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Tender Impulse is a best global tender websites for Public Procurement information offering information via the website to customers from all over the world. Tender Impulse provides unique public procurement information in the form of RFP’s, RFQ’s, tenders, contracts, pre- qualification notices, contract award notices, Prior Information notice etc all of which make it a one stop shop for gaining International Government Business. It is a global database used for acquiring business leads in the form of Government tenders and contracts aggregated and bifurcated into different products and services and from all countries across the globe. Our intuitive search engine provides first hand information for public contracts that uses a sophisticated Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) mechanism to bifurcate them into various products and services.

Our Services

Business Development Opportunities

With Tender Impulse tender alert services, organizations can rely on quality business leads from the government domain including unilateral funding agencies, multilateral funding agencies, NGO's, schools, hospitals and even public private partnerships giving you a one stop authentic source of business opportunities.

Bidding Document Procurement Services

Tender Impulse also obtains bid documents on the behalf of its customers. Through this service, Tender Impulse members can provide its members the opportunity to get the bid documents through our expert executives who have vast experience in the tendering industry. The service can be availed via a simple click.

Project, Procurement News & Awards

Tender Impulse also excels in providing newsworthy information in the form of procurement news, contract awards, projects etc which enable it to provide seamless tender information for companies who not only directly trade with governments but also take part in third party providers to companies serving to public organizations throughout the world.

Research Units

Tender Impulse has dedicated staff allocated to different research units ensuring that you do not miss out on any newsworthy information. Our recruited personnels are experts in data mining and understand public procurement like no other giving you best in class information.

Account Management

Tender Impulse subscribers are also given dedicated account management services via which expert personnel are employed to keep up with your tendering requirements. From changing email alerts to adding new members or even procuring bids and setting up sales agents in different countries, our account managers are well trained in every aspect of service delivery.

Bid Writing & Consultation

Tender Impulse also offers bid writing services to esteemed customers through our third party networks. This service is only available upon request.

Sales Agents/ Distributors

Tender Impulse customers are also privileged to enjoy sales agent and distributor service from our network of sales agents and distributors who can help your company penetrate into newer markets. Currently, this service is applicable only in the African market.

Super Tender

Through this service, Tender Impulse can customize tenders that exactly match your requirement and send special notifications or even call you to invite for bidding on important tenders that can certainly be a super tender for your company.

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