One of the largest and most comprehensive databases of tenders, Tender Impulse gives you the right option for getting first hand information as it comes. Our list of services is what we take deep pride in. Our services include:

Research Units

Members can gain access to our vast research databases that comprise of the past tenders with over 400,000 opportunities worldwide. These are made easy to the members since they are categorized on various criteria’s making it easy to spot particular tender information.

Bidding Document Procurement Services

Upon request, Tender Impulse also provides buying bid documents on the behalf of its customers. Through this service, Tender Impulse members can provide its members the opportunity to get the bid documents through our expert executives who have vast experience in the tendering industry.

Account Management

A dedicated account manager is handed over to each one of our clients. With this service, the account managers assist the clients with any extra and relevant information that they might be interested in. The account managers work dedicatedly to give the best information available to the clients and that too at no extra cost. Typically, the account managers provide the clients with the schedule of Requirements or Scope of work and draft copy of tender documents.

Project, Procurement news & Contract Awards

This service allows members of Tender Impulse, the access to projects, procurement news, and contract award details. The project news that come before the tender can be published give the users information about the industry in which future goods or service contracts can be obtained. This first hand information can give the companies a market edge over their competitors and keep them well ahead of the times. Procurement news comprise of business development opportunities, sub-contracting and procurement laws of the nation which help a company to be updated with the latest happenings in the market.

Business Development Opportunities

Ranging from Multilateral Funding Agencies, Federal, State, County Government, Utilities Sector, Hospitals, Schools, Ports, and even NGO’s, Tender Impulse provides business opportunities that deliver tailored information to the clients at a fast and accurate pace in today’s equally dynamic and fast business environment. Our databases are constantly updated through a string of automated and manual processes to give our clients the best tender information available in the public domain. Our databases are updated all round the year and we take pride in stating that that if a tender is in the public domain, it is bound to be on the Tender Impulse database. Clients receive automatic email alerts on a daily basis of the tender information available. Our tenders are also bifurcated according to geographical diversions and type of industry sectors to give you the option of viewing only the required tender information. This tender filtering functionality means that all emails of tender impulse are of concern to your business. Tender Impulse therefore gives you the right impulse you need for progressing in the business.

Bid Writing & Consultation

This is one of the most attractive services offered by Tender Impulse. To use our expertise in the best manner possible, we also offer professional bid writing service (In English only). To achieve this, we have partnered with the top Bid writing companies who specialize in writing attractive bids for their clients. Tender Impulse subscribers hence get the luxury and privilege of consultation on yearly bid writing assistance with a 24 hour bid writing support. Our partner has a reputation that speaks volumes and can almost guarantee a bid response for your company. Within our industry of Information Service Provider in the e-tendering domain, this has never been done before by any companies. Hence, subscribing with us not only assures companies on business opportunities but also assures assistance within these opportunities. To sum up, we’re indeed a “one-stop” solution for tendering process.

Sales Agents/ Distributors

Tender Impulse offers unprecedented support to its clients within the tendering process. With the overwhelming response, we have also extended our services in providing fruitful business opportunities for companies wanting to expand their horizons in various parts of the globe. Tender Impulse is proud to announce that it also offers services of sales agents or distributors in various countries in Africa while it takes pride in becoming a sales agent itself within the vast geographical land of India. Tender Impulse provides this service upon request and on a separate commission basis apart from our subscription. With our response rates and eye catching orders that we produce, we’re sure that your company would want to glance at this service. Sales agent provision is a “free of cost” service and only works on commission but is offered only to Tender Impulse subscribed members.

Super Tender

We understand the value of time. It is to this that Tender Impulse introduces Super Tender services in even its basic of packages. With this service, Tender Impulse subscribed members are notified of any important Tenders that match exactly their criterion via SMS along with the usual e-mail alert. The exact match may be any niche product or service that is of prime interest to the organization but opportunities for which aren’t released on a daily basis. This is helpful since we understand that not every day does a bid manager get a chance to check their inbox. Therefore, with the Super Tender service, we ensure that you do not miss out to check your inbox for the most lucrative opportunity even after a couple of days since we alert you via an SMS. Note that this service is only for products or service which are “rare” and are of key interest to a subscriber and hence the SMS do not go out on a daily basis which again might become troublesome for the managers.