Engineering Consultancy Tenders 2023/24

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Engineering Consultancy Tenders

The global public sectors release large quantities of government tenders for EPC projects periodically.

Irrespective of the size of your construction company or the experience your workforce has, there will be opportunities available for your enterprise that will meet your bid criteria. The public sectors of the world spend a considerable amount of their respective nation’s budgets on EPC projects. Hence, it would be wise to divert your attention to tendering portals like Tender Impulse where you would have access to a large number of EPC open tenders.

So what exactly is an EPC project?

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. An EPC project tender is a contract where an EPC contractor agrees to a project where they would design, procure, construct, commission and hand over the project to the entity that floated the tender within a set deadline.

How can we help?

Tender Impulse is a leading global tendering portal that offers detailed information pertaining to EPC e-government tenders. Our website has all the public procurement information you would need to bid and learn about EPC tenders from all over the globe.

We offer EPC tender eprocurement information in the form of –

  •         RFP’s
  •         RFQ’s
  •         Tenders
  •         Contracts
  •         Pre-qualification notices
  •         Contract award notices
  •         Prior information notice, etc.

So, whether you are looking for information about lucrative EPC bids and tenders or EPC bids and proposals from all government entities around the globe, we can help.

Ours is a global database that you can use to acquire EPC business leads in no time. To make it easy for you, we make sure that e-government tenders and contracts are aggregated into different categories. We also arrange the information according to their respective points of origin.

The search engine you see on our website is intuitive and is capable of providing you with genuine information for public contracts. The best part, you would not need to use complicated terms as keywords during your search. The search bar on our website can find the information you are looking for using CPV (or Common Procurement Vocabulary). This ensures that your search for EPC project tender bidding information ends productively every time!

We also excel in offering you newsworthy information pertaining to EPC project e-tenders such as insights about companies who directly trade with government entities. We also offer information about third-party entities that can help out contractors with their large tenders so that the project can be delivered on time.

We also help out our clients with their EPC tender submission requirements. We also offer our clients bid writing & consultation services where we write bids and tender consultations to clients if they wish to stay ahead of their rivals by making the most out of our experienced personnel.

As a leading EPC tender website, we also offer our clients Super Tenders. Super Tender is a premium service that is available for clients who want to have access to EPC e-tenders which entail clauses that match the unique capabilities of their enterprise.

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