Support and support the infrastructure and technical operations of the IT department

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Saudi Arab

Support and support the infrastructure and technical operations of the IT department

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On this page you will find latest tenders, RFP’s, RFQ’s, Prequalification’s, EOI’s released from all across the Middle East region. The Middle East region is typically famous for tenders as many companies want to supply their products/services due to its vast amount of financial resources and scope for business in the region. Tender Impulse provides complete tendering opportunities from all across the Middle East. In spite of low accessibility of Middle East tenders, Tender Impulse has carved a niche by providing a comprehensive database of Middle Eastern tenders thus providing you with the right opportunity for your business. We cover hundreds of sources across the Middle East and even have our local agents spread across the region to provide us the local tender information. Users may search from over 25,000+ live opportunities from the Middle East at any point making us the portal of choice in the Middle East. You can search for all types of tender notices including RFP’s, RFI’s, RFQ’s, Prequalification’s, EOI’s, supplier registration, GPN (General Procurement Notices) with relative ease.

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When it comes to Middle East tenders, customers often falter in finding the right information as the region has selective public procurement sources. Middle East provides multiple sources At Tender Impulse, we pride ourselves in obtaining the right information from local as well as global sources to ensure you do not miss out on any opportunity. Whether you’re looking for local, state or municipal or international tenders, you have visited the right webpage. We are the portal of choice when it comes to Middle Eastern tenders as we have alliances with all public procurement sources to gain information from ensuring that you do not miss out on any tendering opportunity. You may browse the list via funding agency, non-funding agency, city, municipality, region or even country to gain access to the information for your business. Browse the list via

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Our intuitive search engine makes it possible to search tenders via deadline, organization name, tender notice number, description and even authority’s name. Get access to complete information on tenders and contracts released by

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Famous Tender Industries in Middle East:

It is easy to assume that the Middle East is all about Oil and Gas Tenders. However, the Middle East region provides ample of opportunities in many sectors such as Construction, Healthcare & Medical, Information Technology, Agriculture Machinery, Defence and Aviation and even Transportation & Logistics tenders. Tender Impulse covers bids across all industries making it relevant for manufacturers and service providers alike to use our portal. Our smart, intuitive database churns out only the right opportunity matching your business needs. Some of the top industries in Middle East that are engaged in RFP’s and RFQ’s include

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