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Runway Lights Tender Tenders

Runway lights are an integral part of air traffic control systems installed in airports. These specialised lights are installed on the edge of runways in a bid to demarcate the edge of the landing/takeoff strip so that pilots know the permissible area available to them when they are manoeuvring a plane during takeoffs and landings.

Runway lighting systems are classified broadly into three distinct categories. They are as follows - 

  • HIRL (High-intensity runway lights)
  • MIRL (Medium-intensity runway lights) 
  • LIRL (Low-intensity runway lights)

Installation and maintenance of runway lights are often given to contractors by airport authorities all over the globe in the form of runway lighting tenders. Contractors would need to have in-depth experience maintaining, installing, repairing and refurbishing runway lighting systems so that mishaps during takeoff, landings, especially during low visibility conditions are kept at bay. 

How to win runway lighting tenders?

Winning runway lighting tenders is a bit tricky when compared to winning bids and tenders from other sectors.

However, a contractor can improve their chances when they follow the tips mentioned below – 

  • The contractor would need to make sure that their team of experts can install, repair, replace or refurbish runway lighting systems with speed and accuracy.
  • The contractor would need to make sure that their workforce consists of personnel who are certified and experienced.
  • The contractor should be able to send a team of experts on-site in not more than 2 days when their client experiences issues with their runway lighting system.
  • The contractor should offer affordable preventative maintenance programs to their clients so that the lighting systems remain operational and keep air traffic safe from mishaps.

How can we help?

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