Armoured Vehicles Tenders 2023/24


Description : Land Environment Future Support for Armoured Vehic...

Publish : 23/03/2020

Deadline : 01/01/2024

Region : Europe

Country : United Kingdom


Description : Purchase of land vehicle spare parts (DAF trucks)

Publish : 13/08/2019

Deadline : 09/09/2023

Region : Europe

Country : Lithuania


Description : The Defense Resources Agency under the Ministry of...

Publish : 17/06/2019

Deadline : 16/07/2023

Region : Europe

Country : Lithuania


Description : AMA for Armored Sport Utility Vehicles (E60HP-18AS...

Publish : 12/06/2019

Deadline : 10/06/2024

Region : Americas

Country : Canada

Armoured Vehicles Tenders

The state and central government agencies around the world often float firefighting vehicle tenders.

We at Tender Impulse can help you get your hands on lucrative tenders that can help you make money and at the same time, establish your enterprise as a reputed vendor in no time.

We have experts under our payroll who have years of experience in e-procuring firefighting vehicle tenders from every government organisation in the world. Let us help you achieve your business goals today!

How can we help?

Tender Impulse is one of the leading tendering portals.

Our meticulously designed yet easy-to-use tender website is decked out with all the bells and whistles our trial and premium subscribers can use to get their hands on thousands of government tenders pertaining to armoured vehicle tenders as well as firefighting vehicle tenders.

We handle millions of tenders annually. We have set up dedicated departments that are headed by dedicated teams for tender submission, bid proposals and sifting relevant bids and tenders from spam.

We offer our clients free access to our services for a limited time. During the trial period, our clients can enjoy the privileges available to verified Tender Impulse subscribers.

The free trial period lasts for a week. During this time, you would get personalised emails that will contain information about public tenders floated by central and state government bodies from around the world.

As a revered eprocurement portal with a global presence, we at Tender Impulse also tread the extra mile in a bid to stick to our customer-centric business policy.

We make sure that before we notify our clients about tender bidding for lucrative tenders, we have also captured pre-qualification terms for said e tenders in a bid to ensure that our clients bid only for those tenders that they have better chances of winning.

We also download public tender documents for free if the conditions allow us to do so. We take this step to allow our clients access to complete (and relevant) information in our tendering portal without scoring the internet. It is to be noted that the facilities mentioned here and in the above sections are available to only our subscribers.

Furthermore, there could be instances where one would need to pay a certain fee if they wish to participate in a tender. We do not charge a fee. The fees go to the government department that floated the tender.

You can also use our tender website to track tender results. We have a dedicated team that works round the clock in shifts to mine data pertaining to active tenders that we display on our website.

In this way, our clients can track not only the progress they have made but at the same time, keep tabs on their rivals. The data one can have ready access to are –

  •         Who has won the tender?
  •         What was the quote they provided to the organisation that floated the tender?
  •         What were the winning terms?
  •         Who were all associated with bidding on the tender?

By using the aforementioned data, one can formulate bidding strategies that will surely allow them to win tenders in the future with ease.

For more detail, you can contact us by calling +91 9768157682 / +91 9987300609 or by sending an email at


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