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Global Covid 19 Medical Equipment Kits Tenders - Help Government to combat coronavirus disease

If you are looking for Coronavirus testing kit tenders or Covid 19 testing kit tenders, then you are in the right place. We provide information on Covid 19 kits, Corona kits tenders and also help in connecting suppliers of essential commodities to prospective buyers. Currently, the demand for medical devices and equipment such as PPE Suits, Hazmat Suits, Masks, Sanitizers, Ventilators, Thermometers, Fever Testing Kits etc. is expected to rise in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia and Middle East countries. Immediate access to these commodities is essential in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tender Impulse is a global tendering platform, and it calls on all healthcare medical equipment suppliers to participate in government bidding for anti-pandemic and medical supplies in various regions/countries. At present, the main bidding items are: mask & gloves bidding, testing kit bidding, medical equipment bidding, ventilator & personal protective equipment bidding, surgical mask bidding, PPE or protective clothing bidding, goggles bidding, protective apron bidding, bidding for protective hoods, bidding for protective shoe covers, bidding for hazmat suits etc. These medical materials have played a key role in the current anti-pandemic, and are currently urgently needed and in short supply in various regions and countries.

The tenders are available across countries like the United States of America (USA), Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), India, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kenya, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, Peru to name a few. Find your country tender for COVID-19 here.

# Region Country Description Publish Date Deadline Date
1 Europe Italy protective devices (including FFP3 masks, waterproof gowns and gloves) and additional products 27/04/2020 27/04/2021
2 Europe Sweden RFI on product sheets for respiratory aids such as home fans, masks, inhalers, oxygen concentrators etc. 27/04/2020 27/04/2021
3 Europe Poland Disposable medical supplies, consumables, medical and protective gloves 28/04/2020 28/04/2021
4 Europe Ireland Market Consultation for the Provision of Hand Sanitiser Product, Refill, Dispensers and Stands 27/05/2020 27/05/2021
5 Americas Canada Best Overall Proposal 04/05/2020 27/08/2021

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Q: How are governments handling COVID-19 testing kit procurement globally?

A: While each country handles procurement differently, COVID testing kits are usually procured by government agencies or other companies mandated by the government to do so. Such organisation will usually invite COVID-19 testing kit tenders. By subscribing to Tender Impulse, you will be able to access public tenders across the world, and especially in severely affected countries like UK, France, Germany etc. in Western Europe and USA in North America.

Q: How does fast track procurement for COVID-19 testing kits work?

A: As countries across the world battle coronavirus, there is a huge and urgent demand for Coronavirus testing kits. Hence it might not always be possible or desirable for governments to go through standard buying process, which can be very time consuming. Several governments, especially those in Western Europe and North America, are fast tracking their procurement for COVID-19 testing kits through special tenders. At Tender Impulse, you can access more than 3,000 tenders for various requirements related to COVID-19.

Q: Where can I find the complete procurement list of items for COVID testing?

A: In the section above where COVID-19 tenders are listed, you can find the complete procurement list of items for COVID testing. Apart from that, you will also find PPE tenders, sanitiser tenders, masks tenders, ventilator tenders, and other hospital equipment tenders. You can access these tenders by subscribing to Tender Impulse. You can also get a free trial if you would like to try out before you subscribe.

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