Tender by Region

Find the latest tenders by region including 7 continents, 15+ sub-regions and over 200+ countries with our search engine for finding tenders, bids, RFP’s, RFI’s, RFQ’s, EOI’s, Prequalifications etc. Search tenders from Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australia etc. Get access to daily email alerts from these regions

Key Features of Tenders by Region

  • Access global tenders, RFPs, RFQ’s, EOI’s, Prequalification’s and eProcurement notices from over 200+ countries
  • Find local, global and MSME tenders from all countries
  • Government and Private tenders sourced from over 10,000 sources
  • Tenders above 150+ industries and products/services categorized into a sophisticated CPV system for customized information matching your needs
  • One stop solution for downloading tender notices as well as bid documents.
  • Use various search criterion to refine tenders according to deadlines, authority name, product/service/keywords/CPV’s and other search criterion
  • Get daily/weekly/monthly alerts for tenders matching your interest so that you do not miss out on any tendering opportunity.

Search Latest tenders/RFP’s, RFQ’s from over 15+ sub regions and 6 continents

Tender Impulse website allows you to search tenders via Asia, Africa, Middle East, North America, South America, Europe and Australia. Our website lets you stay updated with the latest in public procurement from all regions of the world.

Find all tenders with one click

Whether you’re looking to bid in a local municipality tender or a multinational organization looking to bid in international opportunities, Tender Impulse platform provides a perfect solution for all tendering requirements. We publish tenders from all over the globe of all sizes from local government authorities to municipal corporations to state owned authorities/institutes including hospitals, NGO’s, funding agencies and even local companies. Tender Impulse has the right solution when it comes to public procurement market as we pride ourselves in covering the entire globe with our information services.

Tender Impulse also publishes international tenders from major government organizations requiring a range of product/services and import/export of materials. Browse our extensive list of products and services to see if the tender matches your requirements. We are sure to match the perfect opportunity for your business.

Government Tenders sourced from over 10,000 sources:

Tender Impulse database is one of the most comprehensive database that features tenders from all over the world. With over 10,000 sources of tender publications, we pride ourselves in gaining complete bidding information for all countries from all over the world. If a tender is out in the public domain, Tender Impulse is sure to capture it and provide it to our clients. Some of the most important pieces of publications include

  • Enewspapers
  • E magazines
  • Local newspaper publications
  • E procurement portals
  • Country-wise eprocurement portals
  • Multi-lateral funding agency websites
  • Local corporation websites
  • NGO’s, hospitals, schools etc

Our motto is simple; to cover the globe. We pride in saying that if our customers choose us they do not look out for any other opportunities in the public domain (because there are none 😊). We save valuable time and effort of customers in sourcing this massive information from different parts of the globe. Our team has a combined experience of 25 + years in public procurement making us competent to find anything in the public domain. Tender Impulse website allows organizations to search and bid for tenders from various government authorities which include but is not limited to

  • Municipal counties
  • Ministry Tenders
  • Central Government Tenders
  • State Government Tenders
  • Multi-lateral funding agency tenders
  • Uni-lateral funding agency tenders
  • Embassy tenders
  • Consulate tenders
  • PSU Tenders
  • NGOs/Hospitals/Education institutes etc

More Tenders, More Chances of winning. Over 14k Tenders Posted Daily, Over 100 Industries

New industries arise everyday posing challenges for government entities to buy and upgrade existing products/services. With the advent of AI and Fintech taking over the world, organizations are constantly expanding their horizons to learn what government entities want. Due to the constantly changing environment, Governments are always on the lookout for new products/services and this is where our portal can be a great help. It can not only generate business opportunities but also work as a market intelligence tool informing companies and individuals alike about the happening in public procurement. Our data repository can help millions in recognizing the need of various governments and helping them navigate the difficult public procurement boat. Tender Impulse has the most comprehensive source of public procurement information in the form of tenders, RFP’s, RFQ’s, EOI’s, Pre qualifications etc from the most important business categories including

  • Infrastructure & Construction Tenders
  • Healthcare & Medical Tenders
  • Information Technology Tenders
  • Defence Tenders
  • Management Consultancy Tenders
  • Printing & Publishing Tenders
  • Fire Safety & Security Tenders
  • Agriculture & Machinery Tenders
  • Oil & Gas Tenders
  • Global Textile and apparel tenders
  • Aviation Tenders

Zero Hassle; one stop for all tendering needs

The Tender Impulse service is very easy to use. Our SaaS platform is intuitive and designed keeping in mind the typical consumer who looks out for hundreds of tenders daily. With our intuitive search engine, we guarantee to find the most tailored bid matching your requirement. Moreover, our services are a one stop solution for finding out the complete bidding documents, downloading the tender details, contacting the authority and even bidding for the particular tender. All of our information is arranged categorically and labelled into different types of opportunities. Furthermore, customers may request to obtain complete bidding document via the website itself making us the portal of choice as we reduce a lot of time and effort in gathering the necessary information.

The multiple categories in which Users may use the advanced search to search for tenders via country include

  • Authority Name
  • Authority Location
  • Description
  • Deadline Date
  • Publish Date

Stay Updated, never miss a deadline

Out tender information service not only provides information on tenders but also intimates customers on day of its release. Through our email alert system, customers are notified of the tenders released in a particular day/week/month the frequency of which can be decided by the customer itself. Overall, our key services are highlighted below

  • Unlimited Download of Tenders
  • Unlimited request for procurement of bidding documents
  • Translation of bidding documents into English
  • 24x7 customer support over whatsapp, phone, email
  • Personalized email alert
  • Key Account Manager
  • Unlimited keyword/product/service search through the website