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Open Tenders

Open tenders are floated by state and government entities around the world to procure quality-assured goods and services at minimal costs. Open tenders allow global state and government-run entities to get their hands on high-quality goods and services within the agreed deadline.

The primary benefit of open tenders over closed tenders is that they offer vendors and suppliers a fair chance of winning a bid. Open tenders, unlike closed tenders, entail transparent clauses and project details. These two attributes allow service/goods seekers to get bids from service/goods suppliers who hold expertise on the project. Open tenders filter out spam bids thus making the process of bidding and tender awards seamless.

How can we help?

We offer our premium members the opportunity to access our vast databases that are filled with information about live and archived open government tenders.

Our premium members can use our database as a resource to learn about ways to formulate convincing tender bidding strategies.

We are a customer-centric tendering website and our intricately designed business policy compels us to assist small, medium and established vendors so that they have the means to compete with global vendors when the former wants to participate in international e-government tenders.

Our tendering website is easy to use yet intricately designed so that pertinent information is readily accessible to our members. We do this by instructing our workforce to arrange all bidding-related information in easy-to-understand categories.

We are also experts in rendering eprocurement services for our clients. Our premium subscription plan is reasonably priced. With that, you would have the benefit of having all pertinent buying bid documents on your hand from the get-go so that you can start bidding on the international open tenders that your firm specialises in.

Furthermore, with a premium subscription, you will be assigned a dedicated accounts manager who would help you with all the services that are available on our tendering website.

For instance, whenever you need assistance finding pertinent information about state and central government global open tenders, your accounts manager will give you in-depth insights about the tenders you are interested in or your company specialises in ASAP!

Furthermore, along with the information, the accounts manager will also provide you with information about the open bids and tenders you are interested in such as project requirements. Draft copies of tender documents will also be provided at no extra cost!

As a leading tendering portal, we also offer our premium subscribers pertinent details about projects, procurement news and details about the companies who have won open e-tenders. We also offer our clients timely updates about tenders they might be interested in via emails. In this way, our clients are always in the loop and we make sure of it! In this way, our clients will be able to prepare themselves and win profitable projects in the future.

Add all of the above information together and you would see why we are one of the leading providers of open tenders submission services.

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