Military Electronic Systems Tenders 2023/24


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Publish : 14/10/2019

Deadline : 11/10/2024

Region : Americas

Country : USA

Military Electronic Systems Tenders

Countries around the world spend a considerable amount of their GDPs on enhancing their respective  defence sectors.To put things into perspective, in the financial year 2021-22, 

Similarly, the UK’s Ministry of defence has committed to spend at least two per cent of the UK's GDP on enhancing its various sectors.

From the aforementioned budgets of the two global economies, it is evident that the global  Defence sector is one of the largest procurers of services and products. Hence, it is no news that the  Defence ministries from around the world are often floating military contracts tender in a bid to get in touch with contractors and vendors who can offer solutions for –

  •          Environmental services
  •         Facilities Management
  •         Retail services/facilities
  •         Security
  •         Software development
  •         Telecommunications services
  •         Training and simulation services and systems
  •         Transport
  •         Vehicle consumables
  •         Vehicle equipment repairs and maintenance
  •         Vehicle supply
  •         Weapons, ammunition and associated parts
  •         Weighing machinery
  •         Healthcare, mental health and PTSD services
  •         IT hardware, software, services
  •         Leisure facilities
  •         Logistics support
  •         Parachute services
  •         Photographic services
  •         Printing
  •         Recruitment
  •         Fuel supply
  •         Accommodation
  •         Catering/food/produce supply
  •         Cleaning
  •         Clothing
  •         Collection, sale and disposal of military spares
  •         Construction
  •         Counter explosive ordnance equipment and services
  •         Digital services
  •         Diving equipment
  •         Electronics
  •         Emergency/blue light
  •         Recycling, rubbish and waste management services.

Among the aforementioned, the most lucrative military contracts come in the form of telecommunication cable tenders and runway lighting tenders.

It is apparent that the available military contracts tender cover not just weapons and  Defence technology but also a wide range of services as well as goods that can help sustain the many sub-sectors of the  Defence ministries set up for the countries around the globe.

Furthermore, as a welcome change, the ministries of  defence from around the world these days, look at small, medium and large-scale vendors as well as contractors as a great way to promote entrepreneurship in a nation. Furthermore, opportunities are always floated by global MODs in a bid to boost the economy of their respective nation.

Hence, as one of the leading tendering portals, we bring our global clientele tenders pertaining to the  Defence sector that suits their abilities, expertise and experience.

How can we help?

Our team of senior eprocurement experts is experienced in winning military contracts. As one of the leading military contracts tender websites, we make it our objective to ensure that our clients compete aggressively and win the contracts they see profitable every time!

Tenders coming out from the global  Defence sector can be tricky to win but we have got you covered. We have a scalable tender bidding and tender submission system in place. It allows our experts to bid proposals on your behalf in a manner that portrays your enterprise in the best light.

We tailor bids and tenders only after understanding the motivation behind a military contract. We then focus on the tender requirements and then formulate a bid that aligns with the requirements of the tender. All of this ensures that you win the contract every time!

Our e-government tender experts will also tread the extra mile of ensuring that they are using correct MOD terminology, abbreviations and acronyms. This step demonstrates that you, as a vendor, supplier or contractor have understood the requirements of the tender, thus increasing your chances of winning the tender before your rivals!

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