contract "Purchase of garment accessories 2017". 15/09/2017
2107 Winter maintenance, snow cleaning and sanding of municipal road network and street network on the territory of Chepelare 15/09/2017
2108 Choice for Provision of Telecommunication Services - Fixed Telephone Services "for the needs of TPS" Izvora "for a period of 36 months. 15/09/2017
2109 Printing of the communication media of the City of Valenciennes. 15/09/2017
2110 Supply of 3D printers. 15/09/2017
2111 Acquisition of a road marking machine for the department of Ardèche. 15/09/2017
2112 Framework agreement for the maintenance of aircraft. 15/09/2017
2113 Supply of Can (Case), Ammunition 15/09/2017
2114 Rental of positive elevators or nacelles and nacelles or gangways. 15/09/2017
2115 Procurement of two mobile X-ray machines (C-arm). 15/09/2017
2116 CNC-Holzbearbeitungsmaschine. 15/09/2017
2117 Acquisition of cartridges of 9X19 mm ordinary parabellum approved. 15/09/2017
2118 Acquisition of organized shots for shots of 105/14/30 mm. 15/09/2017
2119 Supply, delivery of flat and custom printed matter, printed and periodical notebooks and registers. 15/09/2017
2120 Printing of tax returns for real estate tax and municipal waste tax - enveloping and distribution for 2018, 2019 and 2020 of the Municipal Income Directorate to Sofia Municipality. 15/09/2017
2121 Maintenance and servicing of vacuum sweeper with PL chassis. 15/09/2017
2122 Providing extra-urban buses. 15/09/2017
2123 Framework agreement to purchase order for the maintenance of video surveillance and videoprotection installations. 15/09/2017
2124 Multifunctional cleaning machine 15/09/2017
2125 Winter maintenance of county roads in the district of Nowosadecki in the winter season 2017/2018. 15/09/2017
2126 A-120/17; Mapping of project documentation and documentary material of a permanent collection. 15/09/2017
2127 Supply of vehicles and equipment. 15/09/2017
2128 Passenger Off-road M1G for AHNM II. 15/09/2017
2129 Framework agreement to purchase orders for the supply and delivery of paper. 15/09/2017
2130 "Completing a regional waste management system in the Borovo region (Byala, Rousse district)" and providing infrastructure for external connections at the site with the republican road network and the n networks. 15/09/2017
2131 Procurement of an emergency service vehicle HLF 20/16 according to EN 1846-2 or DIN 14.502 part 1 - 3 and DIN 14.530 part 11 for the voluntary fire brigade Kropp in the municipality of Kropp. Divided into three lots, chassis, superstructure and loading. 15/09/2017
2132 Procurement of emergency medical vehicles type B analogous to procurement of the BMI - Federal Office for Population Protection and Disaster Aid. 15/09/2017
2133 Security services. 15/09/2017
2134 Election Management System. 15/09/2017
2135 Security services. 15/09/2017
2136 Tender IT infrastructure. 15/09/2017
2137 17-0351 Procurement of rescue vehicles according to DIN 1789 - Delivery of three rescue vehicles according to DIN 1789. 15/09/2017
2138 Framework contract for the purchase and supply of printing and copying paper. 15/09/2017
2139 New building administrative center sinergia, Chur / BKP 231 Apparatus heavy current (switchgear combinations). 15/09/2017
2140 ITT for Print Management Services. 15/09/2017
2141 Rozvoj IT infrastruktury MO-A. 15/09/2017
2142 Procurement of 36 Refuse Collection Vehicles. 15/09/2017
2143 Fire Alarm Maintenance. 15/09/2017
2144 Procurement of two mobile X-ray machines (C-arm). 15/09/2017
2145 Ultrasonic flowmeters 15/09/2017
2146 Winter service - framework agreement. 15/09/2017
2147 Purchase of fire alarm equipment 15/09/2017
2148 Purchase of self-propelled electrical belt conveyor 15/09/2017
2149 ITM.249, 154 kV Transformer Substation Construction 15/09/2017
2150 Renewal of printing systems and related maintenance services 15/09/2017
2151 Design, translation and printing services for the Peipsimaa Collaboration project. 15/09/2017
2152 Preparation of bank payment cards with magnetic stripe payment system BELKART 15/09/2017
2153 Supply of wild sweepers for street sweeping 15/09/2017
2154 Provision of a resource planning solution. 15/09/2017
2156 Metal detector 15/09/2017
2157 Mineral fertilizer urea 15/09/2017
2158 Acquisition of 5000ea, PATRIOT Missile Shock Mounts 15/09/2017
2159 Supply of firefighting equipment 15/09/2017
2160 Delivery of stationary metal detectors for the needs of JSC "International Airport" Krasnodar ". 15/09/2017
2161 Supply and installation of a 40 kVA UPS at MAPP Ozinki for the needs of Volgograd Branch of FGKU Rosgranstroy 15/09/2017
2162 Supply of IP PBX equipment 15/09/2017
2163 Purchase of security alarm systems and access control for the construction site "Construction of a complex of buildings of the state institution 15/09/2017
2164 Freight forwarding services for the delivery of spare parts by air to Abu Dhabi Airport, UAE 15/09/2017
2165 Supply of personal armor protection 15/09/2017
2166 Purchase of telecommunications equipment and commissioning 15/09/2017
2167 Complex supply of electric energy meters, current and voltage measuring transformers 15/09/2017
2168 Supply VoIP Telephone Adapter Cisco 15/09/2017
2169 purchase of generators and cable radio frequency 15/09/2017
2170 HEATING MATERIAL 15/09/2017
2171 Purchase of uninterruptible power supply: UPS 1500VA / 1350W UPS 1000VA / 800W 15/09/2017
2172 Procurement of telecommunication services - fixed telephony and internet 15/09/2017
2173 Military sleeping bags for extremely cold conditions with pads - extra quantity 15/09/2017
2174 Supply of Visibility Vests. 14/09/2017
2175 Provision of financial and economic management system and associated services. 14/09/2017
2176 Overhaul of telephone and IT infrastructure. 14/09/2017
2177 Telecommunications services: fixed telephony, mobile, Internet and VPN access for the Department and College of Charente. 14/09/2017
2178 Supply and commissioning of pallets control materials by X-ray 14/09/2017
2179 CTSI316 Services for the treatment of land and debris waste from the depots in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. 14/09/2017
2180 Telecommunication service. 14/09/2017
2181 Dit170622-Collection of transport and treatment of chemical waste. 14/09/2017
2182 Three-phase, metal-encapsulated medium-voltage switchgear. 14/09/2017
2183 Supply and implementation of an IP telephony solution. 14/09/2017
2184 Supply and installation of 216 solar sets in the scope of the task: "Renewable energy sources in Zakrzew - Stage II". 14/09/2017
2185 Sewerage and water supply works Potable - market for purchase orders. 14/09/2017
2186 Delivery of 5 new low-emission, low emission ecological low-emission buses destined for public transport in MPK Spółka z oo in Tarnow. 14/09/2017
2187 Walking lease, maintenance and retrieval of heat meters from the homes. 14/09/2017
2188 Delivery of police vehicles "patrol car" in the amount of 12 units and 1 unit of unmarked passenger car. 14/09/2017
2189 Sales contract is for purchase of 2 CNC machining centers. 14/09/2017
2190 Ukb New construction Rehabilitation - fire extinguishing systems. 14/09/2017
2191 Ukb New construction Rehabilitation - fire extinguishing systems. 14/09/2017
2192 Design, engineering, drawing, installing and installing solar panels. 14/09/2017
2194 Supply of LED lanterns and accessories for existing street lighting. 14/09/2017
2195 HLF 20 - Auxiliary service vehicle for the fire brigade. 14/09/2017
2196 Multi Functional Printers. 14/09/2017
2197 Waste collection, transport and treatment services CER 20.01.08 from home collection (door to door) in the municipalities of Area Impianti SpA. 14/09/2017
2198 Providing paper printers and photocopiers. 14/09/2017
2199 Replacement procurement Medium fire truck MLF. 14/09/2017
2200 Satellite communication infrastructure solutions. 14/09/2017
2201 Heat energy supply. 14/09/2017
2202 81215440-Supporting the decentralization of off-grid renewable energy services delivery in one province of Nepal. 14/09/2017
2203 The framework agreement concerns the maintenance and technical support of the Business Objects solution of the SAP editor and the acquisition of additional licenses or new modules 14/09/2017
2204 Supply of detectors of traces of explosives on documents 14/09/2017
2205 Procurement of a new VoIP telecommunication infrastructure and conclusion of a service and maintenance contract. 14/09/2017
2206 Traffic signaling services. 14/09/2017
2207 Boarding passes and baggage tags 14/09/2017
2209 Replacement heat exchanger for flue gas reheating (Reingas-WT) in the rotary kiln 1 (DRO1) and fluidized bed furnace 1 (WSO1) in the Simmeringer Haide factory. 14/09/2017
2210 Trolley for removing and transporting the air intake of the engine CFM56-7B 14/09/2017
2211 Oxygen Generators for Aircraft 14/09/2017
2212 Delivery of pistols Glock 17/19 Generation 4 14/09/2017
2213 Framework agreement for renting a suction / flush car (combination car), pipe inspection car, vacuum cleaner / combi for wet and dry material and emptying and sampling oil separators 14/09/2017
2214 Garbage truck with side loading on the basis of MAZ or equivalent 14/09/2017
2215 Technical means of training - K-10 Swift type training aircraft, or similar type of aircraft 14/09/2017
2216 Purchase of a device for personalization of bank payment cards 14/09/2017
2217 Purchase of medical furniture, equipment for kindergarten 14/09/2017
2218 Mixer-feed mixer mobile semi-trailer 14/09/2017
2219 Purchase of television video surveillance systems 14/09/2017
2220 Purchase of thermal imaging camera 14/09/2017
2221 Purchase of software and services for the implementation of the electronic technical document management system 14/09/2017
2222 Supply of electric meters complete with current transformers, Kirov regional customs post (Kirov) 14/09/2017
2223 Printers Plotter 1 pc. 14/09/2017
2224 Supply of RFID equipment, software and a contactless smart card with an RFID chip for identification of the reader 14/09/2017
2225 Purchase of tractor and trailer 14/09/2017
2226 Installation of uninterruptible power supply system in server rooms 14/09/2017
2227 Acquisition of portable arched and hand metal detectors 14/09/2017
2228 Label thermo-eco, size 38 (40) mm x 40 mm green 14/09/2017
2229 Street Lighting (LED) 14/09/2017
2230 Supply of current transformers 14/09/2017
2231 At the choice of the contractor organization for construction and installation works on the fire alarm system on the object 14/09/2017
2232 Installation and Integration of Energy Storage System with Batteries in the Electrical System of the island of Porto Santo. 14/09/2017
2233 Front wheel articulated shovel loader with accessories. 13/09/2017
2234 Maintenance of fire extinguishers, Ria and sand traps, fire alarm systems and smoke extraction of buildings of the City of Versailles, the CCAS and Cavgp 13/09/2017
2235 Delivery of two (2) Reguliertransformatoren 40MVA, 110 / 20kV. 13/09/2017
2236 Rescue tools. 13/09/2017
2237 Delivery of a fire fighting vehicle (LF 20) for the volunteer fire brigade of the community of Ostseebad Boltenhagen. 13/09/2017
2238 Acquisition of Tank Trucks Forest Fire (CCFM). 13/09/2017
2239 "Delivering, deploying and maintaining an int. Automatic machine. A system for electric charge and video surveillance in the city of Sofia in transport and services. Management and reporting on-line sales. " 13/09/2017
2240 Multilingual traffic signs in the district of Nordfriesland 2 13/09/2017
2241 NHS Business Service Authority IT Infrastructure Sourcing — Managed Infrastructure Services. 13/09/2017
2242 NHS Business Service Authority IT Infrastructure Sourcing — Managed Infrastructure Services 13/09/2017
2243 Supply under the modality of renting of a sweeper for the road cleaning service. 13/09/2017
2244 ECO 28/17 SE Completion of the audits of the annual accounts for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 financial years of several public entities in which the Catalan Government is responsible. 13/09/2017
2245 Post Warranty Subscription Support for 2 Xerox Docu Print 180 EPS High Performance Xerox Printer Systems. 13/09/2017
2246 Fire fighting vehicle LF 10 according to DIN 14530, part 5 municipality Claubnitz. 13/09/2017
2247 Waste management 19 12 12 ie other wastes (including substances and articles from mechanical treatment of waste and other than those mentioned in 19 12 11) for processing under the R12 recovery process. 13/09/2017
2248 • Supply morter grenades 81MM 13/09/2017
2249 TEXT PAPER PURCHASED 13/09/2017
2250 Delivery of 7 fire trucks. 13/09/2017
2251 HLF 20 - Auxiliary service fire engine for the fire brigade. 13/09/2017
2252 Purchase 3 x Large Agricultural Tractors. 13/09/2017
2253 "Design, delivery, installation and maintenance of a video surveillance system for a central wood storage warehouse of SZW Razlog TP". 13/09/2017
2254 Provision of telecommunications services 13/09/2017
2255 Banking service of the budget of Sieradz County and of powiat organizational units. 13/09/2017
2256 Implementation of a budgetary and accounting internal control procedure within an ESPIC. 13/09/2017
2257 Holding of shotgun tests and rifle samples. 13/09/2017
2258 Winter service 2017-2021 to Esbjerg Municipality. 13/09/2017
2259 Typical non-taxable printing services - family tickets, extra files for them and registers for the evidence of the issue of family vouchers 13/09/2017
2260 Audit Services. 13/09/2017
2261 Framework agreement concerning Delivery and installation of indoor LED lighting. 13/09/2017
2262 The target of this procurement is the implementation of a supplier invoice management solution for RTE, which will guarantee the financial security of the supported processes and the confidentiality of sensitive supplier data. This solution will be implemented in the RTE SI and will interface with the SAP ERP. 13/09/2017
2263 Contract of 3rd phase of expansion of the jetty east of the Port of Sines. 13/09/2017
2265 Medical furniture 3 13/09/2017
2266 A219 Emergency Rescue Equipment 13/09/2017
2267 ATVs with a trailer (Lafet) 13/09/2017
2268 Service for the provision of a temporary use of the hardware and software complex "Queue Management System" 13/09/2017
2269 "Supply with Certificate of Origin EUR 1" 13/09/2017
2270 Delivery, installation and assembly of a complete, functional and tested, 110 kV gas-insulated switchgear. 13/09/2017
2271 Supply of metal detectors for the needs of Primorsky Krai ships 13/09/2017
2272 Purchase of transformers 13/09/2017
2273 A complete two-transformer substation in a concrete shell (2KTPP) 13/09/2017
2274 Purchase of a complete switchgear 13/09/2017
2275 Multiannual Framework Agreement for supplies for the acquisition of CBRN protective clothing (chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear) in favor of the Technical and Scientific Police. 12/09/2017
2276 A framework supply agreement for a period of one (1) year for the acquisition of thermal monocular vision devices pocket and infrared sights for the benefit of the integrated police structured on two levels. 12/09/2017
2277 E39 Svegjørn — Radal — K22 Variable signs speed. 12/09/2017
2278 FB 38/2017 The supply and maintenance of 8 (8 ± 1) Fire trucks offroad (4X4) equipped with water and foam tanks to the Forest Department. 12/09/2017
2279 Framework agreement for the supply of blanks for minting of metallic coins and monétiformes products of standard quality. 12/09/2017
2280 Telecommunications Service for the period between 2017-2020. 12/09/2017
2281 Truck with loading crane & Dump truck for Schweinfurt. 12/09/2017
2282 Connecting vehicle. 12/09/2017
2283 Upgrading and extension of telecommunications infrastructure and networks NTUA 12/09/2017
2284 Call pick-up and computer support or telecommunications services. 12/09/2017
2285 Delivery of a semitrailer with tractor. 12/09/2017
2286 Supplies of ink, toner for faxes, inkjet and laser printers and toners for multifunction devices. 12/09/2017
2287 Water meter readout service with photolithography and georeferenced survey of meters operated by the company Brianzacque. 12/09/2017
2288 Sewage treatment plant Gut Groblappen, Freisinger Landstrabe u. Sewer service stations, maintenance; Removal and recycling v. Composting and sanding material as well as sewage disposal and suction residues 12/09/2017
2289 Supply 4 machines sweepers with different dimensions and capacities to cover the different needs of road cleaning, and 4 self-propelled vacuum cleaners with electric transmission. 12/09/2017
2290 Parking space management in Mönchengladbach - Delivery, installation and commissioning of 69 parking ticket machines. 12/09/2017
2291 Prequalification by tender a Restricted procedure for the provision of video surveillance systems, cargo passengers and on-board communication systems. 12/09/2017
2292 Modernization of the combined sewage system in the area of Kokociniec Housing Estate in Katowice. 12/09/2017
2293 Delivery of two rescue and fire-fighting vehicles to the municipality Baranow, district Kepno. 12/09/2017
2294 Scanning of paper files. 12/09/2017
2295 Produce and deliver a stamp for the Hungarian tax and customs authorities for the release of certain excise goods (alcoholic products, tobacco products) in Hungary for the 2018 year, in accordance with the relevant legal and safety regulations, as specified in point II.2.1. 12/09/2017
2296 Providing services in the field of winter maintenance of county roads administered by the District Road Administration in Rzeszow. 12/09/2017
2297 Purchase of GSM telecommunications services. 12/09/2017
2298 Supplies of printers. 12/09/2017
2299 Supply of 3 fire truck tanks 12/09/2017
2300 Replacement of existing road lighting access tunnel and tunnel lighting with LED lighting in the Sveti Marko tunnel at the Karlovac - Bosiljevo highway Rijeka - Zagreb. 12/09/2017
2301 Fire Department fire engine. 12/09/2017
2302 Delivery and procurement of a crane truck with a changeover system / tipping bridge Construction farm. 12/09/2017
2303 Reconstruction of a tram track in Bytom in ul. Katowice on the stretch from pl. Sikorskiego to ul. Siemianowicka (second track extension) 12/09/2017
2304 Collection and waste management of Veltrusy. 12/09/2017
2305 Supply of 3 fire truck tanks. 12/09/2017
2306 3 machines sweepers self-supporting cleaning service. 12/09/2017
2307 Modernization of the National Electronic Identity System (NETAIS). 12/09/2017
2308 Carrying out the service of Pay Parking in the area of Dzierzoniow using parking meters in the years 2018-2021. 12/09/2017
2309 Benefits and associated services (direct mail, delivery ...) of offset printing, digital printing and reprography. 12/09/2017
2310 Electricity supply 2018 - 2021 for the public buildings of the town Dorsten and the street lighting. 12/09/2017
2311 Reissue of supply of buildings for fire and rescue vehicles. 12/09/2017
2312 Procurement of 3 pcs. Trucks Fire Defense. 12/09/2017
2313 Communal message with official stamp. 12/09/2017
2314 Communal message with official stamp. 12/09/2017
2315 Construction of a photovoltaic installation on a part of a reclaimed landfill site, reclamation of a part of the waste disposal facility and construction of an access road. 12/09/2017
2316 Design and printing of communication documents. 12/09/2017
2317 RTPI (Real Time Passenger Information) — Provision of Passenger Display Signs. 12/09/2017
2318 Automobile Vehicle Identification System 2 Pen Fuel 12/09/2017
2319 Supply and delivery of restraint systems for the Dordogne Departmental Park. 12/09/2017
2320 Delivery of fire trucks. 12/09/2017
2321 Ballistic protective equipment. 12/09/2017
2322 Bulletproof vests. 12/09/2017
2323 Purchase of Özehl Security Services for 2018-2019-2020 12/09/2017
2324 Ballistic protection equipment 12/09/2017
2325 A215 Snow blowing machines complete with mobile pump 12/09/2017
2326 Upgrading the "Payment Gateway" system 12/09/2017
2327 Supply of power meters, power detectors 12/09/2017
2328 Purchase of machinery for forestry and agriculture 12/09/2017
2329 Purchase of steel pipes 12/09/2017
2330 Project Development Documentation Service for Project Water Utility Construction Project Project Platinum Lake Plans for Co-financing from EU Funds 12/09/2017
2331 Purchase of loaders 12/09/2017
2332 Pos terminals for TVM machines and virtual POS terminal for payment of services to JSP SKOPJE - SKOPJE 12/09/2017
2333 Construction of water and sewage network in N. Hipodrom 2 — Municipality of Gazi Baba. 12/09/2017
2334 Weapon probe BL 1-3 12/09/2017
2335 Supply of metal detectors and mobile metal fencing for the needs of the administration of the Shpakovo municipal district of the Stavropol Territory 12/09/2017
2336 Purchase of cables, lamps, circuit breakers 12/09/2017
2337 Maintenance of automatic fire alarm systems 12/09/2017
2338 Semitrailer sprayer 12/09/2017
2339 Complex of automatic system of commercial metering of electric power: - single-phase electric energy meter - 120 pcs. - three-phase electricity meter - 33 pcs. - Router of the communication channel - 1 pc. 12/09/2017
2340 Supply of an arched metal detector 12/09/2017
2341 Purchase and installation of cameras in public places in Decan 12/09/2017
2342 1. Plastic card white CR80,030 -2,000 pcs. 2. Tape for full color printing YMCKO (K-t for 200 cards) -10 units 12/09/2017
2343 POSTE 125/20 kV de Rolle — Installation GIS 145 kV. 11/09/2017
2344 Rolle 125/20 kV substation - Neutral point forming transformer and compensation coil 11/09/2017
2345 Alarm Service - Installation and service of fire and burglar alarms. 11/09/2017
2346 Delivery traffic requirements. 11/09/2017
2347 Telecom network. 11/09/2017
2348 Open procedure for custody architectural and engineering services related works to build a new wastewater treatment system dellAORN A. Cardarelli. 11/09/2017
2349 The service for the collection and management of municipal waste from the owners of the property inhabited by the inhabitants and those who do not inhabit the inhabitants, and the generation of municipal waste from the area of the Ustka Commune. 11/09/2017
2350 AI 2016-272 delivery, placement and maintenance of ANPR camera system. 11/09/2017
2351 Framework agreement for maintenance and on-service assistance of n. 53 card printing apparatus for OCI and OCP ATAC Electronic Ticketing System and supply of consumables. 11/09/2017
2352 Operation, maintenance, rebuilding, construction of traffic signals. 11/09/2017
2353 Provision of supply and delivery of restaurant vouchers. 11/09/2017
2354 Market for the rental, maintenance and retrieval of hot water meters, meters and heat distributors. 11/09/2017
2355 Technical assistance for the inspection, monitoring and maintenance of the works in the wastewater treatment plants of Zaragoza. 11/09/2017
2356 Open procedure for the conclusion of a Framework Agreement for the management of the management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of sewage treatment plants and sewage systems. 11/09/2017
2357 Supply and installation of vertical directional, tourist and police signage. 11/09/2017
2358 "Renewal of UW Islas", lot 1 60 kV-AIS interior switchgear. 11/09/2017
2359 Follow the Greens – Advanced Surface Traffic Management. 11/09/2017
2360 Market for logistics services on behalf of the Spare Parts and Logistics Department (DPRL) of the Operational Technical Unit (UTO). 11/09/2017
2361 Expertise in renewable energies for individuals in the Brussels-Capital Region. 11/09/2017
2362 Market of accompanying services to the development plan of the Human Resources Information Systems (Sirh) projects of Pole emploi. 11/09/2017
2363 Delivery of license plates for the m.st. Warsaw. 11/09/2017
2364 Provision of CBRNe Mobile Units for Special Intervention Teams Procedure Status 11/09/2017
2365 Adaptation of the Admissions Boards room to the x-ray lab with purchase and assembly of the new X-ray machine. 11/09/2017
2366 Telecommunications service for the University Hospital Foundation Alcorcón. 11/09/2017
2367 Framework contract for printing publications published by the National Publishing Institute and printing "small printing". 11/09/2017
2368 Purchase of refuse collection vehicles. 11/09/2017
2369 Procurement of a fire fighting vehicle LF 20 for the volunteer fire brigade. 11/09/2017
2370 Delivery of license plates for the m.st. Warsaw. 11/09/2017
2371 Supply of high-performance passenger cars in a police unmanned version intended for RD-Video vehicle adaptation. 11/09/2017
2372 Supply through the modality of renting, of 5 vehicles-patrol type tourism-for the service of the Local Police of the City of Fuengirola. 11/09/2017
2373 Railway signaling works for the extension of the storage of the Saint-Priest maintenance center. 11/09/2017
2374 Providing CBRNe Mobile Units for special intervention teams. 11/09/2017
2375 "Conformity Assessment and Exercise of Construction Supervision in the Implementation of CCTV in the Implementation of the Project" Development of Integrated Urban Transport - pp. Pleven "... 11/09/2017
2376 Corporate printing, digitizing and photocopying service. 11/09/2017
2377 Delivery of a fire-fighting vehicle for the FF-Pasching. 11/09/2017
2378 Purchase of new self-propelled large-capacity sweepers with accessories. 11/09/2017
2379 Intelligent Street Lighting System — Supply, Inatallation & Management of CMS and Wireless Network. 11/09/2017
2380 Acquisition of metal detector gates. 11/09/2017
2381 Acquisition of crushing and illuminating grenades for 120 mm mortar. 11/09/2017
2382 The provision of computer and telecommunications equipment - year 2018 and possibly 2019-2020-2021. 11/09/2017
2383 Hire of ZZS ambulance vehicles with the right to purchase. 11/09/2017
2384 6. Expansion of the Cloppenburg sewage treatment plant / 2nd construction phase; Lot 2: Mechanical equipment. 11/09/2017
2385 Purchase of printed paper stock 2017-2018. 11/09/2017
2386 Design, construction, delivery, installation, commissioning of a new substation 110/20 kV Trakia (Evmolpia) - Plovdiv, in separate lots 11/09/2017
2387 Providing energy services for saving electricity in the public lighting of Preko Municipality. 11/09/2017
2388 Provision of 96 Alzheimer type electric medical beds (3 lots). 11/09/2017
2389 WA-240 Heating system with district heating supply. 11/09/2017
2390 Provider of telecommunication services for the statutory city of Hradec Králové - mobile telephony. 11/09/2017
2391 Procurement of Fire Fighting Vehicles 11/09/2017
2392 Acquisition of meal vouchers and gift vouchers for the services of the Commune of Saint-Paul. 11/09/2017
2393 Supply of multi-brand gift vouchers. 11/09/2017
2394 Fire alarm and alarm system including maintenance contract for 4 years - Energetic renovation of the Catholic secondary school Im Hederichsfeld 11/09/2017
2395 Delivery of grenades 11/09/2017
2396 Information Systems (Financial Information Systems) (Software Platform for Integrated Payment Acceptance with Adaptation and Implementation) (Payment Hub) 11/09/2017
2397 Managed Services Audiofingerprint-System. 11/09/2017
2398 Delivery of buses. 11/09/2017
2399 Manufacture, delivery and ready for operation of a 10 KV switchgear. 11/09/2017
2400 Security services for people and property, monitoring and escorting of combat equipment, weapons, ammunition, explosives and other means and hazardous materials, carried out for the benefit of the 16th Military Economic Department in Drawsko Pomorski by specialized armed guards (SUFO). 11/09/2017
2401 Operation and maintenance of street lighting systems and new construction of street lighting systems in Vejen Municipality, new round. 11/09/2017
2402 Call for applications to participate - Realization of a DVMS (Dynamic Traffic Management System) for the CVBA s-Lim scope. 11/09/2017
2403 As part of the maintenance provision the provider will also be contracted to supply, install and maintain all additional CCTV and intruder equipment for the duration of the contract. 11/09/2017
2404 Registration sticker. 11/09/2017
2405 Market for the acquisition of a road sweeper 11/09/2017
2406 Implementation of technological work to expand the functionality in the creation of the electronic medical card (EMC) 11/09/2017
2408 Extension of the quay of Flandres - lot 2: Dredging. 11/09/2017
2409 Purchase of server and network equipment 11/09/2017
2410 Secure Printing Of Examination Answerbooks 11/09/2017
2411 Gaziantep CNG Buses Phase II - Corporate Development Programme 11/09/2017
2412 Completion of the software on the SAP platform, to automate the accounting and management accounting of capital investments. 11/09/2017
2413 Winter maintenance of streets in nearby settlements in the Municipality of Bitola in the winter season 2017-2018 and 2018/2019. 11/09/2017
2414 Winter maintenance services for provincial roads, in seasons: 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020. 11/09/2017
2415 FN Hradec Kralove - Sanitary vehicles. 11/09/2017
2416 Maintenance of water and wastewater management facilities essential for the regulation of water relations for agriculture - operations in WZMiUW, Warszawa Branch - 3 parts. 11/09/2017
2417 "Supply of a drone jet-type vertical jet aircraft for the purposes of border control at the Bulgarian-Turkish border". 11/09/2017
2418 Call for quotation for the supply of 25 (twenty five) body cameras to transport Malta. 11/09/2017
2420 Installations for purifying drinking water, waste water and improving the quality of drinking water 11/09/2017
2421 Replacement of three-phase electric meter 11/09/2017
2422 Delivery of armored van of 2017 of release 11/09/2017
2423 Purchase of thermal imager 11/09/2017
2424 №54932-2017-EA Supply of a deep-metal detector 11/09/2017
2425 POCKET PISTOL 11/09/2017
2426 Deactivable labels 11/09/2017
2427 The right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of electric power meters for the needs of OOO Perm Grid Company, OOO TNP (882380) 11/09/2017
2428 The supply of contactless cards, stickers for cards and supplies for the printer of plastic card printing for the needs of the Ural Bank PJSC Sberbank 11/09/2017
2429 Acquisition with the subsequent installation of traffic signs for the needs of the settlement Pervomaiskoye in the city of Moscow 11/09/2017
2430 Purchase of TC "Dialog-PGS 10" with horn loudspeaker for 10 W 11/09/2017
2431 Purchase of trolley holders 11/09/2017
2432 Modernization of CCTV (video surveillance systems) 11/09/2017
2433 Successive procurement of fertilizers: NPK15-15-15 and tar and chemical plant protection products 11/09/2017
2434 Supply of uninterruptible power supplies 11/09/2017
2435 Fence reconstruction №37 11/09/2017
2436 Semi-trailer forestry APS 553604 (analog) 11/09/2017
2437 Blanket Purchase Agreement for Laser Rangefinders and Binoculars 11/09/2017
2438 Framework agreement technical consultancy noise for Kungälv municipality, the foundation Kungälvsbostäder and Bokab. 11/09/2017
2439 Modernization of Mercedes Euro 3 buses with air conditioning in the passenger compartment. 10/09/2017
2440 Gas meter of the standard size G 1.6; G 2.5; G 4 10/09/2017
2441 Repair services for helicopter assemblies AS355NP. 10/09/2017
2442 Oil Filled Distribution Transformers. 09/09/2017
2443 Acquisition of trousers, jackets and suits impermeavel_NPD3017003991. 09/09/2017
2444 Tourned turnstile, Frame anti-theft 09/09/2017
2445 Purchase of electromagnetic flowmeters for a gas hot-water boiler plant 09/09/2017
2446 Vacuum cleaner for industrial use 09/09/2017
2447 Delivery of metal detectors 09/09/2017
2448 Supply of a sweeping vacuum machine Aktanysh AMR RT 09/09/2017
2449 Supply of electricity meters and current transformers 09/09/2017
2450 Purchase of fire alarm and fire alarm equipment 09/09/2017
2451 Supply and installation of arched metal detectors for the needs of the State Budgetary Institution of Culture of the Tver Region "Tver Regional Picture Gallery" 09/09/2017
2452 Purchase of fire hydrants 09/09/2017
2453 Supply of smoke exhaust system automation equipment. 09/09/2017
2454 Purchase of heat meters for the hot water circulation and heating system 09/09/2017
2455 Medical furniture for obstetric department. 09/09/2017
2456 Supply of restaurant vouchers. 08/09/2017
2457 Public offering of the framework for the supply of Heckler & Koch USP Compact DK 9mm parts or the like. 08/09/2017
2458 5 pcs. Low floor bus with electric drive. 08/09/2017
2459 Goods and Works of modernization and renovation of toll equipment for public car parks managed by Citédia Métropole in Rennes (35000). 08/09/2017
2460 Acquisition of a software solution for payment of associated maintenance work and commissioning services. 08/09/2017
2461 Delivery of a new 2000 fire truck (TLFA 2000) for the Volunteer Fire Brigade Krühub. 08/09/2017
2462 Medical transport of patients. 08/09/2017
2463 Accommodation, administration and operation of the ticketing system of the Department of Ardeche. 08/09/2017
2464 Delivery of IT environment and related services, products and equipment. 08/09/2017
2465 Internal and external radar recognition of the works managed by the Directorate of Environmental and Sanitation Services. 08/09/2017
2466 Fire detection system IC2020. 08/09/2017
2467 Contract, by open procedure, for the services of operation and maintenance of the sewerage network and complementary facilities of the Municipality of Madrid. 08/09/2017
2468 Framework agreement for the purchase of 7.62 x 51 mm cartridges. 08/09/2017
2469 Framework Agreement for the Acquisition of ammunition 12.70 x 99 mm. 08/09/2017
2470 Framework agreement for the acquisition of 40 x 53 mm grenades for LAG 40 and MK19. 08/09/2017
2471 Provision of telecommunications services. 08/09/2017
2472 Market for telecommunications services. 08/09/2017
2473 Provision of restaurant vouchers for the staff of the Departmental Council of the Ardennes. 08/09/2017
2474 Application to participate in the acquisition of High Explosive / Self Destruct (HE / SD) 40 x 46 mm and Target Practice Tracer (TP-T) ammunition. 08/09/2017
2475 Supply of catheters, devices and conductors for the X-ray room as part of the Department of X-ray surgical methods of diagnosis and treatment of FGBOU 08/09/2017
2476 Personalization and printing of official university degrees, own and SET, (in paper and electronic), and the generation, custody and management of authentic digital copies of them. 08/09/2017
2477 Waste disposal Waste management Winterthur environment. 08/09/2017
2478 The purpose of the mono-attribute framework agreement is to supply, transport and install inspection equipment for luggage luggage in IATA (minimum) format and at high speed (minimum 800 bags / h) of standard 3 Within the baggage luggage of Nice Cote dAzur Airport. 08/09/2017
2479 Providing supervision services for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Chludowo. 08/09/2017
2480 Delivery of new rotary and turbine gas meters for the Polish Gas Company 08/09/2017
2481 Delivery of hospital beds for IML Sp. Z oo 08/09/2017
2482 Supply and assembly of components of the public address system, lighting system together with the multimedia projector, as well as the delivery of wireless microphones for the needs of the Chamber Center. 08/09/2017
2483 Supply of police equipment (including: suitcase to protect biological traces - 15 sets and suitcase for examination of corpses - 7 kpl.). 08/09/2017
2484 Delivery of road lighting fittings for PGE Dystrybucja SA Rzeszów Branch. 08/09/2017
2485 "Extension of the existing waste sorting line with a mechanical and biological waste treatment system (composting and stabilization), consisting in the construction of the segregation and development plant. 08/09/2017
2486 2017 512 Skeleton/x-ray laboratory HMR Alesund Hospital. 08/09/2017
2487 Disinfection and snow removal works - 2017-2018. 08/09/2017
2489 Institution furniture and electro-medical aids. 08/09/2017
2490 Open procedure for the supply of n. 60 used buses. 08/09/2017
2491 Type A ambulance 08/09/2017
2492 Supply of personalized accompaniment checks for users of the ciais du blaisois 08/09/2017
2493 Procurement of document management system - digitalization of office business. 08/09/2017
2494 Procurement of Document Management System - digitalization of office business 08/09/2017
2495 Supply of firefighting equipment - fire monitoring system together with the construction of a fire detector in the Miekinia Forest District. 08/09/2017
2496 Excavator (mobile excavator with extension and attachments). 08/09/2017
2497 Development of municipal waste management system in the area of colds. 08/09/2017
2498 Provision of Internal Audit Services to the Finance Wales Group. 08/09/2017
2499 T96(16) Tender for the Inspection and Servicing of Fire Alarm Maintenance. 08/09/2017
2500 "Provision of telecommunication services through a fixed telephone network by a licensed operator for the needs of the Agency for Social Assistance and its territorial structures". 08/09/2017
2501 Maintenance of heating installations, hot water production and air conditioning. 08/09/2017
2502 Purchase of fire truck GVC 16/25. 08/09/2017
2503 Delivery truck with hook-and-tipper and loading crane. 08/09/2017
2504 Emptying of parking ticket machines. 08/09/2017
2505 Legal and accounting audit. 08/09/2017
2506 Supply of winter service by truck and tractor 2017-2021. 08/09/2017
2507 Implementation of an urban videoprotection system for the town of Le Moule. 08/09/2017
2508 This contract is for the production of documents required for elections and electoral registration administered by the Leeds City Council Electoral Services Section. 1. Ballot Papers — Printing of ballot papers. 08/09/2017
2509 Printing, enveloping and shipping in specialized processes. 08/09/2017
2510 Construction work 220kV / 110kV outdoor switchgear UW Ternitz. 08/09/2017
2511 Cleaning service and management of trolleys at the Vigo airport. 08/09/2017
2512 Renewal and validation of diaphragm natural gas quantity meters of 4-65 m3 / h nominal capacity and structural and precision tests. 08/09/2017
2513 Protective work suits with protective gloves for the employees of TPPS-Kocani 08/09/2017
2514 Object - installation of a system of technological video surveillance. Implementation of design, installation works on installation of a system of technological video surveillance on the territory of the joint-stock company, provision of material resources (material, components and equipment). 08/09/2017
2515 On the basis of a framework agreement, the subcontract will be awarded to the selected contractor for the provision of operational support and SAP development in accordance with the framework agreement. 08/09/2017
2516 SAP maintenance in the area of patrimonial management of the Bilbao City Council. 08/09/2017
2517 Reconstruction of the Siagne Canal on 236 ml of PK 34.900 to 35.136 downstream of Chemin des GIPIERES, Commune of Mouans-Sartoux 08/09/2017
2518 Vacuum circuit breaker purchase 08/09/2017
2520 Spare parts for An-72 aircraft 08/09/2017
2521 SAP Software Licenses Enterprise Support 2017. 08/09/2017
2522 Purchase of a mini-tractor (lawn mower) 08/09/2017
2523 Purchase of lighting products for the facility: "Center for Air Traffic Control" on the grounds of Smolevichi region " 08/09/2017
2525 Signalization Systems Material Purchase Work 08/09/2017
2526 Purchase of a trailed sweeper-sweeper 08/09/2017
2527 Delivery of certificates for service support of data center infrastructure elements 08/09/2017
2528 UPS systems. 08/09/2017
2529 Delivery of machine tools and vacuum cleaner 08/09/2017
2530 Purchase of trailer with hydromanipulator and tractor 08/09/2017
2531 Label paper with a stamp 08/09/2017
2532 Delivery of the counter of banknotes 08/09/2017
2533 Delivery of a coin counter 08/09/2017
2534 Delivery of an arched metal detector for the needs of MAUK "Palace of Culture" Kamaz " 08/09/2017
2535 Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of 2 UPS (inverters) at the CHI de Redon 08/09/2017
2536 Purchase of Civil Defense Warning System Equipment 08/09/2017
2537 Distributor of mineral fertilizers 08/09/2017
2538 Purchase of traffic signs 08/09/2017
2539 Uninterruptible Power Supply 3000VA 08/09/2017
2540 Negotiations on choosing a contractor to perform works on the installation of 0.4 kV electricity supply and a transformer substation at the site 08/09/2017
2541 Trailers: chassis and build up in favor of the municipality of Breda. 07/09/2017
2542 School transportation contract for the supply of CNG buses (CNG) for transportation and travel of students. 07/09/2017
2543 17ft01 market - supply and rescue vehicles and equipment to fight against the fire. 07/09/2017
2544 Mobile telecommunication supplies and services 07/09/2017
2545 Waste collection, transport and disposal of hazardous waste and not to be carried out in favor of the Military Establishment Recoveries and Recovery of the Noceto Munizioniamento. 07/09/2017
2546 Telecommunications services. 07/09/2017
2547 Supply and delivery of temporary signs and trailers. 07/09/2017
2548 Acquisition - High productivity lathe with CNC - 2 pcs. (Budget Fund). 07/09/2017
2549 SUA.Lecco. Municipality of Lomagna. Realization of service of an IP video surveillance system with plate reading guides and wi-fi coverage in designated areas 07/09/2017
2550 Collection and maintenance of water meters on the whole heritage of Cote d Azur Habitat. 07/09/2017
2551 Buy a double-decker convertible bus. 07/09/2017
2552 Deichvorland clearing - Supply chain excavator & Disposal of the excavated material. 07/09/2017
2553 Delivery of shots of 20 x 128 mm TP-T. 07/09/2017
2554 Acquisition of 8 ambulances of type B relief. 07/09/2017
2555 Delivery of 32 cars in a police unmarked version. 07/09/2017
2556 Purchase low-carbon bus for public transport in Boleslawiec. 07/09/2017
2557 Electronic Security System 07/09/2017
2558 Gas meter reading service at end customers and ancillary services. 07/09/2017
2559 Purchase a police vehicle unmarked segment C for KWP in Opole. 07/09/2017
2560 Printing and distribution of examination materials for the professional exam in January-February 2018. 07/09/2017
2561 Delivery of hybrid buses up to 12.5 m long - MAXI class. 07/09/2017
2562 Procurement of fire-fighting vehicles. 07/09/2017
2563 Satellite broadcasting of the Bundeswehr TV from 1.1.2018. 07/09/2017
2564 Supply of Wireless Network Solution. 07/09/2017
2565 Performing work related to the maintenance of the maintenance and repair of traffic lights and carrying out intervention work related to repairs and maintenance of lighting within national roads. 07/09/2017
2566 Renewal of 24 kV switchgear, secondary technology and secondary cables in the Duderstadt substation. 07/09/2017
2567 Partial project management for the rehabilitation of the wharf at the port of Sables dOlonne 07/09/2017
2568 FN Motol - Oncogynecology - JIP beds with monitors. 07/09/2017
2569 Delivery of an intermodal vehicle including 2 containers and trailers for the fire brigade technical center Neuendorf. 07/09/2017
2570 Replacement subway rectifier stations ABC line. 07/09/2017
2571 Delivery of two equipment carriers (trucks). 07/09/2017
2572 Reconstruction of a tramway track, contact and cable network on Bulgaria Boulevard from Vitosha Blvd to Borovo Ear II Stage. 07/09/2017
2573 Cleaning of glazing and waste management. 07/09/2017
2574 Installation of electricity, energy and volume metering systems. 07/09/2017
2575 Railway infrastructure management for the Saint-Quentin / Origny Sainte-Benoite and Berry au Bac / Guignicourt lines. 07/09/2017
2576 Securing of Forest Fire Tank Truck (CCFM). 07/09/2017
2577 Access control systems. 07/09/2017
2578 Ammunition Cal. 7.62 x 51 (332-2017-0249) 07/09/2017
2579 TICKET PURCHASE 07/09/2017
2580 Light traffic lights 4 names (10978 items). 07/09/2017
2581 Flowmeters 07/09/2017
2582 Water meters and spare parts for service of water meters 07/09/2017
2583 Security labels with 2D DataMatrix code 07/09/2017
2584 Pipe Contracts Framework Agreement SFA. 07/09/2017
2585 31469/16655 Sewage treatment plant Waßmannsdorf (VE10 Straßenbau. 07/09/2017
2586 Purchase of Harvester / Forwarding Harvester Harvester Complexes 07/09/2017
2587 Purchase of new tractors BELARUS-82.1 (or analog) for agricultural organizations 07/09/2017
2588 Traffic lights 07/09/2017
2590 Waste Composition Analysis. 07/09/2017
2592 Armored car of the brand "ESAUL" model (type) 394511-05. 07/09/2017
2593 Winter maintenance services for provincial roads in the seasons 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020. 07/09/2017
2594 Barrier Material Purchase 07/09/2017
2595 Workstations for registration and issuance of passports of citizens of Ukraine in the form of cards and passports of citizens of Ukraine for traveling abroad 07/09/2017
2596 Combined road sweeper 07/09/2017
2597 Combined road machine KO 07/09/2017
2598 Armored vest "Kulon-VV" 07/09/2017
2599 Independent Performance Audit And Verification Of Disbursement-linked Indicators 07/09/2017
2600 Provision of services for the operation of the aircraft (helicopter MI-8PS) 07/09/2017
2601 Development of design estimates for the installation of a video surveillance system 07/09/2017
2602 Purchase of bank payment cards 07/09/2017
2604 Station of satellite communication system Inmarsat BGAN 07/09/2017
2605 Delivery of forms of a personal medical book, holographic stamps of round and square 07/09/2017
2606 Delivery and implementation of the electronic document management system 07/09/2017
2607 Purchase of security and fire alarm monitoring system equipment 07/09/2017
2608 Vacuum universal machine 07/09/2017
2609 Purchase of automatic fire alarm equipment 07/09/2017
2610 Supply of cable AVVG 4h16mm., Electricity meter 07/09/2017
2611 Counter of banknotes (machine for money transfer) 07/09/2017
2612 Printing and delivery of vouchers for free food 07/09/2017
2613 Procurement of Quality Control board Pagatag, City bus and city bus. 06/09/2017
2614 Provision of Staff Services to Joint Services Parachute Wing (Netheravon) (JSPW(N)). 06/09/2017
2615 Procurement of Anti-Tank Guided Missile System (RBS 58). 06/09/2017
2616 Acquisition and maintenance of an emergency vehicle "foam" for the fight against the fire service from the airport Pau-Pyrenees. 06/09/2017
2617 Supply and installation of fences for gardens. 06/09/2017
2618 Supply of road signs 06/09/2017
2619 Redevelopment of the dam Dunkirk Malo-Les-Bains - road work and street lighting. 06/09/2017
2620 Acquisition and maintenance of an access control system for sports equipment in the city of Angers. 06/09/2017
2621 Garbage truck 2017. 06/09/2017
2622 4x4 tactical light / medium vehicles. 06/09/2017
2623 Production and delivery of 4 pieces of brand-new tractor units with attached hydraulics. 06/09/2017
2624 Acquisition of mortar grenades of 60 mm. 06/09/2017
2625 Smart Metering Project, Concentrators and AMI / MDM (Advance Metering Infrastructure / Meter Data Management). 06/09/2017
2626 Supply spare parts for MP-5 and MP-6 filter gas masks. 06/09/2017
2627 Procurement of two rescue vehicles with option by 10 more. 06/09/2017
2628 Contracting of the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the Fire Extinguishing, Rescue and Civil Protection Service of the City of Valladolid. 06/09/2017
2629 The main purpose of this contract is to provide maintenance services for green spaces and plantations, such as: - cleaning, weeding and destruction of foam, - sweeping, maintenance of embankments and grounds, 06/09/2017
2630 Adaptation of the different municipal software to law 39/2015 for the implementation of an eGovernment solution. 06/09/2017
2631 Construction of a sewage system for the Dabrowka Szlachec Housing Estate (Task I.1.6 and Task I.1.7). 06/09/2017
2632 Supply of a compact suction sweeper 06/09/2017
2633 Volanbusz Zrt. For ticket and lease control activities. 06/09/2017
2634 Provision of printing facilities and associated service contracts - grouping of orders between Perpignan Mediterranee Métropole, the City of Perpignan, the Caisse des écoles and the Theatre de l Archipel. 06/09/2017
2635 The purchase of armaments for the needs of the State Police 06/09/2017
2636 Supply of equipment and services for the extension and revitalization of the transmission telecommunication system. 06/09/2017
2637 The supply of High-Speed, High Quality Digital Printing System. 06/09/2017
2638 2-year contract for the supply of photo-electric control units for street lighting. 06/09/2017
2639 Provision of restaurant vouchers to the Syndicat Mixte des Systemes d Information (SII). 06/09/2017
2640 The purpose of this contract is to carry out railway signaling works in the extension of line E of the tramway in the Robertsau district. 06/09/2017
2641 HITFIST 30 mm Tower System Repair and Assembly Service (case no: TECH / 232/2017). 06/09/2017
2642 (Ebars), wastewater treatment plants (Edars) existing in the municipalities of Zarza de Montánchez, Valdefuentes, Torrejoncillo-valdecín, Guadalupe, Garganta La Olla, Jarandilla de la Vera- Guijo de Santa Barbara, Peraleda de la Mata and Casatejada9. 06/09/2017
2643 Printing and delivery services for the BNR agenda sets, calendars, congratulations, bags and presentation sets for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020. 06/09/2017
2644 Expertise in renewable energies for individuals in the Brussels-Capital Region 06/09/2017
2645 Mobile traffic safety trailer with 17 variable message systems 06/09/2017
2646 Project management & Construction supervision Electrical engineering High and medium voltage switchgear / substations. 06/09/2017
2647 Tenders are invited for the supply of services in respect of the provision and maintenance of a cashless parking system 06/09/2017
2648 Paris 11 / Paris 19 / Suburbs 93100 - Framework agreement for purchase orders for the installation, rental, maintenance and reading of cold water and domestic hot water metering meters 06/09/2017
2649 Paris 11 / Paris 19 / Suburbs 93100 - Framework agreement for purchase orders for the installation, rental, maintenance and reading of cold water and domestic hot water metering meters 06/09/2017
2650 Cashless Parking System 06/09/2017
2652 Ankapark Parking Area Roof Applied Solar Energy System Goods Purchase Work 06/09/2017
2653 Special ammunition 06/09/2017
2654 Traffic Signs and Traffic Safety Materials Supply Business 06/09/2017
2655 Procurement of ammunition disposal of the Main Rocket and Artillery Directorate. 06/09/2017
2656 Purchase of equipment for signaling devices 06/09/2017
2657 Performance of works on the topic: "Development of a pneumatic catapult for launching an unmanned target aircraft" 06/09/2017
2658 Procurement of rocket utilization. 06/09/2017
2659 Security services 06/09/2017
2660 Medium Voltage Switchgeards to be Distributed by Helen Sähköverkko Oy in 2018. 06/09/2017
2661 Shield fireman SHCHP-SK (or analog) 06/09/2017
2662 Transport equipment and spare parts different (transport equipment and auxiliary accessories to it, namely: Snow blade, sweeping brush, vacuum cleaner mounted on a park tipper trailer, Drilling Equipment for holes, hydraulic, mower-shredder podribnyuvaya wood) 06/09/2017
2663 C-130 Aircraft Material Purchase 06/09/2017
2664 Firearm 06/09/2017
2665 Purchase of hunting weapons 06/09/2017
2666 Purchase of heat exchangers 06/09/2017
2667 Purchase of audit services 06/09/2017
2668 Delivery of special technical means of inspection - arch metal detectors 06/09/2017
2669 ZK080 / 17. Supply of water meters universal. 06/09/2017
2670 1706-2017-04175. Request for quotations in electronic form for the supply of arched metal detectors for the needs of PJSC "UMPO" 06/09/2017
2671 Supply of electricity meters (meters) and current transformers 06/09/2017
2672 Supply of electricity meters (meters) and current transformers 06/09/2017
2673 Purchase of barriers 06/09/2017
2674 PRINTING OF TICKETS 06/09/2017
2675 Design and build parking facility Rachelsmolen. 05/09/2017
2676 Hearing aids and hearing aid accessories + eartips / Pirkanmaa Hospital District. 05/09/2017
2677 Call for applications for project management: demolition of a building of 30 dwellings and new construction of 55 collective and intermediate dwellings approximately 5 rue Christian Lacouture 69500 ​​Bron Private market for services. 05/09/2017
2678 open multi-year contract (2018-2021) in 4 batches price schedule for replenishment of different items that are part of combat clothing. 05/09/2017
2679 MCO Engine aircraft. 05/09/2017
2680 Framework agreement for the supply of intervention clothing for Fire Zone Antwerp. 05/09/2017
2681 Framework agreement; project management services. 05/09/2017
2682 A framework agreement for the supply of fire fighting vehicles "turntable ladder with basket". 05/09/2017
2683 Supply and delivery of road marking materials for temporary and permanent policy for the territory of Clermont Auvergne Metropole. 05/09/2017
2684 Planning part of the library of the city of Marcq-en-Baroeul for the implementation of the RFID device. 05/09/2017
2685 Republication - Framework supply of telecommunications services - fixed and mobile telephony for UZ Brussel, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Inkendaal Hospital. 05/09/2017
2686 According to delivery of 2 pieces ambulances. DIN EN 1789 Type C. 05/09/2017
2687 Sewage treatment plant Pforzheim 4.Reinigungsstufe - filter technology. 05/09/2017
2688 Framework agreement gift cards. 05/09/2017
2689 Aviation fuel supply service at Lleida-Alguaire airport. 05/09/2017
2690 G349 - SMART CIG: Z231EEF0A0 - Acquisition of rigid hull boats. 05/09/2017
2691 Delivery of a Type C ambulance with equipment for the needs of the Rescue Service in Legnica. 05/09/2017
2692 17-023_Processing procedure with participation contest according to VgV_Service management of the street lighting in Wilhelmshaven and Schortens. 05/09/2017
2693 Rental of trucks of 16 or 26 tonnes, without driver, for the treatment of the winter viability of the departmental roads of the Marne. 05/09/2017
2694 Delivery of buses for CSAD Havirov as 2017-2018. 05/09/2017
2695 Pick-up, luggage and luggage services, merchandise and mail, luggage sorting and aircraft cleaning, and further services at the airports of Florence and Pisa. 05/09/2017
2696 Delivery of new impulse recorders with data transmission function intended for remote reading of bellows gas meters via GSM network for Polish Company Gazownictwa Sp. Z oo 05/09/2017
2697 Supply of 2 Medium fire trucks MLF. 05/09/2017
2698 Stickers for registration 05/09/2017
2699 Acquisition 8x4 dump truck with accessories: metal blade and anti-slip material spread in Victoria, Iasi county in financial leasing system. 05/09/2017
2700 Delivery of airport wide-range sweeper racks. 05/09/2017
2701 Advisory and administrative support for RIA tasks under the SESAR2020 IR-VLD Wave1 program. 05/09/2017
2702 Waste management 2018-2019. 05/09/2017
2703 Delivery of 30 light rescue vehicles. 05/09/2017
2704 Delivery and installation of 600 sets of solar installations 05/09/2017
2705 Acquisition of 4 small sweeping vehicles. 05/09/2017
2706 Collection and transport and treatment of wastes generated in the process of sewage treatment from COS in Gliwice, treatment plant in Smolnica; Waste dump station in COS, pumping station and lagoon. 05/09/2017
2707 Market for control and surveillance of paid parking, establishment of post-parking packages (Fps) and processing of mandatory prior administrative remedies (Rapo). 05/09/2017
2708 Acquisition of 4 small sweeping vehicles. 05/09/2017
2709 Supply of 3 self-propelled trucks with carrier hooks. 05/09/2017
2710 Acquisition of Emergency Medical and Resuscitation Vehicles (VMER) for entities of the National Health Service. 05/09/2017
2711 Digital X-ray system. 05/09/2017
2712 Purchase of a sweeper with water spraying for the benefit of the Logistics Department of the Brest Marine Building 05/09/2017
2713 Relocation for the municipality of Rivarolo Canavese (TO) of the standard snow-clearing service, anti-ice treatment and supply of salgem - winter seasons 2017/2018 - 2018/2019 - 2019. 05/09/2017
2714 Graphic Design, Print, Banners. 05/09/2017
2715 ITSO and Contactless Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) Compliant Platform Validator (PVAL) Equipment and Associated Services. 05/09/2017
2716 Eu-P 0845-17BL Sprinkler and fire fighting equipment, B-001884 New construction of winter service building 473. 05/09/2017
2717 Acquisition of copy, print and scan services. 05/09/2017
2718 Removal of old parking meters, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning, installation of retrofit kits on preserved aircraft, for the management of paid parking. 05/09/2017
2719 N1-117 metal-glass doors. 05/09/2017
2721 Acquisition of an airport fire-fighting vehicle of type VIM 60P 2.5. 05/09/2017
2722 40mm caliber cartridges. 05/09/2017
2723 Contract for corrective maintenance of metal containers and fiberglass of Lipasam. 05/09/2017
2724 Electricity generated by renewable energy for the Oldenburg-Land 2018/2019/2020. 05/09/2017
2725 The Lithuanian Arms Foundation under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania intends to acquire accessories for the upgrade of the semi-automatic weapons M14. 05/09/2017
2726 Supply and commissioning of equipment and systems for the management of parking lots. 05/09/2017
2727 Construction of 110/10 kV Substation Ostrovets Vostochnaya 05/09/2017
2728 Supply and Delivery of 11Kv Ring Main Units. 05/09/2017
2729 Renovation and development of the water and sewage pipe network 05/09/2017
2730 Production and dispatch of European health insurance cards. 05/09/2017
2731 Regular bus transport for schools and recreation centers and occasional public. 05/09/2017
2732 Unmanned Aircraft, Unmanned Aircraft Thermovision Camera and Unmanned Aircraft Disarming Rifle 05/09/2017
2733 Services in heating plants, central water heating plants, gas, water and sewage plants within urban buildings; 2-year contract. 05/09/2017
2734 Landkreis Oberallgäu OA 23 Betzigau (Betzigau), southern bypass (road construction) Road and bridge construction work. 05/09/2017
2735 Audit services of the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia for 2017 and 2018 financial statements 05/09/2017
2736 Procurement and installation of electrical and communication equipment for the expansion of the SCADA system 05/09/2017
2737 New building 6. Gesamtschule Karl-Fegers-Str. 85 - Solar protection systems. 05/09/2017
2738 Purchase of timber transport semitrailer 05/09/2017
2739 25/2017 / sdro 05/09/2017
2740 Purchase of traffic lights 05/09/2017
2741 Purchase of a trailer of a luggage electric 4-strong 05/09/2017
2742 Replacement of fireproof laminated glass with helium filling SPM-22-EI 45 GOST 30826-2001 05/09/2017
2743 Open request for proposals in electronic form No. 330.СС for the supply of electricity meters 05/09/2017
2744 Delivery of manual metal detectors (metal detectors) for the needs of GAUSO "KTSSON in the urban district" the city of Kazan " 05/09/2017
2745 Outdoor illumination of car parking at the station square in Grodno 05/09/2017
2746 Purchase of labels 05/09/2017
2747 Purchase of services for the management of articulated-articulated dump trucks in the quarry of Mikashevichi 05/09/2017
2748 Repeaters for the system of two-way radio communication of emergency (emergency) medical service 05/09/2017
2749 IU_0574 / 17 Industrial support in the field of HIL workshops, GTK Boxer. 05/09/2017
2750 Based on the identification plate automatic parking control service contract. 04/09/2017
2751 TI 2017-1130 Transformer 63 MVA, H6 Bock height for Nets Telge AB. 04/09/2017
2752 Supply and maintenance trucks. 04/09/2017
2753 Centralized procurement framework agreement personal automatic opening parachute equipment for the Ministry of Defense. 04/09/2017
2754 Supply and delivery of multi-brand gift vouchers to Grand Hospital staff eastern Francilien. 04/09/2017
2755 The objective of the contract is to enter into an agreement with a professional tenderer for a technical solution and operation of a cloud based system for ticket sales. The contract shall also include collection, analyses and strategic application of customers data (CRM system). 04/09/2017
2756 Supply of compactors and waste autocostipatori 2 axes for public health services - 2017 "(CPV 34144512-0). 04/09/2017
2757 Purchase of trucks. 04/09/2017
2758 Provision of telecommunication services 04/09/2017
2759 Commands Framework Agreement on Assistance in project management for the construction of the maintenance shop train line extension 11. 04/09/2017
2760 The procurement of logistics support: storage, operation, maintenance and transport of the governmental emergency preparedness material 04/09/2017
2761 Parking garage Technology Services. 04/09/2017
2762 Parking garage Technology Services. 04/09/2017
2763 Social benefits: transmission, delivery and management of meal vouchers for employees of the board of Gard. 04/09/2017
2764 Residual Municipal Waste Treatment and Disposal Service. 04/09/2017
2765 Supply and commissioning of a ticketing system common to the public transport networks in Auvergne. 04/09/2017
2766 Telecommunications services. 04/09/2017
2767 Execution, delivery and scrapping of license plates. 04/09/2017
2768 I CP20160034 - Acquisition of various hospital furniture. 04/09/2017
2769 "Extension and conversion of sewage treatment plant in Sulęcin" Contract 1. 04/09/2017
2770 Acquisition of 17 "Fire Control System" (FCS) for the 40 mm "Grenade Machine Gun" (GMG) with accessories, related equipment and a multi-year open contract for services and supplies. 04/09/2017
2771 North Lincolnshire Council is inviting tenders to establish a contract for the provision of a Residual Municipal Waste Treatment and Disposal Service 04/09/2017
2772 Design and development of the interface half coupler and the development of rail traffic control devices designed to work with ERTMS / ECTS level 2 equipment. 04/09/2017
2773 Market for the provision of an access control system for all VET buildings and related developments. 04/09/2017
2774 Extension of the UkSATSE Backbone Telecommunication Network (BTN) 04/09/2017
2775 Purchase of low-emission buses for service of communication lines in Świdnica and Świdnica and Marcinowice "within the ROP WD 2014-2020. 04/09/2017
2776 Purchase of buses. 04/09/2017
2777 Implementation of security with security alarm system (SOT) of property - state property, managed by API - OU Razgrad. 04/09/2017
2778 Medals. 04/09/2017
2779 Selection of operator for provision of telecommunication services - fixed telephone services for the needs of TPD - Mihalkovo TP. 04/09/2017
2780 Modernization measures Public street lighting, delivery of LED street lights. 04/09/2017
2781 Street lighting 2017 — 2021. 04/09/2017
2782 Provision of regulatory clothing for the local police of TM Eivissa. 04/09/2017
2783 Acquisition of the provision of mobile data and voice telecommunications services to be made available at the Assembly of the Republic. 04/09/2017
2784 Delivery along with the implementation of the Passenger Information Dynamic System. 04/09/2017
2785 Supply of personal protection kits. 04/09/2017
2786 Armored helmets. 04/09/2017
2787 Delivery of 7.62mm light track cartridge / MG. 04/09/2017
2788 Contract for the supply of a passenger transport bus and a van for general cargo transport - the truck in financial leasing. 04/09/2017
2789 Supply of electrical energy from 100% renewable energy sources 04/09/2017
2790 Ammunition supply 12.70 x 99 mm, 60004 17 0009 00 04/09/2017
2791 Delivery of ammunition and grenades, 60004 17 0006 00 04/09/2017
2792 Delivery of ammunition to shotgun 7.62 x 51 mm 04/09/2017
2793 Supply and delivery of restaurant vouchers for agents of the town of albert 04/09/2017
2794 Mechanized sweeping of communal roads. 04/09/2017
2795 Support Canon Canon Runner Advance C 5030 and Canon image Runner Advance C 3330 multifunctional printers. 04/09/2017
2796 Handtakes large consumption heat meters. 04/09/2017
2797 Supply of low-floor buses in 2018. 04/09/2017
2798 Integrated solid urban waste management service in the Joppolo municipal area. 04/09/2017
2799 Monitoring vehicles with thermal imaging technology. 04/09/2017
2800 Purchase of X-ray invasive electrophysiological manipulations of C-locus. 04/09/2017
2801 Acquisition of equipment for improving the theoretical and practical training CLA Trutnov - harvester, forward tractor. 04/09/2017
2802 Fixed Platform Simulator is a virtual platform capable of solving various space flight mechanics problems including performance analysis for R / D (rendevouz / docking), design of satellite trajectories, orbit meetings, appointment times, and Flight quality assessment of space vehicles. 04/09/2017
2803 Maintain the current legally compliant system for the storage, transport and disposal of time expired pyrotechnics (TEPs) 04/09/2017
2804 This tender is for the management of the hybrid printing and postal services on behalf of East Staffordshire Borough Council, incorporating our Revenues and Benefits and Election team requirements. 04/09/2017
2805 Supply of spare parts for the fleet of cleaning machines and the acquisition of various types of sweepers. 04/09/2017
2806 Concluding a framework agreement with several economic suppliers for snow removal service with mechanical vehicles in the municipality of Bolzano. 04/09/2017
2807 Acquisition, delivery, installation and commissioning of a Fourier Transform Infra Red microscope (lot 1) and a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (lot 2). 04/09/2017
2808 Operation of city bus transport in Trnava. 04/09/2017
2809 Framework agreement traffic railings. 04/09/2017
2810 Passive speaker for system line array pcs.15; 04/09/2017
2811 Eps No. 2017-19 entitled "Physico-financial analysis of the defense budgets of the main States of the Eurasian and Latin American zone". 04/09/2017
2812 Supply of Standard Cars, and Standard Cars with Police-Specification Fit-out. 04/09/2017
2813 Supply of spare parts for helicopters Bell. 04/09/2017
2814 Market for the provision of telecommunications operator services and services contributing to the satisfactory performance of its supplies 04/09/2017
2815 Flight Simulators — 2017. 04/09/2017
2816 Patient transport by ambulance and transport of goods. 04/09/2017
2817 Mobile ANPR Solution. 04/09/2017
2818 Buying an ambulance 04/09/2017
2819 Supply of an aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicle for the needs of JSC "Aerogeodesia". 04/09/2017
2820 Telecommunication equipment. 04/09/2017
2821 Washing vacuum cleaner Karcher Puzzi 10/1 04/09/2017
2822 Provision of services for the production and broadcasting of television products 04/09/2017
2823 Deactivable labels 04/09/2017
2824 Purchase of maintenance services for the software and hardware infrastructure of the corporate network, IP telephony and data center services of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of the Republic of Belarus (MNS) 04/09/2017
2825 Choice of equipment supplier of high voltage switchgear devices 04/09/2017
2826 Logistics services for sorting and taking care of parcels on behalf of the Carvin platform. 04/09/2017
2827 Provision of Pension Bond. 04/09/2017
2828 "Delivery of phone cards for making calls on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad, allowing for use in" Mobica "devices installed in the places of imprisonment". 04/09/2017
2829 Production and supply of printed products made using printing machines and machines (form "veterinary certificate of form No. 2" with a holographic sticker) 04/09/2017
2830 Purchase of tractor and trailer 04/09/2017
2831 МТ 48/17-ПЭА Medical furniture for UZ of Gomel region (Lot 120-Lot 149) 04/09/2017
2832 Water supply and sewerage system maintenance materials. 04/09/2017
2833 eCat1 Contract for the supply of Weapon Sight Units 04/09/2017
2834 Current transformers 04/09/2017
2835 Supply of electricity meters 04/09/2017
2836 The acquisition of RFID equipment, software and a contactless smart card with an RFID chip to identify the reader for the MBSK "Dzerzhinsky CLS" 04/09/2017
2837 Purchase of lightweight trolley (trolley) 04/09/2017
2838 Purchase of design and survey and commissioning works for automatic fire alarm systems 04/09/2017
2839 Electricity meters 04/09/2017
2840 Manufacturing of printed products (permits) 04/09/2017
2841 Electrical equipment (2BKTPP-1250/10 / 0.4, transformer TMG12 1250) for OSB Greenhouses 04/09/2017
2842 Excavator 04/09/2017
2843 Delivery, installation and activation of tachographs on the Customers vehicles, delivery of drivers cards, company cards and card readers in accordance with the terms of reference 04/09/2017
2844 Acquisition of RFID equipment, software and a contactless smart card with an RFID chip for identification of the reader 04/09/2017
2845 Manufacturing of printed products (permits) 04/09/2017
2846 Electricity meters 04/09/2017
2847 Selection of the contractor for installation and commissioning of telecommunication equipment 04/09/2017
2848 Thermal imagers 04/09/2017
2849 The selection of a contractor organization for the performance of works on the development of design estimates and the installation of an automatic fire alarm system and fire notification in the State Educational Institution "Gymnasium No. 1 in Svisloch" 04/09/2017
2850 Purchase of fire alarm and fire alarm equipment 04/09/2017
2851 Supply with ETHERNET SWITCH INDUSTRIAL for communication with SCADA System 04/09/2017
2852 Subject of the public procurement contract is maintenance of the system for integrated communication solution for IP telephony. 04/09/2017
2853 Purchase of trailer and attachments for wheeled tractor MTZ-82.1 04/09/2017
2854 Delivery of mechanical sweeping machine 04/09/2017
2855 Purchase of TC "Dialog-PGS 10" with horn loudspeaker for 10 W 04/09/2017
2856 Purchase of smart cards and licenses 04/09/2017
2857 Purchase of self-adhesive labels 50 kg. 04/09/2017
2858 Supply of single-phase multi-tariff electricity meter Mercury 206 PRNO 5 (60) 04/09/2017
2859 Two-axle vehicles for garbage collection. 03/09/2017
2860 Hospital beds, shower and toilet aids, mobility aids and person lifts, etc. 03/09/2017
2861 Special-purpose vehicles, armored (Complete sets of radio-controlled landing equipment) 02/09/2017
2862 Supply of Electricity meters 02/09/2017
2863 Replacement of the cannon of the gun 2А46М 02/09/2017
2864 Civic band radios 02/09/2017
2865 Supply, installation and infrastructure improvements of a Transformer Station for Andreeva Bay Power Supply including:
design and construction of Transformer Station infrastructure and installation of equipment.
2866 Supply, installation and infrastructure improvements of a Transformer Station for Andreeva Bay Power Supply including design and construction of Transformer Station infrastructure and installation of equipment. 01/09/2017
2867 Semitrailers acquisition Sitreva. 01/09/2017
2868 Acquisition of fire equipment and emergency 01/09/2017
2869 Supply, delivery and maintenance of an excavator. 01/09/2017
2870 Snow removal of Gavle municipalitys streets, pedestrian and cycle paths. 01/09/2017
2871 Combat vest system, bags and related products. 01/09/2017
2872 Contract of the parking system and operation thereof. 01/09/2017
2873 Renewal central toll system FGV. 01/09/2017
2874 No. 130065 1.08 - PUN Villars-Sainte-Croix - Cossonay - supply and installation of video cameras (lot 204) (ID 4529). 01/09/2017
2875 N01.08 130065 - PUN Villars-Ste-Croix - Cossonay - Signaling (management system; fixed, dynamic) (lot 202) (ID 4530). 01/09/2017
2876 2017/62 — Dental furniture and fixtures for the Competence clinic Alesund. 01/09/2017
2877 Spare parts for AEV 3S Kodiak 01/09/2017
2878 Acquisition of an airport vehicle to fight against the fire. 01/09/2017
2879 Acquisition of equipment (trailers and semi-trailers). 01/09/2017
2880 Maintenance of intrusion alarms, fire alarms, access control, sprinkler and smoke extraction of buildings of the city of Perpignan. 01/09/2017
2881 HO-17-05 Water, sludge and sewage analyses 01/09/2017
2882 HO-17-05 Water, sludge and sewage analyses 01/09/2017
2883 Automatic traffic control equipment. 01/09/2017
2884 Services for the provision and maintenance of an audit management solution adapted to the control business of Ancols. 01/09/2017
2885 Police Administration: Automatic Traffic Control Equipment 01/09/2017
2886 Construction of sewage and water supply networks in the area of ul. Sarmatian. 01/09/2017
2887 Supply and installation of solar collectors, biomass boilers and photovoltaic systems in the Krzczonow municipality. 01/09/2017
2888 Maintenance and Servicing of Fire Alarms and Testing of Emergency Lighting Systems. 01/09/2017
2889 "Subscription Maintenance and Repair of Fire Alarm Systems in Burgas Customs Buildings". 01/09/2017
2890 The Provision of Direct Payment Support Service. 01/09/2017
2891 Delivery of a fire truck. 01/09/2017
2892 Printing and delivery of a publication for the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. 01/09/2017
2893 Large sweeper for sweeping right 01/09/2017
2894 Police training for the training and the provision of police SH, PDAFB Eutin, construction of an industrial building. 01/09/2017
2895 Nexus IT/Telecoms Solution. 01/09/2017
2896 Procurement of 2 waste collection vehicles. 01/09/2017
2897 The Authority is seeking to appoint Contractors for the supply eBooks and eBook Collections from a wide range of academic publishers to the higher education (HE) institutions and further education (FE) institutions 01/09/2017
2898 Tender for External Audit Services. 01/09/2017
2899 Invitation to tender for the supply of domestic, general, recyclable and hazardous waste management services. 01/09/2017
2900 Provision of Fire retardant undergarments 01/09/2017
2901 Construction works for the Moinatrindri-Hagnoundrou wastewater treatment plant (Bouéni commune). 01/09/2017
2902 Purchase of a garbage truck with back loading MAZ 4901R2 or (KO-456-10 or analog) 01/09/2017
2903 The transfer of heat supply networks with an increase in diameter from the boiler room No. 43 in md. Kantemirovsky town of Naro-Fominsk (overhaul of the heating network from TK-001 to railway No. 50 on Shibankova street) MUP "Teploset", Naro-Fominsk 01/09/2017
2904 Overhaul of GAZELLE cars and modifications of armored vehicles 01/09/2017
2905 3231 Electronic auction for the right to conclude a state contract for the supply of tractors 01/09/2017
2906 MTZ tractor or "analogue" with a complete set of equipment 01/09/2017
2907 CODE DK 021-2015 (CPV): 16700000-2 - TRACTORS FOTON FT tractor with attachment (dump + brush) "or equivalent" 01/09/2017
2908 "Purchase of mineral fertilizers" 01/09/2017
2909 Supply and delivery of thermal paper in rolls 01/09/2017
2910 Weapons for sport fire smooth-bore 01/09/2017
2911 BelMT No. 336/17-PEA "X-ray equipment for the establishment of the Gomel Regional Childrens Clinical Hospital", lots 1, 2, 4, 5 01/09/2017
2912 Acquisition of a stationary metal detector of frame type and bicuspid wicket for the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Bryansk region 01/09/2017
2913 Supply of plate heat exchangers 01/09/2017
2914 Supply of the Generator, Counter-frequency meter for the needs of FSUE MOTCB Mars. (Purchase is one-stage) 01/09/2017
2915 Purchase of a semitrailer, a flatbed semitrailer and a special trailer 01/09/2017
2916 Purchase of heat metering devices for the hot water circulation and heating system 01/09/2017
2917 Business Analysis Services 01/09/2017
2918 Supply of arched metal detector 01/09/2017
2920 Supply of traffic light signal galvanized columns 01/09/2017
2921 Providing services for the creation and placement of information (production and broadcasting of TV programs and stories) on a television channel that broadcasts on the territory of the subjects of the Urals Federal District 01/09/2017
2922 Supply of household gas meter 01/09/2017
2923 Tractors, agricultural, wheeled, with an engine power of more than 59 kW 01/09/2017
2924 LASER SUPPLY / WORK RADAR 01/09/2017
2925 Supply with Invoice 01/09/2017
2926 Supply and installation of solar systems for hot water on residential buildings in the Stolno municipality and delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installation on the building of the Primary School in Wabcz 31/08/2017
2927 Business systems and digital security alarm. 31/08/2017
2928 Maintenance of land Satcom systems in military bands X and Ka. 31/08/2017
2929 Demilitarization of ammunition. 31/08/2017
2930 Framework agreement for the supply and delivery of new tractors with front loaders for the maintenance of county roads of the Aisne. 31/08/2017
2931 Framework agreement for power transformers. 31/08/2017
2932 Purchasing health insurance card - documents 1 and EU certification 31/08/2017
2933 Outdoor transformer 31/08/2017
2934 Procurement Parts and Tools for Heavy machine gun 12.7. 31/08/2017
2935 MG Mount, Tripod; Flash Hider, Carrying systems 412389-AI931. 31/08/2017
2936 EAs Earth replacement bus. 31/08/2017
2937 The procurement of a road light fittings 2017 31/08/2017
2938 The procurement of a road light fittings 2017 31/08/2017
2939 The procurement of a road light fittings 2017 31/08/2017
2940 Sale of Shredded BRASS (Small arms Ammunition remnants) 31/08/2017
2941 The acquisition of traffic signs and road equipment. 31/08/2017
2942 Snow vehicle ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). 31/08/2017
2943 Technical assistance for the drafting of sanitation and wastewater treatment plant of El Llano, municipality of San Tirso de Abres (Asturias). 31/08/2017
2944 Realization of project management missions necessary for the creation of a wastewater treatment plant for the hospital of Mitsamiouli (town located in the North of Grande Comore). 31/08/2017
2945 TV inspection of sewage pipes. 31/08/2017
2946 "Production and printing of printed and advertising materials and certificates". 31/08/2017
2947 Supplying cold water meters and elements necessary for the implementation of a fixed network remote reading. 31/08/2017
2948 Purchase of heavy rescue and firefighting car with equipment for OSP Bukowiec, Nowy Tomysl Commune. 31/08/2017
2949 Transport and treatment of waste from waste collection centers in the Sisteronais-Buech Community of Communes. 31/08/2017
2950 Delivery of Gloves to the Danish Defence. 31/08/2017
2951 Road lighting service along road 99. 31/08/2017
2952 Acquisition and implementation of a forest video surveillance system and operational decision support in the Arrabida Natural Park, Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais and Mafra. 31/08/2017
2953 Supply and maintenance of radiocommunication equipment 40mhz / Dmr plus for the DIR Nord. 31/08/2017
2954 Construction of sewage management system in Pruchnik Commune - extension of sewage treatment plant in Prušek ref: IZ 271/8/2017. 31/08/2017
2955 Design, delivery, installation and configuration of 2 (two) cameras - system for constant video surveillance of a central warehouse for sale of firewood to individuals for the needs of OSSG. 31/08/2017
2956 Purchase of modernization and construction services of video surveillance systems of the Ministry of the Interior for 4 years. 31/08/2017
2957 Supply of Double Glazed Units to Prison Industries. 31/08/2017
2958 Construction work for the collective sewerage network - Yves commune. 31/08/2017
2959 Delivery of 9 CNG-powered buses. 31/08/2017
2960 Mining activities - wood approaching by tractor (framework agreement) - LZ Boubín 2018. 31/08/2017
2961 Transport of data by means of telecommunications services to "Large Band". 31/08/2017
2962 Integrated Waste Management Service and Environmental Hygiene. 31/08/2017
2963 Renovation of street lighting in the city of Kerpen. 31/08/2017
2964 SSG, printing of standard print products, printing of flyers and brochures. 31/08/2017
2965 New construction Sandwäscher and conveyor belts, sewage treatment plant Düsseldorf-Süd. 31/08/2017
2966 Supply of metered Electricity. 31/08/2017
2967 Supply of metered Gas. 31/08/2017
2968 DPS for Print, Design and Marketing. 31/08/2017
2969 Acquisition of vehicle (s) for firefighting of VIM 90 aircraft. 31/08/2017
2970 Supply of a compact aspiro-suction sweeper with takeover of old 31/08/2017
2971 The subject of this tender is the supply of Infantry Equipment to the Armed Forces of Malta; as indicated hereunder: • Lot No.1 – Ballistic Helmets; • Lot No.2 – Plate Carrier including cutaway system and two stand-alone plates; • Lot No.3 – Military Law Enforcement (MLE) Belts complete with holster, pistol magazine pouches, rifle magazine pouches and radio pouches. 31/08/2017
2972 Construction of Gruda sewerage 31/08/2017
2973 Purchase two (2) vehicles for the HMP for the needs of Emergency Medical Services 31/08/2017
2974 Delivery of a compact sweeper 31/08/2017
2975 Provision of Lead Auditor/Training of Trainers (ToT) Courses for ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 22001:2005 31/08/2017
2976 Simulator of the operator of the antitank rocket complex 31/08/2017
2977 Purchase of frequency converters 31/08/2017
2978 Medical furniture and metal cases 31/08/2017
2979 Purchase of weapons, military and special equipment, production and technical products and property in order to ensure the state armament program within the framework of the state defense order. 31/08/2017
2980 Printing Household Cards (HHC) 31/08/2017
2981 Agricultural loading and unloading trailers (Trailer 2PTS-4,5 two-axle dump truck with anchor plates or "equivalent", Trailer tractor PTS-4 double-axle dump truck with inboard sides or "equivalent") 31/08/2017
2982 Sprayer 31/08/2017
2983 Distributor of mineral fertilizers 31/08/2017
2984 Construction and installation work on the project: "Overhaul with the modernization of the elements of the automatic fire alarm and fire alarm system 31/08/2017
2985 Replacement of the dam of the Herinnes lock - civil engineering works - Seine-Escaut Est - Haut-Escaut. 31/08/2017
2986 SUPPLY OF Irrigation Canals 31/08/2017
2987 Mineral fertilizers 31/08/2017
2988 Monoblock machines (split-systems) with installation, power generators (power plants) 31/08/2017
2989 Thermal insulation of furnaces ФТЛ-2-81№4, №5 31/08/2017
2990 The choice of auditing organization for audit services for the statutory audit for 2017 in JSC "Belagroprombank" 31/08/2017
2991 Acquisition of electricity meters for the needs of the State Bank of the Republic of Karelia "Krymeliovodhoz" and its branches 31/08/2017
2992 Purchase of a truck tractor 31/08/2017
2993 Semi-trailer forestry APS 553604 (analog) 31/08/2017
2994 Fire extinguishers 31/08/2017
2995 Supply rounds of caliber 308 Win (7.62x51) 31/08/2017
2996 Delivery of traffic lights 31/08/2017
2997 Transformer substation (КТПН 160/10 / 0,4) complete with power transformer (ТМГ-СЭЩ) 31/08/2017
2998 Replacement and maintenance lease / maintenance / succession metering systems. 30/08/2017
2999 Provision of a complete solution for parlophone equipment, access control and communications. 30/08/2017
3000 Acquisition of 3 fire road tankers and one cistern capacity of 1,500 liters, one cistern capacity of 5,000 liters and one cistern capacity of 5,000 liters, with tank for foam 30/08/2017
3001 Manufacture and supply of a patrol vehicle with corresponding high and supplies, destined for the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard. 30/08/2017
3002 Supply tanks and three fire tanks 1 to 1 500 liters of capacity, 1 Tank capacity 5000 liters capacity tanks 1 and 5000 liters, the tank for the foam 30/08/2017
3003 Delivery of at least 1,900 fire helmets type B according to EN 443: 2008. And for a specific terms of reference. 30/08/2017
3004 Lot 1: supply of 25 buses following types: low-floor buses in different lengths (podestlos), low-floor articulated buses (podestlos), gas buses, hybrid buses 30/08/2017
3005 Fire detection work for CEA Evry-site prior nominations phase. 30/08/2017
3006 Supply of 2 Power Transformers 16 MVA 132/22-11 kV. 30/08/2017
3007 FE 03.0538 / 2015 / IGB impact of cooperative systems and autonomous / highly automated driving on traffic flow and requirements for collective traffic control on highways. 30/08/2017
3008 Purchase of vehicles CAS 20 for functioning JSDH Bechovice 30/08/2017
3009 Purchase and delivery system to detect and combat unmanned aerial vehicles. 30/08/2017
3010 Delivery of three buses for the Bavarian riot police. 30/08/2017
3011 Dastawa 1 van, kombivan or multipurpose car in a police unmarked version for KWP in Lodz. 30/08/2017
3012 Delivery of a minivan five-passenger car in police unmarked for KWP in Lodz. 30/08/2017
3013 2 pieces of press garbage collection vehicles 20 m³. 30/08/2017
3014 Contract 2 - Construction of sanitary sewage network for Task 13 (Broniewskiego, Dworcowa, Ogrodowa, Wagowa) within the framework of the project "Water and sewage management in Sosnowiec - Stage III". 30/08/2017
3015 Implementation of the project consisting in the extension of the Alarm and Warning System in Warsaw. 30/08/2017
3016 Provision of 7 000 kg Telescopic Loader. 30/08/2017
3017 Acquisition of an ambulance for the Luxembourg army. 30/08/2017
3018 Acquisition of 8 ISO 20 container transport trailers. 30/08/2017
3019 Execution of design documentation for a part-by-part task: Parts 1 through 5. 30/08/2017
3020 MaFo for the eTicket field test. 30/08/2017
3021 Design, delivery, installation and maintenance of a video surveillance system for the administrative building of TPP Gotse Delchev and for a central warehouse for sale of wood to TPP Gotse Delchev. 30/08/2017
3022 Supply of Military Scarfs and Fleece Jackets 30/08/2017
3023 New supply 8 Overhead warning light trailer. 30/08/2017
3024 Modernization and extension of video surveillance system in Slatina municipality. 30/08/2017
3025 Delivery of footwear for the needs of the employees of the General Directorate "Security". 30/08/2017
3026 Framework contract for the purchase and delivery of signature card readers. 30/08/2017
3027 Framework agreement for the purchase of buses over 30 persons for the period 2017-2020. 30/08/2017
3028 Wastewater transfer Wilsdruff - Wastewater treatment plant Dresden-Kaditz BA 2.11 - Closed pipe construction. 30/08/2017
3029 SEND — Main Technical Advisor Consultancy Services. 30/08/2017
3030 Provide, deliver and install X-RAY Inspection System (Baggage Screening) to OSCE Mission in Kosovo Headquarters 30/08/2017
3031 Procurement tank fire truck 4000. 30/08/2017
3032 Print flyers with integrated organ donor card. 30/08/2017
3033 Delivery of an impactor with vacuum pump 30/08/2017
3034 The Ballistic PPE capability is made up of the following PPE/equipment. — Lot 1 — Body Armour inc Plates, Body Armour Carrier and Stowage Bag. Delta access code XY88A23X7Q — Lot 2 — Ballistic Helmet. Delta access code 82C343FB7B — Lot 3 — Tactical Coverall (two piece) and helmet cover. Delta access code DM786GMD3F — Lot 4 — Gloves (Dexterity). Delta access code B7J3Q76H9G — Lot 5 — Goggles (interchangeable lenses). Delta access code S84369PG48 — Lot 6 — Head Torch. Delta access code V9AZD8M7G6 — Lot 7 — Headset Communications / Ear Defenders. Delta access code U28YB22497 30/08/2017
3035 Provision of a self-propelled sweeper or a hydro-curing machine with driver, for the maintenance of roads in the district of Rouen. 30/08/2017
3036 To support the Council to print, distribute and increase revenue within the Wirral View publication. 30/08/2017
3037 Supply of restaurant vouchers. 30/08/2017
3038 Provision of Traffic Signs and Road Markings in Various Industrial Estates around Malta and Gozo 30/08/2017
3039 Supply of heat energy (purchase along with sewed) to heat exchangers supplying heat to the buildings of the Office of the Ministry of National Defense. 30/08/2017
3040 Call for Tenders for the Provision of Traffic Signs and Road Markings in Various Industrial Estates around Malta and Gozo 30/08/2017
3041 Open auction in electronic form on the right to conclude a contract for the supply of rescue parachute systems C-5I ser.2 and portable emergency stocks NAZ-7M for IL-976 aircraft 30/08/2017
3042 Supply of kits for extension of low voltage power lines. 30/08/2017
3043 purchase of light-signal equipment and materials for the facility 30/08/2017
3044 Acquisition of postage stamps and postal envelopes 30/08/2017
3045 Telecommunication Equipment 30/08/2017
3046 Purchase of GAZelle truck Next "Farmer" GAZ A22R22-30 or equivalent 30/08/2017
3047 Services for printing postal stamps, stamp stamps, documents of title cards, microprocessor cards, check books and other securities and similar products 30/08/2017
3048 Ordering printed maps. 30/08/2017
3049 Service for repair (restoration) of the tractor CASE MAGNUM 310. 30/08/2017
3050 Purchase of electronic laser shooting machine, laser tag 30/08/2017
3051 Maintenance of the license plate recognition system at the RTPO "Privalka-1" 30/08/2017
3052 Supply of heat meters and their installation 30/08/2017
3053 Supply of a set of devices for checking the authenticity of banknotes, securities and excise stamps 30/08/2017
3054 Purchase of the complete JOHN DEERE 8430 tractor engine block (item SE 501746) 30/08/2017
3055 Replacement of fire and burglar alarm systems in the OZGS premises at the address: 117, Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk, Minsk, building 3 30/08/2017
3056 Purchase of printer cartridges for identification cards and identification cards 30/08/2017
3057 42-BYM-2017 Concession scheme for subscription based collection of parking charges via a parking application. 29/08/2017
3058 Toners and ink cartridges. 29/08/2017
3059 Annual contracts 2018 Road signs, guard rails and house call. 29/08/2017
3060 A multiannual framework supply agreement for the acquisition of portable scanning systems for the benefit of the integrated police. 29/08/2017
3061 Delivery turntable ladder DLA (K) 23/12 according to DIN 14502, EN 1846 and 14043: 2014-04. 29/08/2017
3062 upply of 15 low-floor trolleybuses. 29/08/2017
3063 Delivery 4 partial trolleybuses. 29/08/2017
3064 Supply 4 machines sweepers with different dimensions and capacities to meet the different needs of street cleaning, vacuum cleaners and 4 self-propelled carts with electric transmission. 29/08/2017
3065 mobile telecommunications services to the municipal administration of the Municipality of Stip and TPPE, enterprises, municipal primary and secondary schools, DSMU "Sergei Mikhailov," DSU "Iskra" kindergarten in Stip, National institution Library in Stip, Center for development of East region and Oak "House of youth" Stip 29/08/2017
3066 Shoe repair services and supply of consumables for North Fire Brigade. 29/08/2017
3067 Use of two-way excavators throughout the standard gauge railway network of ÖBB Infrastruktur AG. 29/08/2017
3068 Provision of Car Park Pay on Foot Equipment Supply, Installation and Maintenance. 29/08/2017
3069 Nationwide traction and logistics services in rail-bound construction site and freight traffic. 29/08/2017
3070 Payment card terminal 2. 29/08/2017
3071 Supply of medium salvage and firefighting vehicles together with additional equipment to improve the efficiency of the Voluntary Fire Service Unit in Diemas included in the National Rescue System. 29/08/2017
3072 Delivery of heavy rescue and firefighting car for KP PSP in Mława. 29/08/2017
3073 A-103/17; Supply and installation of automatic traffic counters with vehicle classification. 29/08/2017
3074 Supply of tractor 29/08/2017
3075 Delivery of a tank fire truck (TLF) 3000. 29/08/2017
3076 Supply and installation of firefighting equipment 29/08/2017
3077 Provision of Waste Management and Disposal Services. 29/08/2017
3078 Purchase of a tractor with a snow blower, broom. 29/08/2017
3079 Call for applications for participation - delivery, installation and maintenance of x-ray devices, radiology. 29/08/2017
3080 Provision of Waste Management and Disposal Services 29/08/2017
3081 Tender for the Acquisition, Installation, Commissioning and Testing of Equipment Partially using Energy Efficient Equipment: Aerial-Based Technologies 29/08/2017
3082 The Authority is seeking to appoint Contractor(s) for the supply and delivery of Print Books and Standing Order from a wide range of academic publishers, and the associated services to the higher education (HE) institutions and further education 29/08/2017
3083 Contract for delivery of pallet scanner. 29/08/2017
3084 X-ray equipment for baggage inspection 29/08/2017
3085 Framework Agreement for the Supply & Maintenance of Dual View Low Dose Transmission X-ray Body Scanners for installation at worldwide locations. 29/08/2017
3086 The subject of the framework agreement is the purchase of stationary document readers, software and product support. 29/08/2017
3087 Supply of test-measuring equipment for maintenance of Mi-8 helicopter group 29/08/2017
3088 Advisory services include the activity strategy of AB Lietuvos gelezinkeliai up to 2030. Preparation of the project and its presentation to the board of the community 29/08/2017
3089 "Construction of a technological line for wastewater treatment at biological treatment plants at the address: Republic of Bashkortostan, Yanaul, ul. Socialist, 52 " 29/08/2017
3090 Waste Water Treatment Plant 2 Stages 29/08/2017
3091 Packages of multimedia software "Program complex of simulation of combat situation" 29/08/2017
3092 Execution of works on replacement of pump units with the installation of frequency converters in the pumping station of the 3rd lifting of the 2nd stage of the NFS, in accordance with the terms of reference approved by the Customer. 29/08/2017
3093 Thermographic camera 29/08/2017
3094 Purchase of a vacuum sweeper-harvesting machine 1-unit. 29/08/2017
3095 SAP Application Support. 29/08/2017
3096 The right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of electric power meters for the needs of Smolensk-Atomenergo, a branch of AtomEnergoSbyt JSC 29/08/2017
3097 Purchase of heating elements 29/08/2017
3098 Mt 48/17-PEA Medical furniture for the UZ of the Gomel region (Lot 90-Lot 119) 29/08/2017
3099 Procurement of digital certificates with BSEP (token) for the needs of the municipality of Ohrid 29/08/2017
3100 Arched metal detectors 29/08/2017
3101 Supply of mobile metal fencing and portable arched metal detectors 29/08/2017
3102 Purchase of RFID equipment, software and a contactless smart card with an RFID chip for identification of the reader for the needs of the Central City Library of Family Reading in Bronnitsy 29/08/2017
3103 Heat exchanger replacement 29/08/2017
3104 Purchase of a digital two-way radio communication system for the ambulance service (again) 29/08/2017
3105 Vehicle monitoring and management system through GPS for RWC vehicles "CABRATI" sh.a. 29/08/2017
3107 Purchase of AV2M series circuit breakers 29/08/2017
3108 Supply, delivery and installation of new electrical sub-station including accessories at Polio Emergency Centre (MoPH) 29/08/2017
3109 Fertilizer SD Fertilizer or equivalent in quantity: 150 l. 29/08/2017
3110 Stickers on your luggage 29/08/2017
3111 Supply of a tractor for municipal needs of the Novopokrovsky administration of the Mordovian district of the Tambov region 29/08/2017
3112 Pesticides and plant protection products 29/08/2017
3113 Label thermo-eco, size 38 (40) mm x 40 mm green 29/08/2017
3114 Provision of services for the creation and broadcasting of a cycle of television programs on housing and communal services 29/08/2017
3115 Purchase of barriers to limit travel for automobile checkpoints located in the Leningrad Region for the needs of the St. Petersburg branch of FGKU Rosgranstroy 29/08/2017
3116 Provision of high-speed telecommunications access services for the main department of social protection of the Krasnoyarsk city administration for small business entities, socially-oriented non-profit organizations 29/08/2017
3117 Acquisition of filtration equipment for water in the basin for the needs of the MBU secondary school № 3 29/08/2017
3118 Fire vehicles 28/08/2017
3119 Fire vehicles 28/08/2017
3120 1-006-17 manage, maintain and expand the municipal installations for the CCTV in and around the city of Rotterdam. 28/08/2017
3121 The Visa Information System. 28/08/2017
3122 Fire engine 28/08/2017
3123 Medals. 28/08/2017
3124 Operating exchange diaphragm gas meters in the area of Gas Plant Branch in Bialystok. 28/08/2017
3125 MPA-2016 pv2, pv2-class sea rescue boats. 28/08/2017
3126 Procurement of a fire fighting vehicle LF 10 for the Volunteer Fire Brigade Puch. 28/08/2017
3127 Fire truck ladder 30 m. 28/08/2017
3128 Framework agreement for the supply of passenger cars in the police and the current design and supply of equipment for car service centers of the Ministry of Interior for the period 2018-2021. 28/08/2017
3129 The objective of the procurement is to cover the Ministry of Foreign Affairs need for bullet-proof security products, including complete solutions for sluice doors and aprons, as well as security doors, where this cannot be purchased locally. For further information, see Annex 1, Requirement Specification and price form. 28/08/2017
3130 Supply costumes for the staff body of the local police. 28/08/2017
3131 Providing a minimum number of 49 buses (Euro VI - category M3, class I). 28/08/2017
3132 Mission project management required for demolition of 4 individual dwellings and their surroundings to LIBERCOURT. Reference number: 1191 28/08/2017
3133 Passenger screening inspection delivery and hand luggage, control of 100% hold baggage, inspection of the critical part for regular commercial flights. 28/08/2017
3134 2-pole 132kV / 16.7Hz interior SF6 gas-insulated switchgear UW Foretaille. 28/08/2017
3135 Supply garbage type press 16 m³ and a truck overturn 28/08/2017
3136 D.29 / 17 repairing 3 FLIR pieces infrared turret, P / N: 46426276AB-01, cage code: F6170, E / P super puma. 28/08/2017
3137 Supply 4 machines sweepers with different dimensions and capacities to meet the different needs of street cleaning, vacuum cleaners and 4 self-propelled carts with electric transmission. 28/08/2017
3138 Purchase of two school buses. 28/08/2017
3139 Supply, delivery and management of paper meal vouchers. 28/08/2017
3140 Subscriber management and meter reading of water supply in the CAM. 28/08/2017
3141 Get a custom night-monitoring device (monocular). 28/08/2017
3142 Single bidder Framework Agreement mastery of work for public lighting works, traffic lights, geo referencing and lighting 28/08/2017
3143 Road III / 4787 Ostrava ul. Vyskovicka - reconstruction of bridges ev. no. 4787 and 4787 3.3 4.3 28/08/2017
3144 Reconstruction and modernization of wastewater treatment plant for the agglomeration wheel. 28/08/2017
3145 The London Borough of Croydon invites tenders for the provision of Internal Audit and Anti-Fraud Services. 28/08/2017
3146 Collection and management of waste from the area of ​​the Municipality Wojnicz. 28/08/2017
3147 Delivery of spare parts for combat vehicles. 28/08/2017
3148 Delivery of 16 unmarked patrol cars combi with the OCR. 28/08/2017
3149 Procurement — Treatment of hazardous waste, Bingsa Næring 2017. 28/08/2017
3150 Maintenance and operation of static equipment intersections to traffic lights on the national road network operated by the direction of the Île-de-France routes. 28/08/2017
3151 2017 Forest articulated tractor. 28/08/2017
3152 Supplying the Central Danube Region Waste Management Local Government Association public waste management services in the context of public service contracts as regards the two regions. 28/08/2017
3153 Provision of telecommunications services for the Inter-regional Direction Antilles-Guyane de Meteo-France. 28/08/2017
3154 Management and product delivery voucher / Ticket / Check or Christmas Gift Card for staff Midat Mutual Cyclops, MCSS # 1. 28/08/2017
3155 High, medium voltage, low voltage switchgear. 28/08/2017
3156 Supply of material, spare parts and tools for the Workshop of the Road Cleaning and Waste Management Service of the City of León. 28/08/2017
3157 Waste management. 28/08/2017
3158 Purchase of shrapnel and bulletproof helmets and bullet-proof helmets. 28/08/2017
3159 Installation service of street lights and squares of the city of Seville for the celebrations from December to January for the period 2017-2018. 28/08/2017
3160 Integrated waste collection service and related services (2017-duration 5 + 2 years) Code: CIG: 70869808E6. 28/08/2017
3161 Framework Agreement for the acquisition of "Toner cartridges, parts and accessories for printers, repair and maintenance of computer peripherals". 28/08/2017
3162 Internal Audit and Anti-Fraud Services. 28/08/2017
3163 Contract maintenance, conservation, replacement or actions in the sewerage network and rainwater and auxiliary elements. 28/08/2017
3164 Telecommunication services with the expansion of the central office. 28/08/2017
3165 Provision of the Individual Health Card. 28/08/2017
3166 The objective of the Feasibility Study is to carry out an in-depth analysis on the technical feasibility and economic viability of new or enhanced services supporting CBRNe operations and the preparedness to deal with related threats 28/08/2017
3167 EU-wide invitation to tender for the delivery of a truck for the district of Konstanz. 28/08/2017
3168 Selection of a mobile operator to provide telecommunication services for the needs of SF Agriculture. 28/08/2017
3169 Purchase of snow blades and sweep tractors. 28/08/2017
3170 Single Supplier Framework Agreement for the Supply of Single Deck Regional Commuter Buses. 28/08/2017
3171 Supply and commissioning of a plate-reader-based information collection system (LAPI). 28/08/2017
3172 Ticket machines. 28/08/2017
3173 Financial leasing contract for the financing of an airport fire truck. 28/08/2017
3174 Reconstruction and modernization of sewage treatment plant in Pionki. 28/08/2017
3175 Supply of equipment for the modernization of the basic satellite-terrestrial multiplex system. 28/08/2017
3176 Establishment of access control system in basic registers. 28/08/2017
3177 Supply contract Fire-fighting vehicle Bicaz Chei commune, Neamt county -Water and foam working vehicle for fire interventions. 28/08/2017
3178 Supply and installation of time stamps and associated services. 28/08/2017
3179 Supply and delivery of cleaning equipment for all the colleges and services of the departmental council of Indre-et-Loire. 28/08/2017
3180 Purchase of snow blades and sweep tractors. 28/08/2017
3181 Pretreatment and treatment of bulky waste collected in waste disposal. 28/08/2017
3182 Public contract for the provision of mobile telecommunication services for the statutory city of Ostrava, legal entities established and established by the statutory city of Ostrava, or by municipal districts. 28/08/2017
3183 Supply of electricity from renewable energies (green electricity). 28/08/2017
3184 Modernization of light signaling equipment on road I / 55 in Břeclav. 28/08/2017
3185 419-2017АЭ Device for verification of authenticity of banknotes, securities and excise stamps. 28/08/2017
3186 Single lot: - self washer and mono brushes, - vacuum cleaners, - sweepers 28/08/2017
3187 Implementation and maintenance of a software tool for semi-automated digitization of all documents constituting the registration dossier. 28/08/2017
3188 Framework agreement solar panels (PV). 28/08/2017
3189 Provision of logistic and warehousing services. 28/08/2017
3190 Omniva logistics center construction. 28/08/2017
3191 Delivery of a compact tractor including artificial sweepers 28/08/2017
3192 Reconstruction of the Garciema railway crossing - Āda�i manor house 28/08/2017
3193 Construction of a new bridge at the Kutaisi municipality km 3 + 800 section of the road "Tsonisiis-upper Tsonisi" 28/08/2017
3194 Vector signal generator and frequency converter including signal source 28/08/2017
3195 Buying a loader 28/08/2017
3196 Purchase of a metal detector 28/08/2017
3197 Delivery of 2 chassis for 2 TSF-W portable sprayers for the city of Freyung and the municipality of Aichen. 28/08/2017
3198 Thermographic camera 28/08/2017
3199 Passenger Information system II. - Litvinov. 28/08/2017
3200 Purchase of a metal detector 28/08/2017
3201 Supply of Labels size 50 x 22 mm 28/08/2017
3202 DVRs and video cameras for video surveillance systems 28/08/2017
3203 Construction of the bridge over Toplica river in the Municipality of Mionica, UNOPS-ROADS-2017-W-004 28/08/2017
3204 Call for Quotes for the Supply of Barcode Labels 28/08/2017
3205 Call for Quotes for the Supply of Labels size 50 x 22 mm 28/08/2017
3206 Information systems (vehicle monitoring system) 28/08/2017
3207 Purchase of boilers for boiler and heat exchanger reconstruction 28/08/2017
3208 Supply of gas meters 28/08/2017
3209 Construction of the bridge over Toplica river in the Municipality of Mionica 28/08/2017
3210 Medical furniture 28/08/2017
3211 Purchase of metal detectors 28/08/2017
3212 Steel pipes 12Х18Н10Т Ф12Х1 кр.6м GOST 9941-81 28/08/2017
3213 Tip Sticker 28/08/2017
3214 Purchase of potash fertilizers 28/08/2017
3215 Semitrailer forestry tractor with hydromanipulator 28/08/2017
3216 Services for routine repair of fire alarm systems and warning people about a fire at the facility: "Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital" corps No. 8,12. 28/08/2017
3217 SUPPLY WITH CHIP CARD 28/08/2017
3218 Metal Detector type Garrett GTI 2500 complete with an increase in search depth Garrett Treasure 28/08/2017
3219 Installation of heaters - radiators 28/08/2017
3220 Equipment for water filtration and purification for the needs of the State unitary enterprise of the Republic of Karelia 28/08/2017
3221 Purchase of works on overhaul of DC boards at 110 kV Substation "Dubey" and 110 kV Substation "Novodvory" with replacement of unreliable electrical equipment items 28/08/2017
3222 Purchase of video surveillance equipment 28/08/2017
3223 Purchase of self-adhesive labels 28/08/2017
3224 Delivery of fuel for jet engines TS-1 (RT) by refueling the Customer,s aircraft at the airport in Saratov 28/08/2017
3225 Airsoft weapons and accessories 28/08/2017
3226 Metal detector 28/08/2017
3227 Performance of works on the installation of video surveillance at the construction sites efficiency 79/19 2 turn and efficiency 77/19 1 turn 28/08/2017
3228 Temporary sweeper vehicles with drivers. 27/08/2017
3229 Supply of Hospital Beds and Mattresses. 27/08/2017
3230 7200063579 Mobile Potable Water Treatment Plant. 27/08/2017
3231 Printing of forms, indexes and student identification cards for the needs of the University "St. Cyril and Methodius "in Skopje - Rectorate 27/08/2017
3232 "Integrated information-analytical system of management of financial and economic activity in Kyiv" 27/08/2017
3233 Printing of forms, indexes and student identification cards for the needs of the University "St. Cyril and Methodius "in Skopje - Rectorate 27/08/2017
3234 Water purification processor 27/08/2017
3235 River bed regulation and reconstruction of the existing bridge 26/08/2017
3236 HR information system. 25/08/2017
3237 The aim of the procurement is to ensure Rana municipality access to multi-functional printers and table-top printers, as well as software and software maintenance for a joint print-out system for all of Rana municipality,s organisation. The procurement is for a framework agreement for 2 years, with an option for an extension of 1 + 1 year. 25/08/2017
3238 Home Office Biometric Matcher Platform and associated Services. 25/08/2017
3239 Beds and hospital bedside 25/08/2017
3240 Delivery, assembly, introduction, commissioning and trial operation of a three-phase oil power transformer as a network coupling transformer. 25/08/2017
3241 Establishing a graduation certification system. 25/08/2017
3242 Delivery of a Einsatzleitwagens 2 according to DIN 14507-3 for the district Heilbronn. 25/08/2017
3243 CFT438352 DOJ — PSNI — Command and Control Replacement 25/08/2017
3244 Rehabilitation of public lighting of the A13 between Paris ring road and the covered trench Ambroise Paré. 25/08/2017
3245 Supply of natural gas gauges type Smart Meter. 25/08/2017
3246 Ambulance C1 supply contract. 25/08/2017
3247 Purchase of equipment, software and services necessary for the implementation of a biometric handwritten signature on Social Security 25/08/2017
3248 Acquisition of ticketing software and customer relationship management. 25/08/2017
3249 Supply of winter service. 25/08/2017
3250 Construction and maintenance of PV systems. 25/08/2017
3251 Delivery of general purpose vehicles - minibuses. 25/08/2017
3252 Delivery of 2 low-floor garbage trucks with rotating drum and bulk. 25/08/2017
3253 Delivery to the Central School of the State Fire Service in Częstochowa heavy vehicle rescue and firefighting 4x4. Reference: WT.2370.18.2017. 25/08/2017
3254 Modernization of the sewage system in the district Murcki. 25/08/2017
3255 2017 / 600-01 patient beds and night tables (2 lots). 25/08/2017
3256 Increasing the use of renewable energy sources in the Lublin province - supply and installation of solar collectors and biomass stove on the property located within the municipality B. 25/08/2017
3257 Supply of Extinguisher, Fire 25/08/2017
3258 Transmission Utility SCADA Equipment. 25/08/2017
3259 Purchase of 11 articulated low-floor trolleybuses in 2018. 25/08/2017
3260 The contract is for an operator to provide a pay for passenger trolley service at LLA for a period of 3 years plus a possible 1 Year extension. 25/08/2017
3261 Support for maintenance and modernization of Hawk missile carriers / conveyors. 25/08/2017
3262 Providing fixed and mobile telecommunications services to Warsaw University of Technology. 25/08/2017
3263 Delivery of a tanker vehicle TLF 3000 according to DIN 14530-22 and fire-fighting loading - 3 lots Lot 1: Tanker truck chassis for a fire truck TLF 3000 Lot 2: Tanker truck set-up for a fire truck TLF 3000 Lot 3: Fire brigade loading for a fire truck TLF 3000. 25/08/2017
3264 Plumbing, welding gas, compressed air, fire extinguishing systems. 25/08/2017
3265 Supply and implementation of public domain e-government software. 25/08/2017
3266 Purchase and delivery of a new fire truck TRV-2d. 25/08/2017
3267 Mobile services and delivery of SIM cards. 25/08/2017
3268 The right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of ultrasonic flowmeters for nuclear power facilities. 25/08/2017
3269 Delivery and installation on a ready-made foundation of concrete complete indoor distribution systems (BKZUU) with installed switchgear type by separate positions for the needs of Energo-Pro Networks AD. 25/08/2017
3270 Manufacture and supply of low-flow buses (solobusses) with full electric drive as well as supply and installation of compatible charging systems. 25/08/2017
3271 Endourological workstation with X-ray system for the Department of Urology of the University Hospital Halle 25/08/2017
3272 Procurement of X-ray equipment to Södersjukhuset AB 25/08/2017
3273 Replacement of the cannon of the gun 2А46М 25/08/2017
3274 Sweeping and Cleaning 25/08/2017
3275 Removal, acquisition and maintenance of a lightweight and utility vehicle sweeper. 25/08/2017
3276 Principal requests tenders for sweepers to Bystasjonen according to given criteria attached specifications 25/08/2017
3277 Tender for the Supply and Installation of an Energy Efficient CCTV System and an Intruder Alarm. 25/08/2017
3278 Execution of works on the construction of faecal sewerage and water supply network in Valbandon, Mala vala-I phase 25/08/2017
3280 Delivery, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems to be Installed at Project House Floriana, Pertaining to the Ministry for Transport, Infrastruct 25/08/2017
3281 Delivery contract for transport of 400/128/18 kV transformer to Győr 400/220/120 kV substation. 25/08/2017
3282 Mobile Imaging and Vehicle Tracking System 25/08/2017
3283 Gas mask filtering, respirator, light protective suit. 25/08/2017
3284 Reflective Traffic Alert Plans and Receiving Traffic Elements 25/08/2017
3285 Supply of cold water meters 25/08/2017
3286 Major overhaul of transformer substation 25/08/2017
3287 Combined bidding for three (3) lots of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) 25/08/2017
3288 Printing of stamps and other materials for filatelia (for two years) 25/08/2017
3290 Brussels - FPS Justice - Installation of a generator. 25/08/2017
3291 Purchase of the marked envelopes and postal stamps 25/08/2017
3292 Performing work on the replacement of electricity meters and transformers with the use of materials from the contractor - for the needs of the branch of GUP MO "KS MO" "OZ TS" 25/08/2017
3293 Gas production or consumption meters 25/08/2017
3294 Manufacture and supply of a trolley for transporting the rudder of the IL-76TD (MD) 25/08/2017
3295 Self-adhesive label 25/08/2017
3296 Current repair of a water treatment plant and installations for deep biological treatment of domestic wastewater 25/08/2017
3297 Collection and evaluation of agricultural management data and fertilizer management 25/08/2017
3298 Supply of water purification plant_2017 25/08/2017
3299 Other ammunition and ammunition and their details 25/08/2017
3300 Production of bank cards MasterCard and MIR for the needs of the Bank BRDB (AO) 25/08/2017
3301 Supply of consumables for printing electronic contactless plastic cards for the needs of the branch Information Technology and Communications Service of State Unitary Enterprise 25/08/2017
3302 Auction in electronic form for the right to conclude an agreement on the supply of sports small caliber ammunition, 5.6 mm caliber. For the members of the Moscow City Biathlon Team 25/08/2017
3303 Broadcasting services for broadcasting purposes 25/08/2017
3305 Framework agreement, printing and delivery of printed products (printing services). 25/08/2017
3306 Offer for the audit of the annual financial statements of the Central Bank of Cyprus by independent external auditors for the financial years 2018-2022. 25/08/2017
3307 C-130, C-160, Cn-235 Aircraft Material and Ammunition-Missile Material Purchase 25/08/2017
3308 Choice of the supplier of the plate heat exchanger in residential house No. 15 on Dimitrov street in Baranovichi to replace the failed one 25/08/2017
3309 Ppen tender for the supply, installation and commissioning detectors portable hands for the detection of metals, metal detector gates and RX scanners for the detection of objects in bags and luggage for the account FPS Justice. 24/08/2017
3310 Open tender for the purchase, delivery and maintenance of 24 bodycams at least with data storage without streaming, 10 bodycams with data storage and streaming as well as hardware and software related thereto. 24/08/2017
3311 Supply contract for the acquisition of two sweepers. 24/08/2017
3312 Ambulansfordon. 24/08/2017
3313 Supply of additional tools and additional support necessary for the maintenance of the C130 fleet at AIA CF. 24/08/2017
3314 Katurit (local buses) 4 pcs. 24/08/2017
3315 The contract mainly involves the renewal of the transformer substation (10kV / 400kV), IkV distribution substation, ALSB panels and LS panels in Tienen, in order to bring the electrical installations into conformity with the General Regulation of Electrical Installations (RGIE). 24/08/2017
3316 Acquisition and maintenance of 2 street sweepers to the City of Macon. 24/08/2017
3317 Open tender for the supply, installation and commissioning detectors portable hands to metal detection, detection gates Metals and RX scanners. 24/08/2017
3318 Education and training of air and ground personnel in connection with helicopters for evacuation services under water. 24/08/2017
3319 Modernization of transport involving the purchase of 16 buses with the least energy-efficient CO2 emissions and pollution. 24/08/2017
3320 Supply of 2 mechanical sweepers and / or aspiring with a load capacity of not less than 4 m³. 24/08/2017
3321 Implementation of renewable energy systems in the Municipality and the Association of Municipal Plater "unpolluted environment" based in Losice. 24/08/2017
3322 Delivery of heavy vehicle rescue and firefighting. 24/08/2017
3323 Supply of n. 2 + (n. 2 optional) trucks fitted out with rear loading compactor with PTT 260 q.li. 24/08/2017
3324 Delivery of cars and SUVs in the police version marked. 24/08/2017
3325 Buying network infrastructure devices enhancing the reliability and security of transmitted data. 24/08/2017
3326 Delivery of brand new sets of filters IBF. 24/08/2017
3327 Framework agreement for the supply of network components and associated services for the expansion of the IT infrastructure of the state capital of Hanover 24/08/2017
3328 Purchase of parking meters. 24/08/2017
3329 Purchase of tractors. 24/08/2017
3330 Audit of the annual accounts of the hospitals with the majority participation of the KBS including its subsidiaries. 24/08/2017
3331 Purchase of shoes with delivery to Latvian prisons 24/08/2017
3332 Provide a unified platform for integrating video surveillance and information exchange systems. 24/08/2017
3333 Accessories for upgrades for semi-automatic weapons M14. 24/08/2017
3334 Supply of miniature circuit breakers and load breakers in separate positions for the needs of Energo-Pro Networks AD. 24/08/2017
3335 Providing specialized equipment for rapid intervention in emergency CBRN on Danube 24/08/2017
3336 Performing the "Use of ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnic articles", according to the requirements of Technical Specification TC B 11.2307.16 - UAV ("Use of ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnic articles"). 24/08/2017
3337 Comprehensive service of fixed, water-based fire extinguishers of power transformers ≥ 250 MVA. 24/08/2017
3338 Contract for delivery of luggage scanners. 24/08/2017
3339 Supply of 9 No 16 seat low floor coach-built wheelchair accessible minibuses. 24/08/2017
3340 Target Presentations contract for the Ministery of Defence. 24/08/2017
3342 Procurement of a road sweeper incl. Chassis in full leasing for 48 months. 24/08/2017
3343 Rental contract with a full service contract for the maintenance, repair and replacement of mini sweepers. 24/08/2017
3344 Supply of 2 mechanical and / or vacuum sweepers with a load capacity of not less than 4 m³. Sweepers can be proposed new or used with registration not earlier than 2016. 24/08/2017
3345 UW RADENTHEIN - Construction of a 110 kV SF6 free-air switchgear. 24/08/2017
3346 Acquisition of Photocopy Machine, Printer and ID Card Printing Machine Business procurement 24/08/2017
3347 Purchase of 3 (three) Energy transformers 35 kV, 10 MVA for SS Mirkovci, SS Leskajca i SS Ilinden. 24/08/2017
3348 Traffic safety services in the urban area Duisburg 24/08/2017
3349 Purchase of used trucks. 24/08/2017
3350 Supply of meters of water accounting for MBU "Center of patriotic and pre-conscription training" Patriot "youth PT NMR (SMP and SONO) 24/08/2017
3351 Supply of cold water meters 24/08/2017
3352 Delivery of arched and hand metal detectors 24/08/2017
3353 Supply of frequency converters 24/08/2017
3354 Supply of spare parts for auto armored vehicles and vehicles. 24/08/2017
3355 Procurement of goods - Procurement of barge trailer (for the transfer of passenger vehicles) 24/08/2017
3356 Procurement of barge trailer (for the transfer of passenger vehicles) 24/08/2017
3357 "Delivery of the first number of a new tractor with nomimalna power from 90 to 110 hp for the needs of "Professional School of agro holding" town. 24/08/2017
3358 Supply, commissioning and maintenance of Explosive Detection Equipment Standard 3 and high throughput. Compliance with safety regulations Standard 3. 23/08/2017
3359 Framework agreement regarding acquisition of pyrotechnics. 23/08/2017
3360 Sammelbestellung SCBA and full face masks. 23/08/2017
3361 Framework agreement Product Supply: IT Network and Infrastructure. 23/08/2017
3362 Water meters: Dn 15mm; Dn 20mm; Dn 25mm; Dn 32mm; Dn 40mm will be static (no moving parts) 23/08/2017
3363 Component maintenance AS532U2-MKII Cougar transport helicopter. 23/08/2017
3364 Delivery of heavy vehicle rescue and firefighting equipment compliant with the SFS standardization in the framework of the project entitled. "Improving the quality of early warning systems and rescue in the 23/08/2017
3365 Expansion of the existing telephone infrastructure and VoIP network Purchaser. 23/08/2017
3366 Remediation works Sewage treatment plant Elsdorf - Engineering services. 23/08/2017
3367 Remediation works Sewage treatment plant Elsdorf - Engineering services 23/08/2017
3368 Procurement of a waste management system. 23/08/2017
3369 DEK_02_17_RFT Small Unmanned Aerial Systems. 23/08/2017
3370 Acquisition of explosive material for engineers. 23/08/2017
3371 Planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of a telecommunication system and the migration of the existing telecommunications network. 23/08/2017
3372 Provision of telecommunications services for GPMM. 23/08/2017
3373 A multi-year framework agreement (4 years) for procurement of round transparent shields MO and its spare parts (10 years) for the benefit of the integrated police. 23/08/2017
3374 Procurement cloud radar 94 GHz. 23/08/2017
3375 Extraordinary maintenance framework agreement sewage plants. 23/08/2017
3376 Logistics and tracing in sterile supplies. 23/08/2017
3377 The Services required are Waste and Recycling Services of all waste streams, which will include the collection and disposal/recycling of various types of waste such as: Green waste, oils and garage solvents, general, cardboard, paper, plastic 23/08/2017
3378 Extension of Cisco network infrastructure. 23/08/2017
3379 Networking Queyras stations and deploying a hands-free automated ticketing system. 23/08/2017
3380 Telecommunication services 23/08/2017
3381 Purchase of a garbage truck with back loading 23/08/2017
3382 Supply of three mobile generators. 23/08/2017
3383 Acquisition of Contactless Smart Electronic Card Acceptance 23/08/2017
3384 Audit and other professional services 23/08/2017
3386 Information and local warning system for the village of Kamenice 23/08/2017
3387 Maintenance services for central heating and heating systems owned by the Ministry of Interior 23/08/2017
3388 Portable X-ray machine 23/08/2017
3389 F-16 and F-4 Aircraft Material Purchase 23/08/2017
3390 Voltage transformer 23/08/2017
3391 Purchase of telecommunication equipment 23/08/2017
3392 Rendering of printing services (printing) of forms of strict accountability (sanatorium-resort vouchers in the amount of 5000 pcs.) 23/08/2017
3393 Automatic pallet 23/08/2017
3394 Telecommunications services - fixed telephony, mobile telephony and the Internet 23/08/2017
3395 Skånetrafikens procurement of Helsingborg bus. 22/08/2017
3396 Framework agreement for the supply of buses for the city of Ghent for a period of 4 years (divided into 4 lots). 22/08/2017
3397 VSAT Vilnius team and its departments operate video surveillance, access control and perimeter security and border surveillance system maintenance and repair services Purchase. 22/08/2017
3398 Forest fire fighting vehicle purchase 22/08/2017
3399 The financial management system and the accounting system of public sector accounting, consulting, support, maintenance and development services. 22/08/2017
3400 The purchase of low-floor trolleybuses. 22/08/2017
3401 Delivery of 2 pieces telescopic loader. 22/08/2017
3402 The implementation of intelligent transport systems. 22/08/2017
3403 2017 loaders 11-13 tons. 22/08/2017
3404 Supply brand new original large pyrotechnic robot to recognize and liquidation of unconventional cargo for the needs of the Air Border Crossing Szczecin - Goleniów. 22/08/2017
3405 Delivery of 10 ambulances type C. 22/08/2017
3406 Purchase contract "Mine Disposal equipment for road patrol vehicle to obtain" issue. 22/08/2017
3407 Purchase of Personalized Accompanying Checks (PAC) and Gift Certificates 22/08/2017
3408 Parachute system and the parachute system load paratroopers acquisition. 22/08/2017
3409 Delivery, installation and maintenance of solar panels in sports halls and gymnasiums. 22/08/2017
3410 Replacement compact tractors 22/08/2017
3411 EOS 034-2017 The procurement of tractors for a sports facility 22/08/2017
3412 Development of digital maps, GIS database, strategic noise maps and associated documentation, specifications and quantities of the specification. 22/08/2017
3413 Delivery of a dig. Printer, fax and copier rental solution with eff. Billing page. 22/08/2017
3414 Construction of CCTV and analytical processing of video information about security zones upper tier on the territory of Sofia Municipality lots. 22/08/2017
3415 Delivery of a car turntable ladder (ADL). 22/08/2017
3416 1st Group: Garbage vehicle tonnage press-type 16m³ (piece 1) 2nd Group: loaders - excavator (piece 1) 22/08/2017
3417 Waste management services 22/08/2017
3418 Supply of circuit breakers in lots for the needs of "Energo-Pro Grid AD." 22/08/2017
3419 Renovation and expansion of the sewage treatment plant Morfelden-Walldorf / establishment of a micro gas turbine plant for the wastewater treatment plant. 22/08/2017
3420 Truck winter. 22/08/2017
3421 Major overhaul middle school on Lodererplatz 14, 85435 Erding 2100-26 fire alarm system and ELA. 22/08/2017
3422 2017g12035670 Acquisition, integration, operation and maintenance of telecommunications systems. 22/08/2017
3423 Buss 22/08/2017
3424 Purchase of 12 semi-trailers and conclusion of a multi-year open contract for technical assistance. 22/08/2017
3425 Procurement, a wheeled excavator. 22/08/2017
3426 E-Cash_2. 22/08/2017
3427 Modernization of the existing payroll machines, extension of the parking lot of pay and display machines and implementation of associated services 22/08/2017
3430 Purchase of a system for checking electricity meters 22/08/2017
3431 Two (2) medical cars for emergency medical emergency assistance with the front axle 22/08/2017
3432 Delivery Digital X-ray imaging system with solid-state detector technology for skeletal and thoracic radiographs as well as general radiography. 22/08/2017
3433 16-34/2017 Cleaning sewerage system cleaning service for PU Thermal Power Plants and PU Mines, REK Bitola. 22/08/2017
3434 Supply of gas meter SG 16MT-2500-P-2 22/08/2017
3435 Delivery of the marked envelopes of the letter "A" and postage stamps 22/08/2017
3436 Maintenance of the license plate recognition system at the RTPO "Privalka-1" 22/08/2017
3437 Framework agreement for the delivery of buses for the city of Ghent for a period of 4 years (divided into 3 lots). 22/08/2017
3438 Delivery of the marked envelopes of the letter "A" and postage stamps 22/08/2017
3439 Rendering services for verification of heat meters 22/08/2017
3440 (400) Quantity Smart Card Digital Water Meter Procurement 22/08/2017
3441 Delivery of metal detectors arch 22/08/2017
3442 Toners and ribbons for printers and copiers / copy machines. 22/08/2017
3444 C-130, C-160, Cn-235 Aircraft Material and Ammunition-Missile Material Purchase 22/08/2017
3445 PP appliances, spare parts, other firefighting material and equipment and servicing 22/08/2017
3446 Auditing services for the construction of the facility 22/08/2017
3447 Supply and Delivery of Training Aid Products on Mines-UXO-Ammunition-IEDs 22/08/2017
3448 Open one-stage request for proposals for the right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of gas meters for the needs of Kstovo Heating Networks of Nizhny Novgorod Branch of PJSC T Plus (873597) 22/08/2017
3449 Delivery of water meters and shutter 22/08/2017
3450 Delivery of postage stamps 22/08/2017
3451 Open request for proposals in electronic form for the right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of electricity meters (Nizhny Tagil, Yekaterinburg) (411-2017) 22/08/2017
3452 installation, commissioning of a single-flow heat metering device 22/08/2017
3453 Gloves for 5 lots 22/08/2017
3454 Mineral fertilizer NPK 8-24-24 22/08/2017
3455 Frequency converter 22/08/2017
3456 Maintenance of navigational weapons in accordance with the repair sheet 22/08/2017
3457 Office automation software. 21/08/2017
3458 Purchase of 5 pieces of low-floor axle trolley buses with alternative drive. 21/08/2017
3459 Procurement of a wheel loader. 21/08/2017
3460 Service and the purchase of fire-fighting equipment, etc. 2017. 21/08/2017
3461 1 st. new wheel loader ME class 22.1516 Ljusdal Waste Management AB. 21/08/2017
3462 Standard bus low-floor for use in scheduled and occasional services (class 2). 21/08/2017
3463 Purchase medical furniture. 21/08/2017
3464 Framework agreement purchase of an ICS based baggage conveyor and sorting system for Brussels Airport. 21/08/2017
3465 Construction project management systems. 21/08/2017
3466 Fire-fighting vehicle. 21/08/2017
3467 Bergen — Reconstruction of the existing terminal 21/08/2017
3468 open multi-year contract (2017 - 2020) price schedule for the acquisition of "touch screen" gloves in favor of the Belgian Defense and the Dutch Defense, consisting of two fixed tranches and two conditional phases. 21/08/2017
3469 Windbreakers, blue, ladies and gentlemen, for the police and judiciary of Baden-Wuerttemberg. 21/08/2017
3470 Supply of clothing, uniform and equipment of the local police in Getafe. 21/08/2017
3471 Provision of Civil Parking Enforcement Services for Watford Borough Council 2017. 21/08/2017
3472 Supply of paper meal vouchers for staff of community Garonne Heart of Commons. 21/08/2017
3473 Supply of 2 pcs X-ray machine to check baggage and shipments in the illegal importation of tobacco products. 21/08/2017
3474 IWB, new logistics system for KVA / HKW HKW I and II. 21/08/2017
3475 Delivery of 40 pieces of new low-floor single-cell buses to CNG 21/08/2017
3476 Purchase and delivery of vouchers for clients of MOPS in Katowice. 21/08/2017
3477 Providing electrical transmission bus in common. 21/08/2017
3478 Norwegian Police Shared Services shall enter into one or two framework agreement(s) for the procurement of credit cards. 21/08/2017
3479 positions on land measures MV / LV and MV switchgear "in the Technical Control Structures Enedis." 21/08/2017
3480 Buying laser printers and multifunction devices, including toner and providing after-sales service during the warranty period. 21/08/2017
3481 Supply of 15 passenger cars in the C segment unmarked police version. 21/08/2017
3482 Supply, installation and commissioning of hospital beds for the New Hospital of Cáceres Health Area. 21/08/2017
3483 Supply through batch system of a sweeper and 2 flushers sidewalks propelled by batch system subject to harmonized regulation by open procedure. 21/08/2017
3484 UW Wimmis 220kV - General Planner conversion switchgear. 21/08/2017
3485 Framework agreement Lifejackets. 21/08/2017
3486 Supply valves spherical closing full flow to rush and water meters (701_VTE_0617). 21/08/2017
3487 Bank of 3 single phase phase-shifting transformer 380 kV, 1000 MVA. 21/08/2017
3488 Open procedure for the acquisition of components and services for network infrastructure of the Bank of Italy. 21/08/2017
3489 Tender for 15 Medium rescue Fire appliances for CFRS. 21/08/2017
3490 E, open, public tender for agreements Box 2-year duration, the Supply 130.000 Set Uniforms Drills Campaign variant, Cat year, to meet demands recruits (N / S) Soldiers and Replenishment ellipse with. 21/08/2017
3491 Framework agreement to supply equipment and uniforms for local police and guarzi in the direction. 21/08/2017
3492 OSY Platform SCADA (MOG). 21/08/2017
3493 Delivery vouchers for the Office for Foreigners. 21/08/2017
3494 Intelligent Transport System in Walbrzych. 21/08/2017
3495 Banknotes in denomination of Denar 100. 21/08/2017
3496 Automatic multi comparator weight range Max ≥5 g. 21/08/2017
3497 corporate ticketing services and other ancillary activities in the basins of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza. 21/08/2017
3498 Infrastructure Renewal PRA / BCP (business continuity plan / business continuity plan) for the SDIS Gard- acquisition and maintenance. 21/08/2017
3499 Off-road commercial vehicles Forest fire fighting delivery. 21/08/2017
3500 Camouflage uniforms delivery. 21/08/2017
3501 The objective of the assignment is to support ongoing reforms within the public financial management system 21/08/2017
3502 Supply and installation of components of safety barriers and guardrails on the county road network 21/08/2017
3503 Development of project-estimate documentation for construction of sewerage network in the street 21/08/2017
3504 Renewable energy supply (from biomass) to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions in municipal buildings: Breda, Figueres i Vilablareix. 21/08/2017
3505 Telecommunications services in the network operators GSM mobile phones - voice telephony and data services to 2017. 21/08/2017
3506 Delivery trucks. 21/08/2017
3507 Benefits of personal filtering Inspection (IFP) and Inspection screening of hold baggage (HBS) Terminals 1, 3 and A, B, C and D of the Airport Paris - Charles de Gaulle. 21/08/2017
3508 Supply, installation and subsequent maintenance of a car parking solution to include an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system CC10507. 21/08/2017
3509 Supply of ballistic protection plates (front panels). 21/08/2017
3510 Purchase meteonavigatsionnoy radar "Kontur-10M" 21/08/2017
3511 Waste Management CEZ Distribuce, as 21/08/2017
3512 Provision of spare parts for the AAV7 - A1 / RAM / RS amphibious weapon system in the "P" - "C" - "R" versions and their aggregate and subcomplete versions. 21/08/2017
3513 Delivery of police uniforms 21/08/2017
3514 Purchase of 14 new 81 mm mortar systems with ammunition, accessories and related equipment and conclusion of an open contract for technical assistance. 21/08/2017
3515 Supply and delivery of tickets for the car parks of the Paris-CDG and Paris-Orly airports. 21/08/2017
3516 Hand extinguishers and fire extinguishers. 21/08/2017
3517 Supply Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS) 21/08/2017
3518 Installation of Paxton Net2 Door Access Control System. 21/08/2017
3519 The subject of the public contract is the delivery of X-ray equipment with a C-arm and flat detector for the central workplace of the RDG Clinic of the General University Hospital in Prague 21/08/2017
3520 Delivery of postage stamps for the needs of the branch of FGBU "FKP Rosreestr" for Nizhny Novgorod region 21/08/2017
3521 Duty belts. 21/08/2017
3522 CNC milling machine. 21/08/2017
3523 Purchase of a truck of a sortiment truck with a trailer and hydromanipulator 21/08/2017
3524 Services for the creation of a subsystem for accounting for service firearms and military weapons 21/08/2017
3525 Delivery of grenades 21/08/2017
3526 Provision of services for the audit of the accounting (financial) statements for 2017-2019 of the Customer, prepared in accordance with the Russian financial reporting standards 21/08/2017
3528 The Supply and Installation Supply and Installation of the Traffic Signalling in Merdare/ Merdare Common Crossing Point 21/08/2017
3529 Printing and delivery of calendars for 2018, co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund within the framework of the Regional Operational Program of the Małopolska Region for years. 21/08/2017
3530 Deliver, deploy frequency controllers and perform service interventions. 21/08/2017
3531 Deliver, deploy frequency controllers and perform service interventions. 21/08/2017
3532 Purchase of heat exchangers and heat meters 21/08/2017
3533 Purchase of telecommunication equipment 21/08/2017
3534 Sights for shooting at night from the Kalashnikov assault rifle 6Ч3-3.Сб 21/08/2017
3535 Printing services (student tickets of the state standard) 21/08/2017
3536 Purchase of pumping equipment and control cabinets with frequency inverters (or analogs) for the Kupylskoye Housing and utilities utilities. 21/08/2017
3537 Thermal Imager for thermal imaging control of construction sites and in power engineering 21/08/2017
3538 EOD Suit and Helmet 21/08/2017
3539 Licenses for software for recording the healthcare processes in the PHI Health Center Gostivar 21/08/2017
3540 Supply of water meters 21/08/2017
3541 Providing a set of services to provide universal telecommunications services based on access to the Internet in 2018 21/08/2017
3542 Purchase of self-adhesive labels with a seal 21/08/2017
3543 Purchase of self-adhesive labels with a seal 21/08/2017
3544 The workstation for registration and issuance of documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine shall certify the person or its special status, with a set of equipment for removing biometric data (parameters) of the person, registration / removal of registration of places of residence / stay of citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons. 21/08/2017
3545 Supply of mineral fertilizer Azofoska 21/08/2017
3546 Supply of agricultural wheeled tractor 21/08/2017
3547 Purchase of plate heat exchangers (again). 21/08/2017
3548 Construction, installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems and fire alarms at the address: 55, Knorin St., Minsk. 21/08/2017
3549 Supply of Road signs. 20/08/2017
3550 6 double cabin pickup 4x4 vehicles and one two-axle truck with open kivotamaxa crane from free Supply trade, for the needs of Management and Recycling Urban Waste Management, Division of Sustainable Mobility and Networks and Independent Civil Protection Department of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. 20/08/2017
3551 Buying label printers 20/08/2017
3552 Buying barcode scanners 20/08/2017
3553 Telecommunication Services 20/08/2017
3554 Open procedure, with the lowest price criterion, for the supply of aircraft spare parts (Lot 1) and maintenance services to NH500MC-MD helicopters supplied to the Guardia di Finanza (Lot 2). 19/08/2017
3555 Other ammunition and ammunition and their details 19/08/2017
3556 Maintenance and servicing of MAFRD generators 19/08/2017
3557 Arrangement of 5 automated workplaces for registration and issuance of passport documents, taking biometric data and registration of places of residence 19/08/2017
3558 Collection of household waste and resources with gas-powered vehicles. 18/08/2017
3559 Framework Agreement for the maintenance, upkeep and operation of public lighting installations and traffic lights. 18/08/2017
3560 2017/2106 Procurement of electronic lock system for the Norwegian Parliaments commuter residences. 18/08/2017
3561 The financial management system, installation and maintenance services. 18/08/2017
3562 Supply and installation of solar panels. 18/08/2017
3563 Service examination and elimination of reported failures on equipment and software applications traffic information system Telegra 18/08/2017
3564 Delivery rear loader (s). 18/08/2017
3565 Wheel loaders. 18/08/2017
3566 Supply, installation and commissioning of groups of the class G4 gas measurement with minimum functional requirements and functions of remote reading and management, in accordance with the resolution AEEGSI 155/08 and subsequent amendments. 18/08/2017
3567 Purchase and delivery of items of sports uniforms, shoes and personal hygiene supplies for institutions and military units which supply 15 at the Military Economic Department. 18/08/2017
3568 Servicing, maintenance and operation of parking on-street of the city of Nancy. 18/08/2017
3569 Provision of refuse collection vehicles of 20 m 3 , mounted on frame 26 tonnes. 18/08/2017
3570 Delivery of three (3) public buses, low-floor for the Municipality of Swieradow-Zdroj 18/08/2017
3571 Purchase of parking meters. 18/08/2017
3572 Delivery of passenger information system. 18/08/2017
3573 Delivery of wheeled tractors. 18/08/2017
3574 New Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) systems for 5 (five) Fridtjof Nansen-class frigates. 18/08/2017
3575 Framework Agreement for the supply of complete anchoring technique wagons / trailers. 18/08/2017
3576 Purchase of two ambulances for Timis County Ambulance Service. 18/08/2017
3577 Supplies of meal vouchers for the beneficiary municipal staff and gift vouchers. 18/08/2017
3578 Framework agreement for the provision of High Security Access and Key Management Solutions for Medicine Cabinets and Restricted Access Areas. 18/08/2017
3579 Purchase of waste compactors. 18/08/2017
3580 Management of post-parking packages and disputes (SAAN and litigation) as part of the decriminalization of paid on-street parking in the City of Ivry-sur-Seine. 18/08/2017
3581 Deliveries of thermosetting paper with a holographic stripe. 18/08/2017
3582 Deliveries of thermosetting paper with a holographic stripe. 18/08/2017
3583 2 refuse collection vehicles as complete vehicles. 18/08/2017
3584 Buying a used trucks - multilift systems and front-end loader for the needs of Elin Pelin. 18/08/2017
3585 Standard Lighting Columns, Passively Safe Lighting Columns & Traffic Sign Posts. 18/08/2017
3586 Conclusion of a contract for the supply of a total of 500 patient beds and 500 bedside tables and accessories in the years 18/08/2017
3587 Public procurement of three (3) Power transformers, 35 kV, 10 MVA 18/08/2017
3588 Pre-collection, collection, transport and treatment of waste from the services of the Greater Besancon Urban Community and the services of the City of Besançon. 18/08/2017
3589 Grundsanierung Germany House - SFVV - sewage plants in the grounds. 18/08/2017
3590 Medical transports. 18/08/2017
3591 Gewerbegebiet Barmke in Helmstedt: planning and construction supervision of traffic systems and sewer systems. 18/08/2017
3592 Purchase and delivery of forklift and telescopic loader. 18/08/2017
3593 This ITT is for the services of external statutory audit of Westward Housing Group Limited and its subsidiaries. 18/08/2017
3594 Procurement of chemicals and precursors for the technological process in the wastewater treatment plant with six-valent chromium in the village Jegunovce. 18/08/2017
3595 Delivery and installation of X-ray equipment for spinal surgery (spondylodese surgery) from the skull to the pelvis with 3D navigation facility for back surgery and for post and post operative implant location testing. 18/08/2017
3596 Licensing and enhancement of document management systems 18/08/2017
3598 Construction of wastewater treatment plant in Novo Konjarevo, Municipality of Novo Sel 18/08/2017
3599 Vacuum machine for HPU YuAES 18/08/2017
3600 Open request for proposals for the right to enter into an Agreement for the supply of electricity meters for the needs of PJSC IDGC of Center (Bryanskenergo branch). 0151-BR-17. 18/08/2017
3601 Construction of a sewerage network in the railway Zelino (street 1), Zelino, (second stage of construction from km 1 + 160 - 2 + 166 18/08/2017
3602 Hand grenade of irritating and light-sound action "Drofa PM" 18/08/2017
3603 Construction of sewerage system in village Matejce, Municipality of Lipkovo 18/08/2017
3604 Visual appraisals on power electronics converters classified as E-IPS and E-IPS 1E of the 900 MW units. These expertises must make it possible to pronounce the maintenance of qualification on all the sensitive components of these equipments 18/08/2017
3605 Supply of cold water meters for the needs of FKU IK-5 GUFSIN of Russia in the Kemerovo region 18/08/2017
3606 Delivery of stationary metal detectors 18/08/2017
3607 Change of transformer T6 in CCHS 18/08/2017
3608 Driving license renewal 18/08/2017
3609 Supply of cold water meters for the needs of FKU IK-5 GUFSIN of Russia in the Kemerovo region 18/08/2017
3610 Supply of electrical equipment for safety (metal detectors manual) 18/08/2017
3611 Purchase of services for the completion and maintenance of the electronic document management system software package 18/08/2017
3612 Replacement of electricity meters and current transformers in buildings of GBOU Sosh No. 501 with in-depth study of computer science and ICT in the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg 18/08/2017
3613 Construction of fecal sewerage in the n.m. Rzanichino 18/08/2017
3614 Satellite phone on the available sim card Iridium for the needs of the State Committee for the Inspection of the Republic of Tuva 18/08/2017
3615 Supply of gas meter 18/08/2017
3616 Supply of a current transformer 18/08/2017
3617 Supply of electrical converters 18/08/2017
3618 The device for shooting cartridges calibers 4,5-11,43 mm 18/08/2017
3619 Replacement of road barrier fence on the road 18/08/2017
3620 Solar heating system 18/08/2017
3621 "Procurement of fire hoses and equipment for the needs of TPPP Berovo" 18/08/2017
3622 Installations of water purification 18/08/2017
3623 Purchase of mineral fertilizers 18/08/2017
3624 Public service contract for the supply of 3 compact sweepers of +/- 4 m³ (subject to the takeover of 3 swept sweepers) and for 60 months maintenance of sweepers and sweeping programs On the territory of the City of Brussels with these machines. 17/08/2017
3625 Photovoltaic power plant. 17/08/2017
3626 Supply and installation of equipment to replace carts compactors and translational Transfer Stations Domestic Waste of PYREX. 17/08/2017
3627 BMB / DGE-BOD / 2016.1008: supply, site installation and commissioning variable message signs service for tunnels. 17/08/2017
3628 patient beds for KBC Sestre milosrdnice 17/08/2017
3629 TONER AND OTHER Printer Consumables 17/08/2017
3630 Footwear for authorized customs officers. 17/08/2017
3631 Supply of equipment data transmission using 3G standard for industrial electronic electricity meters for the needs of Tauron Distribution SA 17/08/2017
3632 Supply and delivery of 2 number 26 000 kg GVW 6*4 Diesel Tipper Trucks as per technical specification to Monaghan County Council Machinery Yard. 17/08/2017
3633 Framework agreement for the supply of footwear in the Navy: Daily uniformity, shipping and campaign. 17/08/2017
3634 Buying an unmarked van-type vehicle. 17/08/2017
3635 Acquisition of paper gift vouchers for agents medalists labor Poitiers site. 17/08/2017
3636 Purchase parking machines ad hoc framework contract to supply spare parts and on-site replacement of 82 pieces of 5 and 1 Prisma Siemens Siemens Sity 5 types of automatic respect. 17/08/2017
3637 Motor vehicles for border police work specific operations. 17/08/2017
3638 Video surveillance systems reconstruction, construction, maintenance and repair of Riga Central Market 17/08/2017
3639 The Provision of Election Printing Services 17/08/2017
3640 Card terminals and payment transactions 17/08/2017
3641 Supply of ambulances. 17/08/2017
3642 CCTV transition from analogue to digital. 17/08/2017
3643 Stationary traffic monitoring. 17/08/2017
3644 Delivery of 11 pieces LED advance warning and 1 piece of mobile warning trailer on trailer vehicles for trucks and vans / K truck in three lots. 17/08/2017
3645 Buying a car for rescue and firefighting TSO Chludowo with equipment. 17/08/2017
3646 Supply of photovoltaic panels. 17/08/2017
3647 Realization of railway signaling systems. 17/08/2017
3648 Military helmets. 17/08/2017
3649 Helmets with visors is saving. 17/08/2017
3650 Installation of Paxton Net 2 Door Access Control System. 17/08/2017
3651 Supply and distribution of a minimum of 21 000 bulletproof vests External Public Safety model for personnel from various units of the Civil Guard. 17/08/2017
3652 The Provision of Election Printing Services 17/08/2017
3653 Police training for advanced training and the provision of police SH, PDAFB Eutin; Construction of an industrial building. 17/08/2017
3654 Framework contract Internet and telecommunication services. 17/08/2017
3655 Production and delivery of various labels. 17/08/2017
3656 Installation of Paxton Net2 Door Access Control System 17/08/2017
3657 Assistance to telecoms control. 17/08/2017
3658 The project is required to replace the two (2) existing Out of Gauge (OOG) Arrivals baggage reclaim systems in both the North and South Terminal with 2 new OOG systems, based on an options design solution developed by BagLOGIX (Concept Design). 17/08/2017
3659 Service for making study and tender documentation 17/08/2017
3661 Rauma Municipality invites to open competition for the purchase of sweeper to be used in street and weighed rift 17/08/2017
3662 Overhaul of URAL vehicles and modifications of armored vehicles 17/08/2017
3663 Binoculars wide-angle BHS 8x40 17/08/2017
3664 Tube air defense commander TZK-2 17/08/2017
3665 Delivery of postage stamps 17/08/2017
3666 GLOCK 22 GEN 4 .40S&W CALIBER PISTOL OR EQUAL 17/08/2017
3667 Delivery of banknotes and safes counters at the request of the OSP UFPS of the Moscow region 17/08/2017
3668 Acquisition of stationary arch metal detector 17/08/2017
3669 Supply of new trolleys at several airports. 17/08/2017
3670 Manufacture, delivery and installation of vertical signaling (road signs) and LED flashing signaling lamps and strobe la 17/08/2017
3671 Supply of equipment for the project: Radio broadcasting of the radio program Radio Delta with a transmitter of 0.25 kW at 89.5 MHz at ORTPS Vitebsk 17/08/2017
3672 Acquisition of 125 standard buses 16/08/2017
3673 Acquisition of 40 articulated buses to compressed natural gas (CNG) for urban public service passenger transport. 16/08/2017
3674 Procurement and implementation project Identity & Access Management (IAM). 16/08/2017
3675 Procurement of winter maintenance services. 16/08/2017
3676 Tender for a fire engine for Ha municipality 2017. 16/08/2017
3677 Reconstruction of overhead line V509. 16/08/2017
3678 This contract covers the supply and maintenance of professional, workwear and accessories (hat, cap, etc.) (hereinafter, the supplies). The supplies meet safety and personal protection requirements. Thus, for example, it may in particular be clothing of the "high visibility" type. The contract will be concluded for a maximum period of 48 months. It may be terminated in the manner specified in the Specifications. 16/08/2017
3679 multiannual framework agreement on supplies to the acquisition and installation of fingerprint image capture stations and palm, paperless, and for taking photos for the benefit of the integrated police. 16/08/2017
3680 Monitoring transport system Zurich North. 16/08/2017
3681 Project management contract for the construction of a building of social rental housing. 16/08/2017
3682 Supply of equipment and execution of works for the reconstruction of 35 kV switchyard In 110/35 kV Sinj. 16/08/2017
3683 Service care service multifunctional devices and printers, and the purchase of printers and MFPs with service. 16/08/2017
3684 Acquisition and hospital furniture installation 16/08/2017
3685 Machine ,, night sighting telescope caliber semi-automatic rifle 7.62 mm Model 1974 ",, Aiming device at night for anti-tank grenade launcher AG AT-7 (AG-7S)" ,,, aiming device at night for 7.62 mm caliber machine gun model 1964 ",, eyeglasses at night" laser rangefinder binoculars ,,, " 16/08/2017
3686 Supply and installation of transformers 110 21 36.75 kV; 40 20 20 MVA in the TS 110 20 35kV Krk. 16/08/2017
3687 Delivery and assembly of equipment and expansion of the TV system for monitoring fire Forest District Kalisz and equipment system software for automatic detection of smoke. 16/08/2017
3688 Machine ,, night sighting telescope caliber semi-automatic rifle 7.62 mm Model 1974 ",, Aiming device at night for anti-tank grenade launcher AG AT-7 (AG-7S)" ,,, aiming device at night for 7.62 mm caliber machine gun model 1964 ",, eyeglasses at night" laser rangefinder binoculars 16/08/2017
3689 Procurement of a hook lift vehicle and a tank lorry for Halden fire service. 16/08/2017
3690 Partially finance the purchase of 7 pieces of brand new buses and 2 pieces of chargers. 16/08/2017
3691 Trucks transport wood trailer. 16/08/2017
3692 Supply of reconnaissance and rescue vehicle. 16/08/2017
3693 Acting as Inspector ... Construction of energy-efficient street lighting in Pila. 16/08/2017
3694 Acquisition of 2 trucks 4 x 4 19 tonnes and a backhoe for the services of the Ardeche department. 16/08/2017
3695 Contract for the supply of 10 hybrid vehicles, adapted as police vehicles as a lease without option of purchase for the Badalona Urban Guard. 16/08/2017
3696 Procurement of a fire truck GW logistics. 16/08/2017
3697 Delivery of 2 reactor reconnaissance vehicles. 16/08/2017
3698 Delivery of gift cards for employees of the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons. 16/08/2017
3699 Buying a mobile X-ray equipment for scanning containers and trucks. 16/08/2017
3700 Supply of structures for fire and rescue vehicles. 16/08/2017
3701 Framework agreement providing medical furniture. 16/08/2017
3702 Project management for the development of public space slab Square Terraces of the Agora in Evry (91000). 16/08/2017
3703 SDH equipment JPO II of Zbiroh fire equipment - Transport truck - evacuation and emergency supplies for the municipalities. 16/08/2017
3704 Purchase of cars, utility vehicles and minibuses. 16/08/2017
3705 Purchase bulletproof vest and helmet. 16/08/2017
3706 Backhoe - 1 piece. - 294 360.50 RON VAT 16/08/2017
3707 Delivery of necessary equipment and specialized software, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the "System for remote reading of electricity meters." 16/08/2017
3708 Framework agreement for the supply of scanners, printers, notebooks, PCs and TFT monitors. 16/08/2017
3709 Delivery of two power transformers 40mV and 25mV with the assembly. Adjusting the primary and secondary circuits in Lukow stations and Turn. 16/08/2017
3710 Arms of the Republic of Lithuania to the Lithuanian Foundation of the Interior Ministry intends to purchase semi-automatic pistols. 16/08/2017
3711 Arms of the Republic of Lithuania to the Lithuanian Foundation of the Interior Ministry is planning to buy a sniper rifle system. 16/08/2017
3712 Urban video protection of the city of Saint-Fons. 16/08/2017
3713 Ammunition pistol cartridge caliber 9 mm x 19th 16/08/2017
3714 Mission of project management and drafting of regulatory files for the extension of the Le Barcares wastewater treatment plant. 16/08/2017
3715 Daa currently has a number of Baggage Handling System (BHS) installations at Dublin and Cork Airports which are utilised in the Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) process for the security screening of checked bags 16/08/2017
3716 Occupation of an emergency medical vehicle notärztlichem staff. 16/08/2017
3717 Supply and delivery of water meters and related equipment for the drinking water network SEV. 16/08/2017
3718 Acquisition of Night Sight NSV 80 16/08/2017
3719 Execution of works on the project documentation adjustment 16/08/2017
3720 Construction of a sewage effluent treatment plant at the Aachen-Soers sewage treatment plant 16/08/2017
3721 Construction of the transformer substation 10 (20) /0.4 kV "GP Terminal" with 10 (20) kV water connection 16/08/2017
3722 Network security 16/08/2017
3723 Meter removal and laying of approximately 1,000,000 LINKY meters in several regions of France. 16/08/2017
3724 Secure traffic information integration into radio station software services 16/08/2017
3725 X-ray digital apparatus rental 16/08/2017
3726 GPS system for tracking vehicles — as per specification. 16/08/2017
3727 Delivery, installation and assembly of a 25 kV gas-insulated switchgear. 16/08/2017
3728 TR264304: RGPT-RGIE compliance of high voltage substations and signaling substation. 16/08/2017
3729 Acquisition and installation of capture stations for fingerprints and palm prints, without paper, and for taking pictures for the benefit of the integrated police. 16/08/2017
3730 Construction of renewable energy sources for water production and sewage treatment for inhabitants of Żórawina Commune. 16/08/2017
3731 Delivery of X-ray diagnostic complex for 2 workplaces 16/08/2017
3732 Supply of three electric urban vacuum cleaners with operator 16/08/2017
3733 Purchase of inspection equipment for launch stations 2016-2017 (portable detectors of explosive vapors). 16/08/2017
3734 Signal loudspeaker system 16/08/2017
3735 Supply of ambulance cars of classes A, B in 2017 16/08/2017
3736 Providing services to ensure the operation of the state integrated public finance management information system 16/08/2017
3737 Delivery of thermo-labels 135 * 37 mm for built-in thermal printer letter-sorting machines 16/08/2017
3738 Supply of multi-zone arched metal detector 16/08/2017
3739 Dunkirk heat network - supply of 2 heat exchangers. 16/08/2017
3740 Ground Power Unit (GPU) 16/08/2017
3741 Delivery of stamps and envelopes 16/08/2017
3742 Supply of heat meter and related equipment 16/08/2017
3743 Acquisition of a metal detector 16/08/2017
3744 Purchase of equipment for automation of sewage networks and structures in the city of Ostrovets 16/08/2017
3745 Installation of heat metering unit of the heating system 16/08/2017
3746 Delivery of stamps and envelopes 16/08/2017
3747 Purchase of 6 kV vacuum circuit breakers at the GPP. 16/08/2017
3748 Service badges. 16/08/2017
3750 Purchase of GUANTUM XD 50S thermal imager and binoculars POINT 15 16/08/2017
3751 Purchase of plate heat exchangers in the set 16/08/2017
3752 Winter service town Peitz 15/08/2017
3753 Busbeschaffung 2018 / purchase of buses. 15/08/2017
3754 Refuse collection vehicle. 15/08/2017
3755 Procurement of gastight totally encapsulating suits. 15/08/2017
3756 Snow and ice services Fagersta - Norberg. 15/08/2017
3757 Bardu municipality (henceforth also referred to as the contracting authority) invites to an open tender contest for winter maintenance services 15/08/2017
3758 Contracting buys 5.56 x 7.62 x 45 mm and 51 mm automatic firearms and accessories. 15/08/2017
3759 Clothes of special protection (protective clothing for firefighters) 15/08/2017
3760 Replacement fire protection clothing 2018th 15/08/2017
3761 Systems for speed monitoring. 15/08/2017
3762 Supply of urban low-floor trolleybuses. 15/08/2017
3763 New Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Garbsen, 2.BA - VE075 fire alarm system and light. 15/08/2017
3764 With EKEIDR document management system workflow support functions of territorial administration 200 ügytípusának workflow (workflow) contract for the development and inter-regional. 15/08/2017
3765 Framework specialist knowledge and experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems and Smart Mobility. 15/08/2017
3766 Delivery of a refuse collection vehicle with rotary drum system, Lot 1 - Los third 15/08/2017
3767 Expansion of the network infrastructure. 15/08/2017
3768 Delivery of materials for new substations (AU) on 3 lots 15/08/2017
3769 2017-0279 delivery of 4 refuse collection vehicles, divided in 3 lots 15/08/2017
3770 VE 031 voice alarm system SAA. 15/08/2017
3771 City of Bonn, 37-252204, replacement of two Wechsellader vehicles for the fire Bonn. 15/08/2017
3772 CCTV Operating System and Replacement Cameras. 15/08/2017
3773 Supply of Medical Furniture 15/08/2017
3774 Mechanical water meter and the optical- reception 4734 Public Procurement 15/08/2017
3775 Tactical wheeled vehicles repair and maintenance for spare parts and supplies 15/08/2017
3776 Vehicle Tracker System 15/08/2017
3777 4 (3 + 1) axial vertical milling machining center with CNC 15/08/2017
3778 Belt for the police 15/08/2017
3780 Individual uniform. Military equipment for soldiers. 15/08/2017
3781 Purchase of equipment for access control systems, video surveillance, security alarm and perimeter security systems 15/08/2017
3782 Delivery of state postal payment signs (postage stamps) for municipal needs of the Oktyabrsky district administration in the city of Krasnoyarsk 15/08/2017
3783 Purchase of water meters and cast iron valves 15/08/2017
3784 No. 17 - EA 2 - 1484: verification services for heat meters and hot water meters 15/08/2017
3785 Delivery of road signs 15/08/2017
3786 Execution of decommissioning of the transformer substation 15/08/2017
3787 Fire Detectors 15/08/2017
3788 Request for quotations for the right to conclude a municipal contract for the installation of meters for hot and cold water in municipal apartments 15/08/2017
3789 Gas production or consumption meters 15/08/2017
3790 The acquisition of RFID equipment, software and a contactless smart card with an RFID chip to identify the reader for municipal public libraries of municipalities in the Moscow Region that have the status of central 15/08/2017
3791 Telecommunication services in mobile telephony in postpaid for a maximum of 65 subscriber lines (business packages) for a period of 12 mo 15/08/2017
3792 Telecommunication services in mobile telephony in postpaid for a maximum of 65 subscriber lines (business packages) for a period of 12 months 15/08/2017
3793 Purchase of electricity meters and current transformers 15/08/2017
3794 Purchase of transformers 15/08/2017
3795 Purchase of electricity meters and current transformers 15/08/2017
3796 Electronic toll system 14/08/2017
3797 Procurement object is owned by the city of Tallinn City of Tallinn for all traffic control devices, targeted use and trouble-free operation Ensuring 24/7/365 24/7/365 avariide- and failures liquidation, damages, their restoration or replacement of 24/7/365 14/08/2017
3798 The procurement shall meet Oslo police districts need for a patrol boat 14/08/2017
3799 SERVER flashlights purchase 14/08/2017
3800 Provision of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Associated Data Collection Service 14/08/2017
3801 Technology for the production and installation of lighting and takeoff runway arrivals Raybond. 14/08/2017
3802 This notice concerns a call for applications for a mission concerning the delivery, installation, connection and commissioning of a surveillance system by CCTV cameras, including all infrastructure works related to the solution to be carried out. 14/08/2017
3803 Glazier services, framework agreement. 14/08/2017
3804 Providing two light vehicles for selective collection multimaterial. 14/08/2017
3805 Delivery and installation of solar systems, biomass boilers, photovoltaic systems and heat pumps in the commune Komarówka Podlasie 14/08/2017
3806 Procurement of a solution for secure printing and scanning. 14/08/2017
3807 Customs security surveillance vessels based in Galicia. 14/08/2017
3808 Rehabilitation of street lighting to LEDs in the urban area of the Hanseatic city of Warburg. 14/08/2017
3809 Winter maintenance and snow removal on municipal roads in the municipality of Dobrich and preparing the roads for operation during the winter season 2017/2018, the 17 lots on / OP /. 14/08/2017
3810 High-speed CNC machine for machining precision and complicated parts. 14/08/2017
3811 Contract to supply 10 056 pcs. beds, of which: 14/08/2017
3812 Computer equipment communications and cryptographic security. 14/08/2017
3813 Scrap vehicles for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to be used as training aids - HF09907. 14/08/2017
3814 Purchase of Electricity meters and related equipment for the effective exercise of measuring the SDEE Transilvania Sud. 14/08/2017
3815 Kiosk substation. 14/08/2017
3816 81207584 - procurement of services in tourist traffic 14/08/2017
3817 Electricity meters and related equipment for the effective exercise of measuring the SDEE Transilvania Sud 14/08/2017
3818 Delivery of two small sweepers with articulated steering. 14/08/2017
3819 Video surveillance systems and equipment perimeter burglar alarm device for a construction project of video surveillance and perimeter security alarm NPC Tour. 14/08/2017
3820 Electricity meters and related equipment for the effective exercise of measuring the SDEE Transilvania Sud. 14/08/2017
3821 Framework agreement providing infrastructure equipment for military units subordinated to the General Staff of the Air Force. 14/08/2017
3822 Trucks 14/08/2017
3823 Parking Pay by Phone 2017. 14/08/2017
3824 Setting up an access control system and management in waste agglomeration of Evreux in Normandy doors. 14/08/2017
3825 Framework agreement project management services for the planning and construction of modular buildings KITA (MOKIB). 14/08/2017
3826 The object of the contract is to provide consulting / support services for the design of a DMS / VBS (document management / processing system) for the EVA-MF 14/08/2017
3827 RV component supply access control system. 14/08/2017
3828 Sewage treatment, leakage test, transport of faeces, wet sludge, sewage (annual contract) 14/08/2017
3829 Communications service: broadband through optical fiber, ADSL secondary access, IP fixed telephony and mobile telephony. 14/08/2017
3830 The Council is currently inviting tenders for the provision of the car park pay by phone service 14/08/2017
3831 Digital certificates for electronic signature, time stamp 14/08/2017
3832 Adhesive foil reflective traffic signs (film) with prismatic technology. 14/08/2017
3833 Purchase of 4 CR devices and 1 X-ray device 14/08/2017
3834 Frame Agreement — Electrical Meters. 14/08/2017
3835 The Council intends to let a new multi-supplier Framework Agreement for the provision of printing services. 14/08/2017
3836 RFID plastic cards with contactless chip Mifare 1K with double-sided logo and encoding 14/08/2017
3837 Computer equipment and supplies (workstation for registration and issuance of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad with an electronic carrier or passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of a card) for the Center for the provision of administrative services in the city of Rivne. 14/08/2017
3838 Fire fighting equipment 14/08/2017
3839 Purchase of excavator (backhoe loader) 14/08/2017
3840 X-ray machine for two jobs 14/08/2017
3841 Security annunciators, security control and monitoring devices (security and fire alarms). 14/08/2017
3842 Fiberglass protective cabinets 14/08/2017
3843 Supply of a gas meter and a toxic gas detector for a gas boiler house at the address of Yekaterinburg, a backup of the Siberian route, 56 for the SBGB SB "PDD" in 2017. 14/08/2017
3844 0823-2017-00526. Supply of hot and cold water meters (ICP) 14/08/2017
3845 Supply of an arched metal detector for the needs of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Kamchatka Territory 14/08/2017
3846 Purchase of self-adhesive labels 14/08/2017
3847 Delivery of a system tractor. 14/08/2017
3848 Hydraulic (hydropneumatic) flushing of heating systems and heat exchangers, chemical flushing and mechanical cleaning of heat exchangers at the facilities of the VSU named after PM Masherov 14/08/2017
3849 Delivery, assembly and commissioning of an oil-filled power transformer including the associated TF lock. 13/08/2017
3850 CESG Certified Cyber Security Services 2. 12/08/2017
3851 Car supply open box trailer multimaterial selective collection door to door of the central coast 12/08/2017
3852 Supply of 26 ton heavy vehicles. equipped with crane and removable monobloc compactor, with drain and tilting system to the rear for selective collection multimaterial the central coast. 12/08/2017
3853 Computers, printers, monitors and bar code readers 12/08/2017
3855 Acquisition and sustainment of thermographic cameras. 11/08/2017
3856 Acquisition of a RIB boats. 11/08/2017
3857 Air traffic control simulator for data exchange, radio automation software development. 11/08/2017
3858 Supplies for road marking and vertical signalization. 11/08/2017
3859 Contract for the "Integration of the Regional Meteorological detection system for civil defense purposes and LIDAR and mapping surveys in areas of interest." 11/08/2017
3860 Vehicle license plate and container code recognition systems modernization and vehicle number plates and container code recognition systems and visual and auditory information capture software maintenance and support services procurement. 11/08/2017
3861 Supply and installation of 4 MROP vehicles - Subsidies Eurotop 2017. 11/08/2017
3862 "Subscription and maintenance of fire alarm systems in buildings of Customs Sofia". 11/08/2017
3863 Delivery, installation and commissioning of RFID systems 11/08/2017
3864 Procurement of a tank fire truck for the fire brigade (FWA) 11/08/2017
3865 Procurement of a tanker fire truck for the fire department Besides Office (FWA). 11/08/2017
3866 SUVs - 1 pc., Car city - 1pc., Minibus passenger 19 + 1 + 1 seats - 2 pieces. and trailer van - 3 pcs., intended to travel by staff, and occasionally different materials. 11/08/2017
3867 Supply of 1 biosanitary waste compactor 38 Tn. 11/08/2017
3868 4 boxes supply side loading compactors 25/26 m³. 11/08/2017
3869 Supply, installation and commissioning of RFID systems. 11/08/2017
3870 Framework agreement for purchase orders for the supply of meal vouchers. 11/08/2017
3871 Supply of restaurant vouchers. 11/08/2017
3872 Printing machines within the framework of the purchase contract of sale. 11/08/2017
3873 Instrument Transformers — Framework Agreement 2018-2023. 11/08/2017
3874 2017-0275 Framework Agreement winter service from 2017 to 2020. 11/08/2017
3875 Delivery of buses with electric drive. 11/08/2017
3876 Application for participation in acquiring training white smoke means. 11/08/2017
3877 Office Products and Printer Consumables. 11/08/2017
3878 Acquisition of two identical high resolution true multibeam sonars, and two options for an additional similar sonar each. 11/08/2017
3879 Provider to design, supply, install, commission and maintain Solar PV installations across the ABP estate. 11/08/2017
3880 IRM17/1328 — Repair of Challenger 2 (Cr2), Warrior (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) CVR(T) and Titan/Trojan (T2) Vehicular Seats. 11/08/2017
3881 Benefit acquisition of restaurant vouchers for the RTM agents. 11/08/2017
3882 Partial replacement of the 110 kV substation Trutnov road (TRS). 11/08/2017
3883 Design, delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment under the project entitled. "Design, supply and installation of presentation elements dynamic passenger information and monitoring system." 11/08/2017
3884 Supply contract, verification and maintenance of fire extinguishers and smoke control systems for the entire partrimoine Community of Bethune Bruay-agglomeration Artois Lys Romane. 11/08/2017
3885 ITT for Supply and Installation of Glazing to Tenanted Houses and Council Properties. 11/08/2017
3886 Provision of Car Parking Control Equipment and Management System. 11/08/2017
3887 Development of a traffic analysis system. 11/08/2017
3888 Satellite and Radio Communications Equipment and Satellite Airtime 11/08/2017
3889 Works on placement of light traffic signs with radar detector and pedestrian traffic light near Primary schools 11/08/2017
3890 Delivery of a new or new tanker vehicle (TLF). 11/08/2017
3891 Supply of electricity meters for the structural subdivisions of the FSUE of the Novgorod region, a branch of FSUE Russian Post 11/08/2017
3892 Supply of household water meters (universal water meters with drifts, universal water meters without a hose) for the needs of the Murmansk region FSUE 11/08/2017
3893 Technical means of the video surveillance system in the set 11/08/2017
3894 388-2017AE Metal Detector UNISKAN 7215M. 11/08/2017
3895 Installation of heat meters for the needs of the GBU RS (Y) "TGB" 11/08/2017
3896 Supply of Sweeper. 11/08/2017
3898 Supply of anti-bullet vest 11/08/2017
3900 Vacuum cleaner - 7268/2017 11/08/2017
3901 Delivery of postage stamps 11/08/2017
3902 Supply of precision gas meter with liquid seal 11/08/2017
3903 Supply of electric meters 11/08/2017
3905 Installation of LV-10 kV and 0.4 kV KL and for the installation of transformers 11/08/2017
3906 Vacuum machine in accordance with the Terms of Reference (again) 11/08/2017
3907 Floor Washing Machine 11/08/2017
3908 Gift certificates for vehicles 11/08/2017
3909 Partiokengät. (Footwear) 10/08/2017
3910 Supply and commissioning of a system of automatic reading based information collection number plate (ANPR), and context visualization cameras. 10/08/2017
3911 Ebes substation contract for design and construction works. 10/08/2017
3912 DMP1700083 - Supply contract: acquisition of portable chip card readers and associated services. 10/08/2017
3913 Leather gloves 10/08/2017
3914 Gloves purchase 10/08/2017
3915 Supply of X-ray equipment and metal detectors for screening of persons and their personal luggage. 10/08/2017
3916 The contracting authority intends to purchase - 2 (two) X-ray inspection systems "Nuctech MB1215LC and X-ray inspection system Rapiscan EAGLE M60" technical service. 10/08/2017
3917 Delivery of 4 small sweepers. 10/08/2017
3918 Snow sweepers brushes supply for Paris and Amsterdam. 10/08/2017
3919 Transformers to switchgear station Vika FS, Falun. 10/08/2017
3920 The contract is for delivery of two brand new ambulances sanitary type C produced in 2017 with basic medical equipment. 10/08/2017
3921 Framework purchase helmets, gas masks and maintenance contract for law enforcement. 10/08/2017
3922 Procurement four ambulances TYPE C. 10/08/2017
3923 Supply of water meters from 2017 to 2019 10/08/2017
3924 Providing a tank fire engine (TLF) and a vehicle-call (PIF) for the fire Kuettigen. 10/08/2017
3925 The contract is for the supply and installation of innovative desktop driving simulator combat vehicle traffic PSP platform with 6 degrees of freedom for the non-commissioned officers of the State School of Fire Service in Bydgoszcz, ul. 10/08/2017
3926 Supply of IT products, software, printers, scanners, supplies and other IT products. 10/08/2017
3927 Belonging To Tactical Wheeled Vehicles 15 Parts Of 83 Items Of Spare Parts Supply 10/08/2017
3928 Delivery of 2 tractors for construction companies 2 and 4 (Lots 1 and 2). 10/08/2017
3929 Health care beds electric handling. 10/08/2017
3930 Seventh person tactical wheeled and light armored LANDROVER vehicle spare parts 10/08/2017
3931 System security search of checked baggage. 10/08/2017
3932 Manufacture and supply of low-floor buses with all-electric drive as well as delivery and installation of appropriate charging systems (VGF / EU 169/17). 10/08/2017
3933 Secondary equipment 110 kV transformer bays 10/08/2017
3934 Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Signalization Facilities and Traffic Signs and Staffing at Hemzemin Gates 10/08/2017
3935 Negotiated procedure of speech recognition system for the North Denmark Region. 10/08/2017
3936 Enhancements Cisco network infrastructure. 10/08/2017
3937 Associate Training Services for City of London Police Economic Crime Academy. 10/08/2017
3938 Sanitetskovozilo (Ambulance) 10/08/2017
3939 Buying a new tractor 10/08/2017
3940 Document Digitalization System 10/08/2017
3941 Restricted procedure - Framework agreement relating to the provision of luggage services, handling of equipment and board facilities for cruise liner vessels in the port area - CIG: 713357082F. 10/08/2017
3942 Purchase of services for the full logistics support of cargo delivery to the city of Pchechkhon and back within the framework of the 2018 Olympic Games. 10/08/2017
3943 A baggage inspection system 10/08/2017
3944 Military vehicles and associated parts. Parts of military vehicles 10/08/2017
3945 Construction of part of the fecal sewage in Aracinovo Village- Municipality of Aracinovo. 10/08/2017
3946 Creation and implementation of a comprehensive information and analytical system for managing financial and economic divisions in Kyiv 10/08/2017
3948 Regulatory, safety or signaling road equipment (traffic lights and controllers). 10/08/2017
3950 GPS vehicle tracking system - by specification 10/08/2017
3951 Purchase of a digital two-way radio system for the ambulance service 10/08/2017
3952 Ticket printing for Sychrov II UPS 10/08/2017
3953 Steel pipe 10/08/2017
3954 Purchase of a gas meter for the needs of the nursing department of the Novozimlyansky ambulance station for 2017 10/08/2017
3955 Supply of gas systems, gas meters, gas volume correctors 10/08/2017
3956 Delivery of postage stamps 10/08/2017
3957 Supply of metal detectors for MBU DO MSC Yashlek of the Sabinsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan. 10/08/2017
3958 GAU SOTS "Lazurny" announces a request for quotations for the supply of an arch metal detector 10/08/2017
3959 Acquisition of an arched metal detector for the needs of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Bashkortostan 10/08/2017
3960 Supply of gas equipment (gas meter) for the Kanash branch of the Finish University. 10/08/2017
3961 Electricity meters, automatic motor protection for MAU "GKB №14" 10/08/2017
3962 Installation of frequency converters on electrical equipment 10/08/2017
3963 Vehicle Monitoring and Management System through GPS 10/08/2017
3964 Designing of the address system of automatic fire alarm and warning of people about the fire 10/08/2017
3965 Purchase of fixed assets 2 (two) Tractors 1 (one) with crane hand (left/right) grass cutting equipment, equipment cutting branches,equipment for sweeping brush (front and rear brush), and 1 (one) with the crane hand(right side) grass cutting equipment and equipment cutting branches. 10/08/2017
3966 Working draft standards for permissible emissions and inventory of sources of pollutant emissions into the air 10/08/2017
3967 A framework agreement on project management for Statsbygg, Region Mid-Norway. 09/08/2017
3968 1 Löschgruppenfahrzeug HLF-wheel 10 according to DIN 14530 part 26th 09/08/2017
3969 Purchase one bus low-floor or low-entry 12 m + purchase one bus low-floor or low-entry 15 meters. 09/08/2017
3970 Object Framework Agreement / subsequent contracts is the supply of products: Cartridge 14,5x114 mm bullet piercing incendiary. 09/08/2017
3971 A multi-year framework agreement (4 years) supplies for the acquisition of OM round transparent shields and spare parts (10) in favor of the integrated police. 09/08/2017
3972 Delivery of 236 pcs. Of marked police vehicles. 09/08/2017
3973 Purchase of SRT vehicles. 09/08/2017
3974 Supply of a wheel loader. 09/08/2017
3975 "Service level maintenance repair 4 electric multiple unit type 35WE number 007 with the passenger information system adapting to the applicable law.". 09/08/2017
3976 20172083 spare tires for aircraft of the Air Force 09/08/2017
3977 Service delivery of technical work five training courses in the form on line, aimed at military personnel. 09/08/2017
3978 Supply, installation, standardization, optimization and maintenance of CCTV system tele-operating port of the Port Authority of Las Palmas. 09/08/2017